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Birth announcements for April 14, 2000

Desert Springs Hospital

April 4: A girl to Monica Gomez and Hector; a girl to Kristen and Arik Knowles; a girl to Jennifer and Richard Henderson; a girl to Maria and Sabino Gonzalez. March 5: A girl to Wendy Jacobs and Daniel Stovall. March 6: A boy to Angela Walton and Franklin Sharp III. March 7: A girl to Pamela and David Harris; a girl to Darci and David Lund. March 8: A girl to Sheryl and Anthony Patterson; a boy to Melissa and James Ewing III; a boy to Christina and Steven Becker; a boy to Shotzie Thomas. March 10: A girl to Brenda and Allen Mason.

Lake Mead Hospital

March 27: Eric to Paula Hammons and Buckley Farrar; Christian to Cynthia Gonzalez-Teninty and Lowell Caro Jr; Raul to Lucila Alvarez and Ignacio Medina. and Michael A. Jones. March 29: Diana to Ofelia Ultreras and Daniel Garcia; Unique to Lynette Bell and Chanta' Smith; Alexis to Evelyn Price; Andrew to Kellie and Mike Elliott. March 30: Priscilla to Angela Dominguez and Jesse Gaspar; Aldo to Santina Ornelas and Aldo Olivera. April 1: Ricky Jr to Vanessa Keeling and Ricky Correa.

MountainView Hospital

April 4: Chloe to James and Rebecca Zentner; Nika to Donald and Sara Brian; Cierra to Daniel and Patricia Mesa; Briana to Heath and Rachael Leitz; Richard III to Richard and Dawn DiMarzio Jr. April 5: Paige to Daniel and Sally Davenport II; Greyson to Paul and Jerusha Olthoff; Ethan to Paul and Jamie Erickson. April 6: Daniel to David and Diana Rice; Tyler to Jay and Rachel Godown; Christian to Amanda Harvey; Celine to Efrain and Maria Ochoa. April 7: Dominick to Donald and Elizabeth Montilla; Lauren to Damon and Colleen Vitangeli; Taylor to John and Joi Sanders; Trey to Kenneth and Jacqueline Kirkpatrick. April 8: Gabrielle to Joseph and Tiffany Bills; Chloe to Steven and Sandra Huntsman; Cassandra to Donald and Robyn Vines. April 9: Taylor and Madison to Trevor and Debra De Sousa; Terrel to Timothy and Tennile Coleman. April 10: Chance to Jason and Amy Hansen; Michael to Michael and Leanne Megna.

St. Rose Dominican Hospital

March 24: Skyler to Danielle Emery. March 27: Alyssa to Laurel and Darren Lamoreaux; Haneul to Jeong-hyun Ko and Young-wan Choi; Austen to Lana and Stacy Jones. March 28: Courtney to Jennifer and Vance Smith; Emily to Danette and Aaron Hafen; Bradley to Kristine and David Holmes. March 29: Samantha to Wendy Boudreaux and Louis DiVecchio; Sydney to Rebecca Jacobson and Anthony Stevens; Aliea to Anita and Ronnie Strain; Sydnee to Stephanie and Jason Christensen; Michael to Melissa and David Delk. March 30: Mireyah to Bridgette and Juan Ortiz; Meagan to Candra and Charles Anderson; Samuel to Pam and Joe Thomas; James to Brittany Anderson and James Mungai; Alexander to Brenda and Shean Gross. March 31: Nikki to Kelly and Anthony LaBounty; Emma to Mary and Rick Bohieber; Joshua to Catherine Thomas and Ronald Canfield; Diego to Tina and Jesus Gonzalez; Christopher to Kerissa and Christopher Gallegos; Jose to Yaimilia and Jose Perez. April 1: Elizabeth to Margaret and Benjamin Putnam III; Dylan to Carla and David Riddle. April 2: Carla to Blanca and Carlos Lazarte; Isabell to Jennifer and Leo Montoya; Jake to Lisa and Matt Munn III.

Summerlin Hospital

Howard; Steele to Renalyn and Leroy Dias Jr. March 20: Ryan to Raquel and Russel Crouch. March 25: Hannah to Leslie and Adam Hunt. March 28: Sonora to Candace Sou and Jesse Howerton; Aaron to Mary and Aaron Burriesci; Dalton to Michelle and Valdemar Herrera; Dillon to Carrie and Daniel Pierce; Mason to Wendy and Carl Chapman Jr. March 29: Peter to Lise-Lotte and Arthur Benjamin; Kyle to Konnie and Kyle Kleparek; Breanna to Lisa and Jon Sasse. March 30: Christopher Hill. March 31: Allyson to Edith and Lorne Reid; Zana to Jo Anne and Zana Fuller; Ashley to Donna and Gregory Anderson; Matthew to Chris and Scott Bradley; Sean to Kristi and Samuel Jones. April 2: Mia to Lorraine and

Keith Moore.

