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April 25, 2015

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Letter to the editor:

Be grateful for chance to work

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Regarding Professor Dorian T. Warren’s op-ed piece, “Low-wage workers rebel against modern Gatsby”:

I find the opinion that participants want “a basic wage of $15 per hour and the right to form unions without corporate interference and intimidation” reflects the ideological pervasiveness of the liberal academe that is over-running major colleges and universities: Greedy corporations and entrepreneurs should give the masses what they want and allow them to unionize so they can continue to bleed you dry until you are forced to close shop.

Businesses cited by Warren give youths an opportunity to work and, perhaps, discover the possibilities that the businesses may offer them. These low-wage organizations were never meant to give adults the wherewithal to earn $15 to $20 an hour and unionization. Due to the economic downturn, these adults are being offered and are accepting jobs in these businesses to tide them over until they can find jobs in the adult workforce. Instead of protesting their employment and seeking unionism and higher wages, they should show gratitude to their employers for the opportunities to earn a wage.

The problem with academe studying this is that their liberal biases show through. No liberal academe would ever come down on the side of those offering employment to those who need some sustenance for their capability to survive the Obama economics of today. Gratitude and grace should be the bywords, not higher wages and unionism.

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  1. "Idle hands are the devils workshop." Work--volunteer, paid and/or both--is good for one's heart, mind and soul and therefore society as a whole.

    Carmine D

  2. Right on, George. Eggheads in ivory towers, insulated and isolated by perks such as tenure from the daily grind normal people deal with, tend to be a bit cracked in the head. Thanks to the loony "progressives" takeover of the failed public school system, the functionally illiterate masses they crank out believe they are "entitled." "Entitled" to be clothed, fed and sheltered from cradle to grave and, if not, they blame it on honest hard-working men & women who do and call them "selfish." But, the truth is, the "Social Justice" that Osama Obama loves so much is merely a sly way of tweaking the plantation and enslaves the weak and dependent just as surely as the old South did. True freedom and independence comes not from a government handout, but from being self-reliant and having self-respect. The "trap" of being dependent on the government for survival is alluring but, in the long run, a mirage. Bureaucrats will take far more from you than they give.

  3. Warrior - "In a capitalist free market system your competition determines how much you make."

    That remark is a friggin joke. Corporations are controlling the purse strings of politicians to the point of creating a huge corporate welfare system. Billions in subsidies are handed out every year and some elected to the Hill make profits for their own businesses while supposedly serving for us common folk. When Wall St. and the banks come crashing down, who in hell do you think will pay for it? There is no such thing as capitalism, it's corporatocracy, privatize profits but socialize loses.

  4. You know what low wage work leads to. Welfare, criminal enterprise and vast wealth inequality.People can't live on a few bucks an hour so they steal and line up for welfare.
    Walton said years ago that theft was the greatest threat to retailing. Walmart loses billions to "inventory shrinkage" per year. Pay everyone well or the gap will be closed by nefarious means.
    One way or another we pay.

  5. Read Mr. Finks comment. I would love to see the look on his face if they took his Medicare card an SS check away. The group most dependent on government , the elderly like Fink.

  6. Mr. Pucine wrote, "Gratitude and grace should be the bywords, not higher wages and unionism."

    Be grateful that working full time:

    you can't afford health care
    you need to apply for food stamps
    you'll forever be in debt
    the working middle class will soon be extinct
    90% of the countries wealth is owned by the 1%
    the other 1% will be forever engaged in war
    you'll bail out another collapse of Wall St.
    your house is underwater
    you may be in foreclosure

    Be grateful in the near future you may not have a pot to piss in, because our country is being stripped of it's wealth. Yes, be grateful; be grateful working people are getting crapped on!

  7. Sure, drop out of high school early, knock up a chickie, make rug rats and go to work. For 8 bucks an hour at Mickey D's? Roofing in 100 degree heat? Our rotten school district produces absolute dumbbells who are totally dependent on the government to give them what these losers cannot provide on their own.

    Not my fault. If you are too stupid and lazy to even graduate from high school, don't expect Nevada or the Federal government to subsidize your life. Park cars, be a cocktail waitress whatever, but at least you're begging for tips, not robbing the government. And leading a miserable life based on your own decisions..