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July 6, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Middle class, poor getting a raw deal

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Webster’s definition of a lobbyist: A person who tries to get legislators to introduce or vote for measures favorable to a special interest that he represents.

Would I be wrong to say that these special interests would have something to do with the rich people of America? Who are the lobbyists for the middle class or poor? “Oh,” you say. “They are the politicians in Washington. They represent the rich, middle class and poor.”

If that is the case, why do the rich need lobbyists? My generation worked in a form of harmony with the rich to the benefit of all.

Today the rich work in harmony with other rich; that excludes any harmony with the classes below them.

Do not look to the two-party system, made up of millionaires and people on their way to becoming millionaires as they get re-elected.

We, the middle class, are along for the ride. When the crash comes, guess who will survive the impact?

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  1. The schism between the rich and the middle class has widened under President Obama and over the last 50 years. Why? In an effort to provide the most for the least, the middle class has been squeezed in the middle. The rich help themselves. The poor [and those who are not] get the government to help them. It's created the welfare state we have today with lazy, entitle minded, I deserve more mentality. The middle class betwixt and between, descending the economic ladder not ascending.

    Carmine D

  2. El_Lobo,

    It would be nice if we could move both those on the right and left enough to discuss the 'whole' story of the last 35 or so years.

    Yes, former President Reagan grew government and government spending during his 2 terms... mostly in an effort to economically devastate the Soviet Union and bring the arms race and cold war to an end.... and it worked and he did. Should he have raised taxes even more than he did to pay for it? You betcha and he deserves much criticism for that. So do the Congresses of that time, who were not always totally controlled by Republicans. People leveling criticisms of former Presidents from either the right or the left often take the view that Presidents are 'dictators', able to do whatever they wish whenever they wish. They must not live in the same country I live or see what I see.

    Former President George Bush had the invasion of Kuwait to deal with and its aftermath, which was costly. Should he have found a way to spend less or tax more? You betcha and he deserves much criticism for that.

    Former President George W. Bush got socked with 9/11 and its aftermath. Were mistakes made in both Afghanistan and Iraq? Yes. Was the public and Congress initially supportive of retaliating for 911 in Afghanistan and Iraq? Yes. Should Bush have found a way to spend less or tax more? You betcha and he deserves much criticism for that.

    What happened like Kuwait or 9/11 while former President Clinton was in office? Nothing. The country was in recession when GW Bush came into office? Was that true when Clinton entered office? No. Which President benefited hugely from the dot com revolution and a relatively quiet period on the foreign policy front? Former President Clinton, who has even said he wished more would have happened in foreign areas on his watch. Which President saw the rising of terrorism on a global scale near the end of his 2nd term and took very restricted action in response?.... Former President Clinton; who has publicly expressed regret over not taking more decisive responses, given the events of 9/11.

    Much criticism is deserved of past Presidents and Congresses as well as present ones, but to have a 'real' debate, we need to be willing to see the whole picture, not just pick out points that validate preconceived notions and opinions.


  3. Is today Groundhog Day?

  4. Someone is not minding the store.Twice in one week we have seen duplicate letters to the editor appear again the next day.

  5. "Why don't you tell us who is in that 47% group?"

    At least 30 percent not eligible to be there.

    Carmine D

  6. It's clear to me that the establishment Republicans are more attuned to the needs of the rich than to the middle class and poor. What's not as obvious is how the Democrats' efforts to expand big government in Washington also benefits the rich. When power is centralized, access is limited to those with power or money. Information and accountability are also more limited. The more power is decentralized to the states and localities, the more access to politicians average Americans have and the easier it is to hold their representatives accountable. According to, $3 billion is spent on lobbying a year. You know that the people spending that money think it's worth it to them, or else they wouldn't spend it. But even spending this much money, if more power was spread out to the states, organizations employing lobbyists wouldn't be able to spend enough to buy the influence they now do. But as it is, with elections coming down so often to money, we have a situation where Congress has a terrible approval rating but incumbents win most of their races. So I think Democrats share the responsibility for the shrinking middle class. I think the founders had it right in limiting the responsibilities of the federal government and we'd be better off discussing what is best done at the federal level and leaving as much as possible at the state or local level.

  7. Simple, 17 percent shouldn't have to pay taxes and 30 percent should but don't. How hard is it for you to figure it out without help?

    Carmine D

  8. REDEFINE middle class if it bothers you. Instead of $30K-$80K annual income, make it $20K-$100K or WHATEVER. What do we expect? More programs and handouts MEANS the "middle" class/working taxpayers must pay for it. As demonstrated and easily calculated by anyone not math-challenged, there are not enough rich/affluent people to pay for government. When you support (don't violently oppose) war, hand outs, illegals, YOU GET TO PAY FOR IT.