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November 20, 2019

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Press Release

Vinyl Pop Artist Greg Frederick to exhibit his journey to becoming the designer of his muse Courtney Love's tour merchandise

Published on Thu, Jul 25, 2013 (2:22 p.m.)

LAS VEGAS, NV – AUGUST 21-24, 2013 - Brooklyn based artist, Greg Frederick announces today he will return to GET UP GALLERY in Las Vegas, NV one year after his debut solo gallery show, with a “Hole” new group of art based on his journey to working with the Queen of Rock, Courtney Love. The show is entitled, “FOR THE LOVE OF COURTNEY” Greg states, “I find it rewarding to come full circle and return to Get Up Gallery from my first solo show as a more accomplished artist who made his biggest dream come true. It's been a whirlwind, but the best kind.”

Greg's most known for his his portraits made out of broken vinyl records. Vinyl Pop Art, is how he describes them, which have proudly displayed next to Andy Warhol in the Leslie Lohman Museum, New York. This happened to be the first public showing of Greg's art. He has been a featured artist on the popular and featured in several publications. This past June his 2nd solo show at Orphic Gallery in Roxbury, NY, was such record breaker for the gallery, they have dedicated one room to showing his work indefinitely.

Greg's art is being shown to a worldwide audience and recently caught the attention of Ms. Courtney Love. In turn Mr. Frederick has designed shirts and limited edition prints for her current concert tour.

Greg Frederick, born in Phoenix, AZ, has studied art and photography in London for several years, has lived in West Hollywood, CA and currently, calls Brooklyn, NY home.

His show, “FOR THE LOVE OF COURTNEY”, will showcase the history of Greg's art career through his love of The Queen of Rock. At this showcase, expect to find amazing & original hand painted portraits, photographs, video installations, news clippings and the designs he's made for Courtney Love's tour. Greg will also be bringing along plenty of his infamous portraits created out of vinyl records, of several other artists, which will be available for purchase.

Please see attached, exclusive “One on One” Interview with Greg regarding his most wild dream coming true and how this show came to be.


How did you become a fan of Ms. Courtney Love?

When I was 11, (now 31), I was in the backseat of my brother's friends' car listening to their punk mix tape. Then I heard a female voice growl, "When I was a teenage whore..." in the most beautiful scream. I was instantly intrigued. I quickly asked who it was and instantly learned about Hole and lead singer Courtney Love. A week later another of his friends gave me his cassette of "Pretty on the Inside." The artwork then had me hooked on the bands image.

How did you get in contact with Courtney?

On a Facebook group I belong to called, “Hole & Courtney Love Fans” I had posted a link to my interview with “Wild Magazine”. The last question was, "What is my Wild Wish", to which I responded, "To design Courtney Love's tour shirt."

A friend/fan of mine commented on the link about me, "he's genius". Courtney, who is also in this group, saw it and replied, "is he?"

From there I was extra motivated to really grab her attention. So I made a time lapse video of me painting a design concept. (I) Got tons of people to tweet it to her, but by having a mutual contact message it directly to her helped. Courtney responded for me to email her more of my designs.

Were you able to send her more than the one design shown in your video?

Yes, I sent her 8 at first and over a dozen since.

How did you think of so many designs in such a short time?

I've been rocking her shirts for 20 years and feel like the expert on her merch and what the fans would want to buy. I knew if I kept with my overall theme "Fashion meets Punk Rock," then I couldn't lose, as she's the perfect combination of both. She liked all but one of them.

Are all these designs on her current tour?

No, just 3 designs for now on shirts. And then one design on two different limited edition screen prints. All signed and numbered by me. She's talked in recent interviews about doing a bigger tour next year, after her next album release. I'm hoping more of my designs will be used later.

Since you began this process, have you been able to meet Courtney in person?

Yes, most recently we had an unexpected meet up after her Port Chester, NY show. I was helping the tour manger take the merch to the tour van, which was next fans waiting to meet her. I stood around chatting as I know many of them. Then Courtney came out. I stood back, as I wanted us to be introduced at some-point. She was so gracious to talk to each fan, take photos and ask if anyone wanted any more. Then she spotted me.

"You're GREG!?!", “Yes!” I reply. She walks the 4 feet to me and starts to tell me how there was some miss-communication, as only 1 shirt design was for sale so far. Also that she wanted more and told me "to get to work", making that happen! It was fantastic and she was very sweet!

What is it like working with Courtney, as her reputation sometimes proceeds her?

She is a dream to work with and I am not even stating that as a fan. As a client she is wonderful, direct, knows what she wants and has a great team of people around her to help make everything happen.

You got to go on tour for a week. What was that like?

I wasn't on the tour bus or anything. I rented a car and delivered and sold the merch. Meeting other fans and getting to know the wonderful people behind the tour were some major highlights. The mangers, the crew, her opening band Starred and especially her band were extremely nice to me.

Micko Larkin her guitarist for the past 8 years has always been great to me since we first met in a bar after the Philly show on the 2010 tour. Three years later in Philly, he walked past me and stopped to catch up with me. I was very happy to tell him I was the tour merch designer. He said Courtney had been talking about them and had no clue I was the artist. At each show he stopped by the merch table to see how I was making out. He and his amazing girlfriend even got 2 of my prints to hang in their house. I could go on and on....

How can someone get one of those prints or shirts?

Currently they are only available at one of her shows. I have no clue if they will be sold after this tour, though I am hoping so.

Tell us about your upcoming art show in Vegas?

I'm thrilled to be coming back to Get Up Galley one year after they hosted my first solo gallery show.

Besides showing more of my portraits made out of vinyl records, the majority of the show will be an exhibit of the progression of my art.

When I put it all together, I noticed it showing a nice story of my fascination with Courtney Love's image, up to the point of me designing her tour merchandise. Fun part for me is, the opening reception to my show will be held right before I go to the first of two of Courtney's concerts at the aptly named club, Vinyl, inside the Hard Rock Casino.

What are some of the pieces you can't wait for people to see, besides the tour designs?

I went to Phoenix to visit my parents and went through an old trunk of my stuff. I found hand painted portraits I made when I was 12 of Courtney Love. They are so bad, but interesting when hung next to my latest work.

My first art background is as a photographer. I started taking classes after developing a love of photography from Courtney's album artwork and images in magazines. I'm having a hard time editing down which photos I will show.

What do you think about Las Vegas in general?

I love Vegas and I'm not even a gambler. Downtown Vegas and Emergency Arts are my favorite places. The people are so happy, friendly and love art.

After my show last year I looked into how I could split my time between there and NY, but couldn't find a way... yet!