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Press Release

New Book: MADE; Sex, Drugs and Murder / exposes dark secret of Las Vegas

Published on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 (4:12 p.m.)

New Book: MADE; Sex, Drugs and Murder; the Recipe for Success by ANTWAN “ANT” BANK$ exposes dark secret of Las Vegas other billion dollar industry. Inspired by True events.

International (Press Release). September 1, 2012 PrintHouse Books, Atlanta, GA.

Brace yourself, as you journey through the underground and back alleys of Sin City’s un-forgiven streets, characters and the many secrets kept in the dark Mojave Desert. ANT BANK$, delivers a breath taking tale in this raw and uncut, crime thriller.

This Novel is about Andy Cooper; a military vet, turned hustler, turned Gangster, turned Crime Boss. His marriage is on the rocks; fresh out of the military, AC finds him-self broke and lost with a Wife and three kids to feed. Trapped in Sin City and working any job he can get from day to day, to make ends meet. Hating the state of mind he’s in right now, a really screwed up way to be!

Gone are the days when Uncle Sam paid for housing, day care and groceries. Now, all own his own again, with no idea of where life is going to take him. One thing for sure, Andy “AC” Cooper no longer wanted to wear that Army uniform another day. Coop loved every minute of it and would not trade it for the world but the next chapter of his life was about to start. It just so happen that he landed in Las Vegas, one of the hardest cities to make it in, it is truly the land of the Hustler. What the outsiders don’t know is that beneath the bright neon lights, the delicious buffets and luxurious casino’s, lays a whole different world that would eventually suck him in.

ANT BANK$ writes from his soul, built from experiencing time in the military, the streets of Vegas, the Adult industry and several other ventures that he rather not discuss. Together they all combine to make for an intriguing, innovative and prolific writer. As a reader of his work, you will never get bored or lose interest in his ability to capture you in an unforgettable tale.

MADE is available for purchase in Hard Cover and Paperback at Barnes & Noble Book Sellers, Amazon and everywhere else books are sold in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The ebook format is available on the Amazon Kindle, Kindle Fire, Sony Reader, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook and Ipad. MADE is also available on Smart phones, Iphones and Blackberries via free mobile apps, ibooks, Google Play books, Kobo, Sony Reader, Diesel Books, Amazon kindle & Barnes & Noble Nook. Paperbacks retail for $20.85, eBook $9.99. The first 5 chapters can be previewed for free via or on any of the above mentioned e-readers or apps.

To schedule an interview or Book signing, please contact Gia Mowery by email or telephone. We ask that you contact us 24 hours in advance to schedule phone interviews and 14 to 30 days before scheduling any TV or live interviews including in-stores. Contact [email protected] 9am-9pm EST. 678-395-3966. Book Stores and Libraries can order title through your distributor. A list of distributors is listed on our site as well. We also have promo books for review if you have yet to receive one.

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