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January 21, 2018

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Community briefs: births

Jan. 27: A girl to Stacey Jellison and Itthipol Ruchupani; a boy to Diane and John Ellbogen.Jan. 28:A girl to Sara and Richard McGough; a girl to Adrienne and Darnell Pickens; a boy to Stepanie and Steven Marks.Jan. 30:A boy to Karen and David Reiner.Feb. 1:A girl to Patricia and Rosendo Delgado; a boy to Wendy and James Dravenstatt.

Lake Mead Hospital

Jan. 26: A boy to Shavonda Jiles and Marcus Brown.Jan. 27:A girl to Barbara and Albert Maynes.Jan. 28:A boy to Gloria Chavarria and Reynaldo Herrera; a boy to Teri White-Hampton and James Hampton.Jan. 29:A boy to Sheila Kee and Tyrone Custard.Jan. 30: A boy to Patricia and Nelson Membreno; a girl to Maria Esther Aguilera.Jan. 31:A girl to Tracy Godfrey and Dion Pascascio.Feb. 2:A boy to Lateshia Marshall and Marcus Hilliard Sr; a girl to Marie and Steven Musket.

Mike O'Callaghan Hospital

Feb. 1: A girl to Jeffrey and Jessica Agnew.

MountainView Hospital

Jan. 26: A boy to George and Kerry Bosnos; a boy to Renee Jimenez and Answar Green; a girl to Roneil and Lara Cayetano; a girl to Shandace Embler and Raymond Rosales, Sr.; a girl to Chi-Tak and Annadee Chiu; a girl to James and Lori Wood.Jan. 27:A boy to Alonzo and April McAllister; a boy to Carrie Wittig and Daryl Payne; a boy to Douglas and Sherri Sohnrey.Jan. 28:A girl to Heather Murphy and Edward Fredette; a girl to Jerry and Tracie Graf; a girl to Casey and Rosa Reynolds.Jan. 29:A boy to Barbara Burns and Daniel Conant; a boy to Ashley Allen; a girl to Chris and Starla Slaughter; a boy to Nelson and Marcene Mascarenas; a boy to Michael and Heidi Dryden.Jan. 30:A girl to Wade and Tiani Lloyd, Jr.; a girl to Rosa Rodriguez and Jeffrey Segovia.Jan. 31:A girl to Craig and Charlene Salimeno.Feb. 1:A boy to Issa and Mariz Khoury; a girl to William and Dawn Avello; a girl to Michelle Schwanderlik and Timothy Washington.

St. Rose Dominican

Jan. 21: A boy to Kimberly Rawlins and Eric Korff.Jan. 24:A girl to Rebecca Hernandez and James Martinez.Jan. 25:A boy to Valentyna and Stephen Parlak; a boy to Heather and Jeffrey Jones.Jan. 26:A boy to Kerry and Colby Rupert; a boy to Maria and David Hernandez; a girl to Rhonda and Sean Andrews; a girl to Kristina and Steven Brouchet.Jan. 27:A girl to Shirley Palm; a girl to Cynthia Zicari and Pablo Gomez; a boy to Carmen and Kevin Davenport; a girl to Bricia and Shawn Absher; a boy to Michele Hutt and Randy Harter.Jan. 28:A girl to Angela and Aaron Beatty; a boy to Keisha Millender and Darnell Hill; a boy to Karen and Mark Scott.Jan. 29:A girl to Desiree and Miki Funderbunk; a boy to Bonnie Leavitt; a boy to Nikki and Jason Yates; a girl to Karen and Scott Johnson; a boy to Yvonne and Eric Dobberstein; a boy to Geraldine and Scott Beardsley.Jan. 30:A bo y to Ida Jones and Deon Lee; a girl to Tracy and Robert Winger; a boy to Amanda and Tracy Formaro.Jan. 31:A boy to Jennifer and David Adams; a boy to Krist

y and Lester Anderson; a boy to Jennifer and Christopher Williams; a girl to Kelly and Brian Backman.Feb. 1:A girl to Lena Demmert and John Potter; a boy to Misty and Jason Croman; a girl to Denise and Paul Bunker; a boy to Nicole and Mark Sharp.

