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June 30, 2015

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Letters to the Editor

Lawmakers ducked decision on solar
June 12, 2015
I, for one, wish our legislators in Carson City had acted on the rooftop solar legislation rather than kick the can over to the Public Utilities Commission.
Let’s hope future isn’t us vs. them
June 12, 2015
One night of lawless looting in Baltimore and the right is perplexed. Why do they destroy their own neighborhood?
Forget polygamy; one partner is plenty
June 11, 2015
On Saturday, the Sun ran the column “It’s only a matter of time until society embraces polygamy” wondering if polygamy will one day be as accepted as same-sex marriage. The author says it will happen maybe by 2040. Based on my own life experience, the last thing I want is to live with more than one woman. It’s hard enough to keep one person happy. I would be a masochist to attempt more. I do have two cats, though.
Public, not private, schools need help
June 11, 2015
Dear Gov. Sandoval, You are to be congratulated for recognizing the tremendous need for a boost in funding for Nevada’s public schools. Hopefully the new initiatives will make a difference in getting and keeping qualified teachers; providing necessary encouragement, assistance, methodology and supplies to students; relieving overcrowded classrooms and improving the graduation rate. However, there is absolutely no reason to fund private schools in any category. Private schools should remain private, and parents who choose to send their children to private schools should pay for them unless they receive private grants or scholarships. As a taxpayer, it is insulting for ...
Propaganda isn’t GOP’s sole domain
June 11, 2015
Regarding the letter “Voters shouldn’t believe propaganda” (Las Vegas Sun, June 3): The letter writer seems to be under the impression that the GOP is the only political party that engages in propaganda.
Many taxi drivers disregard our safety
June 11, 2015
The photo page showing Las Vegas cab drivers picketing against the Uber movement (Las Vegas Sun, June 4) shows them holding signs saying “Keep Our Road Safe”. While many people may side with them on the Uber issue, our local taxi drivers are the last ones who should be walking around holding such signs.
Public pays for officials’ wrongs
June 10, 2015
Fourteen members of FIFA have been indicted. It appears that decisions made by FIFA officials were motivated by …
Don’t tax a select group of people
June 10, 2015
Smokers may not be your favorite people, but what gives you the right to single out smokers for extra taxation? If state government cannot operate on existing income, then you need to …
Crucial safety issue at heart of bill
June 9, 2015
As a railroad employee living and working in Nevada, it is important that I discuss HR 1763, the Safe Freight Act, introduced by …
Congress won’t get tough on Iran
June 9, 2015
Common predictions are that Iran, even after this deal is finalized, can reach military nuclear capability in about 10 years. This result is not in America’s or the world’s …
The real debate to have about Amtrak
June 7, 2015
As with so many things these days, the debate I hear about Amtrak is not the debate we should be having. The debate should be over why this government program has been allowed to run at a huge deficit each year. The debate should be about why some Amtrak routes have the safety device that might have prevented this derailment, but this route, the route that carries one-third of all Amtrak passengers, did not.
Regent changes party affiliation
June 7, 2015
Since 2004, it has been my privilege and honor to serve on the Nevada Board of Regents. Prior to filing for office, I changed my registration from nonpartisan to Republican. My experiences on the board during the past 10 years have compelled me to change my party affiliation to Democrat, effective June 2.
Teacher shortfall isn’t a coincidence
June 6, 2015
Shocking! How is it possible that Clark County is struggling to find 2,600 teachers? Every year they have more long-term substitutes in their classrooms and more teaching positions to fill. We are constantly told how good these public employees have it, and yet for some reason this paradox continues.
Don’t let utilities kill net metering
June 6, 2015
Regarding your article “NV Energy fights to keep rooftop solar from cutting into its profit” (, May 25): You highlight how Nevada and California are experiencing the same legislative battle over whether net metering is going to be extended.
Greedy lawmakers create tax via Uber
June 5, 2015
The trusty Nevada Legislature approved a bill allowing Uber to operate in the state. The bill passed mainly because the consumer, including locals and visitors and not business or corporations, would have to pay a 3 percent excise tax on the fare to use a taxi, a limo or Uber. It is just an out-and-out additional tax on residents of Nevada. The deal was sweetened with a funding plan for a UNLV medical school.

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