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May 21, 2019

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Letter: Ted Nugent a disgrace for his inhumane hunting

On a 1995 outing to a game farm in South Africa, Nugent displayed his unique version of "sportsmanship." The "Predator Teditor" paid to kill a rhinoceros and then bungled the job by wounding the rhino with two arrows. "Humane hunter" that he is, Nugent refused to let game rangers finish what he'd started because he claimed the rhino was "his" to kill. The injured animal escaped to die an agonizing and slow death.

Bobby Cairee, who leads hunts for feral pigs in Hawaii, describes one-time client Ted Nugent as "unethical" and says Nugent "shoots at anything. He just likes to kill a lot of animals.

Nugent isn't exactly ethical with his fellow humans, either. Referring to animal rights activists and others who don't share his view that "blood and guts is good for you," Nugent warns, "Anybody that wants to get in our (hunters') way does not deserve anything less than a bullet between the eyes."

Nugent claims he "never got high on poison because the Spirit of the Wild taught me to wallow like my brother the elk in the sensual stimuli." Well, that's not all he's wallowed in. Nugent has said that, when he got the call from the draft board during the Vietnam War, he stopped using the bathroom a week before his physical and lived inside pants that were caked with excrement and soaked with urine. Not surprisingly, Nugent got a deferment. As a Detroit Free Press letter-writer put it, "Could it be that the Motor City Madman was scared s---less at the prospect of having his targets shoot back?"

Paula Moore