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Episode 7: When will the rat snap


Spike TV

The cast of The Ultimate Fighter No. 10 poses for a shot for the popular reality show that debuts on Sept. 16 on Spike TV.

Seventh episode of the year and Team Rampage is still searching for that first win.

Rampage recently complained about the way the show was portraying him, but Dana White responded by saying that the show has no motive.

It is what it is.

The episode

At the gym, Rampage does a pretty funny imitation of what Rashad looked like after getting knocked out by Lyoto Machida in their championship fight in May. The two get into a mini argument over who’s been knocked out more (Counting TKOs, Ramapge loses that argument, 1-3).

Next fight on the table is….Matt Mitrione (Rashad) vs. Scott Junk (Rampage). Junk has the experience factor, he fought Christian Wellisch at UFC 76.

AND another fight is announced: Mike Wessel (Rashad) vs. Marcus Jones (Rampage) where Jones has a clear size advantage.

More arguments between Rampage and Rashad, with Rashad telling Rampage he’s going to make him quit in the Octagon just like Rampage has quit on his team in this competition. Oh man, this is going to be a great fight between these two….oh wait…(waw, waw, waaaaaaaaaw).

Fight is still going on…Rashad is calling Rampage soft. Rampage is telling him, ‘If he feels froggy, jump.’ Rashad is accusing him of acting tough because there are people breaking it up. Rampage is begging him to touch him.

More problems with ‘Meathead’ Mitrione who started the rumor that Wessel was scared to fight Junk and that’s why he’s fighting him. Weird stuff with Mitrione man, he may be just one of those guys that love drama that can’t help himself from saying these things.

Seems like nobody is giving Mitrione a shot in this fight, but that may be because nobody likes him. Junk looks tough though and he has fought in the UFC before. “I will be the first win for Team Rampage,” he says.

Quickly, has everyone seenthe video tribute Jones pays to TUF. It is really awesome.

Oh hey, Team Rashad has a fight at practice between Mitrione and John Madsen because apparently Madsen said he was going to slap Mitrione in the face. Mitrione flips out and nearly goes after Madsen. Rashad rips into him and when Mitrione flexes towards him, Rashad even says he’s close to whoopin him. All of this is not adding up well for Mitrione, who needs to fight an opponent that’s probably better than him in a couple days.

Back at the house, Wes Sims decides to screw with Mitrione by dressing up as a ninja and sneaking up on him while he’s shooting baskets by himself. Mitrione takes it well, but Sims continues to push his buttons and (since the dude lost and doesn’t have anything better to do) may make pushing Mitrione over the edge his own personal goal.

Fight day and oh, terrible reference to the Old School line , ‘We might go to Bed Bath and Beyond, who knows. I don’t know if we’ll have enough time,’ used by Mitrione. Just terrible.

Mitrione catches a kick from Junk and rocks him with a combination. Junk misses with another kick and catches a shot as he tries to recover. There’s been two knockdowns by Mitrione in the first minute of this fight. Junk is down again and Mitrione is just teeing off. Junk looks terrible. He’s flailing wildly and falling over on his own. Now it looks like they’re both just exhausted and they embrace in a man-hug for a good solid minute. Junk comes back and lands some good ones of his own but they’re both on empty tanks. Dana White is going crazy on the side. There were some good shots thrown, but it was pretty sloppy.

Second round the fighters are just completely shot. It’s going to be whoever gets lucky and catches the better shot here. Junk gets a takedown and tries to ground and pound. Referee Rosenthal reminds them to keep working after Junk just lies on top for awhile. Fight gets stood up where they exchange shots the rest of the way. It looked like first round to Mitrione, second round to Junk but athletic commission says no third round. Mitrione wins by majority decision.

Still no win for Rampage…who reacts by demolishing a door in the gym.

Best moment

Rampage: Why you only got one shoe on?

Rashad: Cuz I’m about to put one up your (expletive)

Rampage: If you feel froggy, jump! If you feel froggy, jump!

Kimbo watch

Kimbo Slice is a ghost! He may have had one line in this episode but other than that, nothing! It can’t stay like this.

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