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October 21, 2017

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July 27 execution date set for Alvaro Calambro

Washoe District Judge Steve Elliott signed the warrant Thursday following his recent finding that Alvaro Calambro is sane enough to be put to death despite evidence he's been treated for schizophrenia and may think he's a vampire.

Lawyers for Calambro, 25, who is borderline mentally retarded, are appealing the competency ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court. In addition, a U.S. District Court hearing on Calambro's case is scheduled for Tuesday in Reno.

Elliott's warrant authorizes state prison officials to execute Calambro anytime during the week of July 27. The exact day will be determined by the prison director or his representative.

Calambro was scheduled to be executed by injection in Carson City on June 13, but the state Supreme Court ruled the day before that he was entitled a hearing to determine whether he was sane enough to make his own decisions whether to appeal the death sentence.

Calambro has said in the past he wants to be executed for his role in the murders. But his mother, Lydia Calambro, has been working to block the execution on his behalf. She said he told her during a recent prison visit that he did not understand what an execution is.

Calambro was sentenced to die for the January 1994 murders of Peggy Crawford, who had a tire iron driven through her skull, and Keith Christopher, whose head was crushed by a hammer.

The killings occurred during a $2,400 robbery at the U-Haul business where Calambro's crime partner, Duc Huynh, had just been fired. Huynh also got the death sentence but hanged himself at Ely State Prison.

Calambro's family has maintained that Huynh was responsible for the murders.