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February 23, 2019

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Photo: Canyon Springs High football coach Hunkie Cooper m
Hunkie Cooper never sought spot in sports hall, only wanted to make Las Vegas better place
Hunkie Cooper started coaching Las Vegas-area kids after retiring in 2005, eventually becoming the head coach at Canyon Springs in 2009 and turning them into a perennial winner. He doesn’t know how many games he has won or lost and he doesn’t care ...
Use drug money to pay for a wall
There is a simple way to finance such a project as a border wall without the drama of shutting down nine agencies and departments of the federal government.
Be reasonable with your vote
We the people are entitled to better governance than we are getting, and we have the power to change it just by using our vote.
Dwarfed by his own personality
Recently, President Donald Trump said — and I’m quoting him verbatim — “I’m not Happy.” For once, I totally agree with him.
Gun sales need not be difficult
Here's a simple plan for background checks on sales at gun shows, personal sales and retail sales.
Paying for a progressive agenda
Whoever gets the Democratic nomination, she or he will run in part on proposals to increase government spending. And you know what that will mean: There will be demands that the candidate explain how all this will be paid for. Many of those demands will be made in bad faith, from people who never ask the same questions about tax cuts. But there are some real questions about the fiscal side of a progressive agenda.
Pelosi puts climate alarmists in their place
Is Nancy Pelosi a climate skeptic? Of course not — and I would know. But you might be excused for thinking so, given the curt wave-off the House speaker delivered to the liberally ballyhooed, legislatively stillborn Green New Deal.
Big Pharma must be held accountable for insulin price crisis
I have had diabetes since I was 5 years old. Like millions of people with diabetes, I rely on insulin 24 hours a day to survive.

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