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December 17, 2018

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Photo: Karen Jaikowski is the artist and owner of Vegas G
Designer celebrates the city's powerful women with iconic brand
Karen Jaikowski says she fell in love with Las Vegas immediately when she visited the city for her 21st birthday, even telling her father on the trip that she would one day live here. This year, after 21 years in the community, Jaikowski launched her business, Vegas Girl!
Nevada must take environmental protection into its own hands now
In an arid state like Nevada, you might think the Trump administration’s rollback of federal Clean Water Act protections might not have much of an effect. Think again
Saudi Arabia can’t be trusted
The moral underpinnings of our relationship with Saudi Arabia have been shaken badly.
Desalination is a pipe dream
Every now and then, someone suggests building a desalination plant on the California coast. This alternative is totally impractical and outrageously expensive.
Nevada land is being wasted
Why is it that when someone or some company comes up with a good idea about renewable energy, the people around the area where the project is proposed agree that it’s a worthwhile project, as long as it’s not in their backyard, where they can see it?
Trump teetering on a tightrope of lies
There was plenty of awful legal news for President Donald Trump last week, but the worst may have come from an official who hasn’t yet been sworn in.
Some legislators aim to reclaim trade power
The Constitution vests in Congress the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations.” For decades, however, Congress has granted vast trade discretion to presidents, for reasons of sloth (setting policy is work), prudence (taking responsibility is risky) and ideology (executive discretion is modern; the separation of powers is an anachronistic impediment to energetic government).
Trump motivated by money, insecurity
After Tuesday’s testy exchange between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders, it seems quite possible that the tweeter in chief will shut down the government in an attempt to get funding for a wall on the Mexican border.

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