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Press Release

YouGaming and Tic-Tech-Tote unveil new pari-mutuel product for Canadian racing

Published on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 (10:42 a.m.)

MARYSVILLE, CA - November 14, 2012 - YouGaming Inc, a Nevada corporation, and Tic-Tech-Tote, a leading Canadian totalisator system and technology provider for more than 20 years, have joined their efforts to offer a new pari-mutuel product for the Canadian racing market. The new offering is an innovative combination of Fantasy Sports and pari-mutuel wagering. The companies are sharing the potential of expanded pari-mutuel wagering concepts to be an option considered by the Ontario government and horse industry to assist racing during their economic transition.

David Downes, Founder, CEO and Gamemaster of YouGaming, commented “We have been watching the dire situation with Ontario racing with concern and with an eye to determining when would be the right time to respectfully attempt to communicate what we can offer to help close the revenue gap. Seeing the alternatives on the initial list for discussion, we are heartened. Unfortunately, none of those alternatives carries the hope of actually cultivating new horseplayers and growing organic racing handle.”

Andre St-Louys, Vice President Research & Development of Tic-Tech-Tote, commented, “For the last few years, we have seen so many racetracks across Canada – and more specifically in Ontario - struggling to stay alive with marginal success. We believe this potential product could generate new revenues for the tracks, while at the same time initiating new customers to pari-mutuel and then to horse betting.”

Tic-Tech-Tote and YouGaming have joined their efforts to offer this new Fantasy Sport wagering option to assist Ontario and Canadian racing overall, not just to provide additional revenue, but to help attract new horseplayers. This new blend of pari-mutuel and fantasy sports (Canadian patent pending), could be the bridge that helps truly bring new horseplayers to the industry, in addition to generating fantasy sports wagering handle. The fantasy sports demographic is the cerebral, younger, affluent customer that the racing industry needs. Currently, approximately 3 million Canadians play fantasy sports, not including the millions of American fantasy sports players living close to Ontario.

This concept could be the right way to bring players to Canadian facilities with the intent of cultivating new horseplayers in addition to generating other gambling revenues. Why just marketing horse racing to other sports and gaming enthusiasts hasn’t been as successful in the past is that you first need to attract them with what interests them, teach them pari-mutuel wagering based on this interest, then acclimate them to racing - in that order. Pari-mutuel fantasy sports is that vehicle, which the other current alternatives can’t match.

The companies are pleased to announce that the capability to produce pari-mutuel fantasy sports tickets, with the specific information required for such an offering is in place. A couple of sample tickets are available for inspection on the Tic-Tech-Tote website (

Inquiries from those interested in Canadian racing or those customers interested as potential pilot project hosts can contact YouGaming and Tic-Tech-Tote and also make their desires known to the Ontario Racing Commission.

YouGaming Inc is creating a new category in the gaming market by developing pari-mutuel fantasy games, protected by multiple patents, providing innovative fantasy sports skill games and new offerings to the regulated pari-mutuel wagering market.

Tic-Tech-Tote is a Canadian company that has been providing pari-mutuel services to racetracks across Canada for over 20 years, to include multiple tracks in Ontario.

Additional information about YouGaming is available at or email [email protected] Visit YouGaming’s blog at YouGaming’s skill game website (ProContest) is available at

Additional information about Tic-Tech-Tote is available at or email [email protected]

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