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January 21, 2018

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Copperfield’s illusions packing them in at MGM Grand

David Copperfield's "Unknown Dimension," in the intimate MGM Grand Hollywood Theatre through New Year's Day, compresses an arena-styled show, produced to be performed in venues that have 12,000 capacity and more, into an incredible hour and 35 minutes.

The current engagement is the definitive David Copperfield, a superlative tour de force.

This is a casual, relaxed Copperfield, who established immediate contact with the audience and used members, selected at random, in most of the illusions. There were four male assistants and two attractive and talented female dancers plus a duck named Webster.

Throughout, he created a mood of expectancy for the newest illusion, in which a member of the audience and Copperfield were to be transported to an island near Bali, a show stopper. First Copperfield appeared to be sawed in half by a laser beam and then restored in time to bring two women from the audience and swapped their panties while they were fully dressed.

Two men culled from the audience were seated on a couch and levitated, lowered into a glass cabinet, then raised again and released.

The next trick involved the entire audience, with each person tearing a sheet into eight pieces, one of which had the picture of a moon on it. After much individual shuffling, each came up with the moon card.

"The Voyeur" utilized the two comely dancers, a sexy bedroom scene with the girls disappearing and reappearing. A video clip set up the beach scene in Bali. The next segment dealt with a prediction made 24 hours earlier and kept in a locked box on public view.

The last 35 minutes were occupied with Webster the duck, an illusion done twice, the second time in slow motion; the transporting of Copperfield and a member of the audience to the island. This you have to see.

And the closer had 13 people from the audience disappear onstage. The pacing and precision were perfection, yet Copperfield never pressed the audience.

His dialogue was on the mark and humorous. The audience participation made it all the more enjoyable. Indications are that all shows will be sold out, including three added matinees. Take a chance; if you get in, it will be well worth the trouble.