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September 25, 2017

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Press Release

The Significance of the Sablay (Sash)

Published on Thu, Aug 14, 2014 (12:25 a.m.)

The Significance of the Sablay by Catherine Cummins

Sablay is a type of sash made with indigenous fabrics obtained from different regions of the Philippines. Members of a local folkloric group in Las Vegas called Kalahi Philippine Folkloric Ensemble wear the Sablay to signify their commitment and true passion in promoting the rich cultural heritage of their native land.

Diverse yet united, the act of wearing the Sablay is also a demonstration of every Kalahi members’ act of “investiture” - their solemn vow to proclaim their true Filipino identity to the world.

The Kalahi Sablay was designed to integrate the different traditional elements found within the Filipino culture. In front is the word “Kalahi" spelled out in Babaylan - the ancient alphabet of the Philippines.

Running through the Sablay are interwoven patterns of various fabrics from the ethnic tribes of the Philippines as well as materials found during its colonial era. They are the tinalak, barong, sinamay, tuba, hablon and tapis or bahag.

Finally and most importantly, the colorful and vibrant Sarimanok rests on every Kalahi member’s right shoulder near the heart to further exemplify pride and dedication to such a distinct and quintessentially Filipino organization, that is, Kalahi.

Images of the different styles and symbolisms on a Sablay can be seen being worn during Kalahi’s 5th year anniversary celebration and investiture gala on September 13, 2015 at the Treasure Island Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The investiture is an invitation for the community to become a witness as officers and members of Kalahi pledge their commitment while directing the power and authority away from them but to the people attending the event.

A much deeper meaning is thus given to the word “investiture” - a manifestation of unfailing loyalty and a strong commitment by its members to the community humbly accepting its influences while promoting social growth and cultural appreciation. Kalahi upholds this promise while keeping the true spirit of Filipino alive!

Kalahi Philippine Folkloric Ensemble is an all-volunteer premiere cultural group in Nevada. Its mission is to preserve and promote the Filipino culture. Kalahi is supported by Aloha Kitchen and 360DPI.

For tickets and sponsorship information, please call Kalahi’s Marketing Director, Annvi Fuller at (702) 236-7665.

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