University Hospital

March 26: A boy to Ronie Blackmon-Kelley; a girl to Cristina Casimiro Zamora; a boy to Sherry and Craig Farris; a girl to Candyce Helms; a boy to Julie and Matthew LaCroix; a girl to Marisol Rodriguez Loredo. March 27: A boy to Maricruz Arroyo; a boy to Lourdes and Francisco Duran; a boy to Elizebeth Hernandez; a girl to Anita and Michael O'Brien; a girl to Amber Hooper and Brian Peterson; a girl to Amanda and Dwight Wilson. March 28: A girl to Juanita and Juan Gomez; a girl to Marla and Cornelio Gutierrez; a girl to Danielle and Wendell Hedrick; a girl to Stefanie Maglish; a boy to Crystal Thompson and Antonio Ruiz; a girl to Marylou Tracy; a boy to Shannon Wallace and Sam Slaughter. March 29: A girl to Jennifer and Angel Alvarez; a boy to Ruth and Marvin Barrientos; a boy to Loretta Beine; a boy to Ivy Crouse and Lynn Hanna; a boy to Marthrice Hayes; a girl to Viviana and Jesus Marin; a boy to Angelica and Andres Ponce; a boy to Sudlar and Suphchai Sookhwises; a girl to Gloria Trimble; a boy to Alma Villa; a boy to Alicia Watson and Carneil Malone. March 30: A girl to Georgina Alcantara and Geovani Serpa; a girl to Rosa De la Cruz; a girl to Isabel Garcia Martin; a girl to Lisa McMasters and Russ Burk; a girl to Sandra Medina; a girl to Araceli Mendoza Carillo; a girl to Yessica Ortega Andrade; a boy to Yolanda and Rafael Rodriguez; a girl to Reyna Soto; a boy to Faviola and Rene Vieyra. March 31: A boy to Bridgett and Michael Eure; two girls to Cori Frehner and Kerry Schofield; a girl to Laura and Octavio Gutierrez; a boy to Tatiana Johnson; a boy to Alma Mosqueda; a girl to Ivon Rodriguez; a girl to Yolanda and Tomas Rodriguez. April 1: A girl to Erica Hernandez; a girl to Minerva Salazar; a girl to Stephanie and Kenneth Wilson.

Valley Hospital

April 3: A boy to Nikole and Eugene Hormann; a boy to Perla and Rodolfo Garcia; a girl to Jennifer and Fernando Gomez; a boy to Caranne and Todd Gainley; a boy to Rachel and Troy Tanner; two girls to Collene Allen and Michael Iaconi; a boy to Michelle and Patrick O'Neill. April 4: A boy to Shawaynea Gibson and Michael Durant; a boy to Shemeka Hudson and Lavell Hayes; a boy to Ryann and Oscar Cardona; a boy to Andrea and Eric Leslie; a girl to Leslie and William Trammeli; a boy to Christine and Kevin Le Vine; a girl to Sonia and Jason White. April 5: A girl to Hope and Christopher Jones; a girl to Lynda and Glenn Nail; a girl to Diana and Humberto Romero; a girl to Nanette and Dejuan Garrett. April 6: A girl to Carol Vernon and David Knighton; a girl to April and Abraham Arias; a boy to Candelaria and Luis Cuevas; a boy to Tina and Joseph De Andrade; a girl to Tracy and Kenneth Certo; two girls to Sarah and James Moses; a girl to Rosa Olmedo and Jose Vasquez; a girl to Tammie Marshall and Edward Robertson. April 7: A girl to Bridget and Jeffrey Colligas; a girl to Misty Whipple and Joseph Robinson; a girl to Silvia Flores and Miguel Leal. April 8: A boy to Indira Meza and Sergio Rodriguez; a boy to Kristina and Armando Lozano; a girl to Lara and Joseph Bright; a boy to

Shari and Gary Peters; a boy to Lucreshia and William Rose. April 9: A boy to Tika and Scott Epstein; a boy to Tracee and Robert Burleson; a boy to Krista Jeznach.