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November 13, 2018

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Photo: Cars Feature
Cruisin’ for cars: Auto enthusiasts abound across the Las Vegas Valley
Spend enough time on the streets today, and you’ll see some of the most impressive cars prowling in any city.
Photo: French President Emmanuel Macrons wife, Brigitte M
Trump brings dishonor to the office with cowardly absenteeism in Paris
This fair weather president picks and chooses whether to act as a patriot depending on whether it’s nice outside or it’s convenient for him. Or if there’s a parade in his honor …
House Democrats’ to-do list is clear
This is not about Democrats going “hard left,” a phrase we’ll hear a lot on Fox News. What unites the staunch progressives and their less-overtly ideological brethren who won many of last week’s contests is a desire to demonstrate that government, used intelligently, can …
The working class is still trying to get us to listen
A lot of us pundits said President Donald Trump should run a positive campaign bragging about all the economic growth. But Trump ran another American carnage campaign. That’s because American life still feels like …
We’re moving into uncharted territory
The Nov. 6 election results will launch America into completely unchartered territory. What has happened in the two years of President Donald Trump’s presidency, a period with no historic precedent, will inform what comes next, but the next two years will be wildly …
Rebuilding Nevada and the rest of America can’t wait
Having recently chaired the Nevada State Senate Transportation Committee, I know that cities and towns across Nevada are doing their best to repave roads, upgrade water treatment plants, expand broadband access and address the critical …

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