Summerlin Hospital

Jan. 11: A boy to Joan Bernstein Solomovici.Jan. 20:A girl to Liliana and Rafael Mirchou.Jan. 22:A boy to Deborah Sue and Michael Thomas Gorzel.Jan. 25:A girl to Nicole and Greg Owen Korte; a girl to Christine Ann and Michael John Riley; a girl to Peggy Lou and Mark Richard Peter.Jan.26: A boy to Laura Janine and Thomas Gwynne Glazier Jr.; a boy to Christine Ann and Jonathan Rudolph Klempa.Jan. 28:A boy to Rachael Ellen Cresto and Mark Anthony Garcia; a girl to Tina Gaye and Mark Richard Schick.Jan. 29:A girl to Sylvia and John Randall Richards; a boy to Lindy Kuuipo and Parrish Lance Addison.Jan. 30:A girl to Risa Joy and David Matthew Weiss.Jan. 31: A girl to Michele Kimberly and David Allen Benjamin.

Sunrise Hospital

Dec. 18: A boy to Minerva and Fernado Jaimes.Jan. 6:A boy to Rowena and Sam Santacruz.Jan. 14:A girl to Pauline Paz and Romeo De La Cruz.Jan. 15:A girl to Liana Hicks.Jan. 23: A girl to Jennifer and William Hancock.Jan. 24:A boy to Candelaria Ayala; a girl to Claudia and John McNamara III; a boy to Laura and Vincent Kelley; a girl to Ferami and Edgar Pacheco; a girl to Jennifer Lyons and Wade Nelson; a girl to Heather and Keith Johnson; a boy to Ginessa and Brian Basterrechea; a girl to Kellyann and Nicholas Gambella.Jan. 25:A boy to Beth Bolton and David Bloom; a boy to Marlin Alvarez and Christian Tamayo; twin girls to Carrie and Stephen Black; a boy to Carlila and Jon Jasper; a boy to Mary and Alan Fitzhugh; a boy to Diana Martinez; a girl to Stephanie and Garrett Peters, Jr.; a girl to Carolyn and Patrick Thomas; a girl to Melissa DeBusk.Jan. 26:A girl to Stacy and Arlen Blank; a girl to Christina Whitney and Daron Romatko; twins a boy and girl to Erin Wanstreet and Stephen Delligatti; a girl to Crissey

and Kenneth Dillon; a boy to Shannon Griffin and Dashell Fishback; a girl to Angela Thomas and Demotress Wiliams; a girl to Peggy and Bryan James; a girl to Ramona and Alejandro Martinez; a boy to Elizabeth and Rex Peace; a girl to Olga and Luis Cascos; a girl to Deborah Wall; a boy to Ashley Chavez and Christopher Cunningham.Jan. 27: A boy to Gina and Janser Estrella; a girl to Elizabeth and Robert Lennox, Sr.; a boy to Teodora and Julio Guzman; a girl to Audra Ranney and Laurence Cox; a boy to Catherine and Charles Williams; a boy to Sandra and Carlos Arzola; a boy to Deborah and William Walls; a boy to Donna Harding and Andrew Weber; a girl to Kim Cole; a boy to Lorissa and Casey Quinn.Jan. 28:A boy to Lisa and Thomas Parkes; a boy to Laurie Barkemeyer and Neal Katz; a girl to Wendy and Charles Gerlach; a boy to Stephanie Synder and Richard Doddridge; a boy to Rebecca and Pedro Domingeuz, Jr.; a boy to Elizabeth and Nigel Alldridge; a boy to Jessica Spring and Christopher Chandler.Jan. 29:A girl to Katrin


and Allen Brighton; a girl to Stacey and Samuel Vassar; a girl to Aida Luna and Guillermo Becerra; a girl to Yolanda and Tony Valdez; a boy to Melissa and Billy Wilde, Jr.; a girl to Teresa and Mark Vargo; a boy to Tisha Hogue and Timothy Webb; a girl to Ronda and Jason Smith; a girl to Dina and Juan Tanori; a boy to Francis Ware.Jan. 30:A girl to Carrie and Jason Kirk; a boy to Shannon Sandhoff and William Moots, Jr.; a boy to Maharlika and John Quichocho; a boy to Brenda and David Stoyer.

