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June 26, 2017

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Baccarat Day Oct. 1st - National Day Golden Week

Published on Sun, Sep 30, 2012 (7:21 a.m.)


By Frank Azzurro

Baccarat Day™ is celebrated on two days each year, China's National Day, October 1st, the anniversary day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, and The Chinese New Year Day.


Baccarat Day™ is celebrated on two days each year, China's National Day, October 1st, the anniversary day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1st, 1949, and The Chinese New Year Day. On October 1st, back in 1949, the Chinese people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, declared victory in a War of Liberation. A grand ceremony was held at Tiananmen Square. At the Tiananmen ceremony, Mao Zedong, Chairman of the Central People's Government, declared the founding of The People's Republic of China, P.R.C. and raised the first national flag of China in person. 300,000 soldiers and people gathered at the square for the grand parade and celebration procession. Baccarat Day™ is celebrated twice each year, once on China's National Day, October 1st and again on Chinese New Year day.

Baccarat was first introduced in Europe over 500 years ago. Since then, its popularity has spread globally. People from all over the world flock to casinos in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to play Baccarat. Not too long ago, Baccarat was played exclusively by high rollers. Now, Mini-Baccarat has opened the door for the average player to enjoy this game of kings.

Even though Baccarat isn't widely played everywhere, Baccarat is catching on. More and more people are playing Baccarat. Baccarat recently outperformed Blackjack in Las Vegas. Baccarat is now the number one table card game in Las Vegas. Nowhere is this surge in the popularity of Baccarat more evident, than in the casinos of Macau. It is estimated that the game of Baccarat was responsible for generating a staggering 80% of casino revenues in 2010 in Macau and surpassing Las Vegas as the #1 gambling destination in the world.

Why is Macau such a popular gaming destination for Baccarat players? Macau is the only place in China where casinos are legal, so it's no surprise that so many players flock to Macau where the Portuguese government declared gambling legal in the 1850s. Gambling has a long history in Macau. Why is Baccarat so popular? Baccarat appeals to Chinese players. . Baccarat is known to have one of the lowest house edges of any of the table games, and that is a good reason why people love to play Baccarat..

If you're wondering why so many people are at the casinos when online gaming is always an option, it's because it can't compare to the excitement of a casino. Walk around any casino and you'll see players engaging in rituals unique to the Chinese. It's not unusual to see people deliberately walking among the tables to see exactly which one they want to play at. Players will crease the corners of their cards to see what numbers they were dealt. They also blow on the cards to "blow away" bad luck. if a Baccarat table is doing well, it will be packed with excited people.


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