University Medical Center

Jan. 24: A boy to Alejandra and Felipe Cruz; a boy to Rosa and Jose Carillo; a girl to Karen and Gregory Dodough; a boy to Yanet and Gabriel Garcia; a boy to Carolina and Alberto Gonzalez; a girl to Traci Law; a girl to Claudia and Nick Robinson; a boy to Tanya Yielding.Jan. 25:A boy to Martha and Cesar Alcala; a boy to Lidia and Digna Bravo; a boy to Aileen Oropeza; a girl to Noelia and Joel Osorio; a girl to Maria and David Perez; a girl to Ilda and Ramon Ruiz; a girl to Shafonda Tucker; a boy to Michelle Vanone.Jan. 26:A boy to Shannon and Edward Amina; a boy to Marina and Jimmy Chavez; a boy to Chrystel Douthit and Gary Landin; a girl to Elizabeth and John Eyler; a boy to Cynthia and David Keane; a girl to Francis and Aurelio Lopez; a boy to Marilyn and Jude Leyson; a girl to Mercedes and Jorge Mejia; a girl to Shari Pederson; a girl to Patricia and To mas Perez; a boy to Carol and William Provost.Jan.27:A girl to Nordica Goldsmith and Erik Watts; a girl to Ramona Hart; a girl to Antonia and Juan Lopez; a

girl to Hilda Quincena; a girl to Pauline and Richard Rankin; a girl to Deborah and Terry Smith.Jan. 28: A boy to Manal and Tarek Bannoura; a boy to Guadalupe and Carlos Barragan; a boy to Lorena and Martin Cuevas; a boy to Audrey Juarez; a boy to Angela and Sean Murphy; a girl to Alisha Royster; a girl to Susan Smith.Jan. 29:A girl to Olivia and Espiridion Alcantara; a girl to Jennifer and Brett Callison; a girl to Rebecca L. Jones; a girl to Penny Langevin; a girl to Carmen and Fernando Martinez; a boy to Nadia and Ezzat Sawires; a girl to Jennifer and Michael Smith; a girl to Kimberly and Oscar Wilson.Jan. 30:A girl to Maria and Dionicio Alaniz; a girl to Roxanne and Jason Aranas; a girl to Julie Juarez and Andy Melgar; a girl to Tigen and Robert Rosales; a girl to Kathy Schlosser; a girl to Veronica Sigala; a boy to Mary and Terence Tarver.

Valley Hospital

Dec. 1: A girl to Teresa and Donny Abbott.Dec. 22:A boy to Andrea Hundley and Larry Davido.Jan. 9:A girl to Latoyia Wilson and Sylvester Green Jr.Jan. 15:A boy to Lakisha Cooper and Reginald Riggens.Jan. 23: A boy to Sandra and Carlos Venegas.Jan. 25:A boy to Maria and Chris Arambula.Jan. 26:A girl to Dana and Scott Van Alfen; a girl to Rebecca and Christian Farrell; a boy to April and Daniel Olds.Jan. 27:A boy to Dioneliza and Vincent Clark Barte; a girl to Keli Woods and Robert Magana; a boy to Jennifer Crespo and Juan Fernandez; a boy to Rachel and Joseph Crapo; a boy to Michelle and Anthony Martinez.Jan. 28: A girl to Janelle and Bryce Wright; a boy to Roxanne and Robert Casarotto; a boy to Anissa Quintanal; a boy to Alissa and Michael Anderson; a girl to Griselda and Francisco Morga; a girl to Lorelei and Glenn Menist.Jan. 29 :A girl to Tresa and Dall as Allen; a boy to Karen and Andrew Simanski; a boy to Elizabeth Williams and John Neff.Jan. 30:A girl to April Parra and Jimmy Lee; a girl to Melanie and

Ha Luong; a boy to Stephanie and James Ashe Jr.; a boy to Sandra Santamaria and Robert Noble.Jan. 31:A boy to Angela Morris and Alex Feaster; a girl to Gannette and Luis Diaz.Feb. 1:A boy to Cheryl Saramosing and Arthur Ynigo; a boy to Jodi Burrows and Levi Kiefer.