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December 5, 2019

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Rudner hits the mark at MGM Grand’s Cabaret Theatre

Rita Rudner is in residence in the MGM Grand Cabaret Theatre, a 399-seat room ideally suited for comedy, especially the quiet, subtle, clever, often hilarious discussions that Rudner keys to various members of the audience. The room was packed the night we were there. We understand this is the norm, which should continue through July 28. She deserves full houses.

Attractive, at times almost demure, beautifully gowned, Rudner is not only a successful stand-up comedian but one who writes all of her own material. She told the audience she actually lives her material. Rudner and her husband, Martin Bergman, are successful film producers/writers, and she is an accomplished actress as well.

On Aug. 28 on the E Entertainment cable channel, Rudner will star as "Unfunny Girl" with a cast of top comedians including Shecky Greene and Phyllis Diller.

Soft-spoken, her timing is impeccable. Rudner discusses why Las Vegas is different from anywhere else, comments on the new theme hotels, on getting older, those nasty birthday cards as you get older, shopping at the malls, and shopping with one's husband. She makes a brief reference to Siegfried & Roy as a Las Vegas institution and discusses her fear of flying, then takes on gaming in Las Vegas.

She points out that she has never won any money but she does have "a wonderful collection of porno pamphlets." Her description of the different ways to gamble is classic. From gaming, she discusses getting married in Las Vegas and tells that she and her husband were married here 10 years ago.

Relationships, the battle of the sexes, husbands and wives traveling together, cruises, parents and grandparents, restaurants, exercise, golf, moving into a new house and 10 minutes of impromptu questions from the audience wrapped a very-funny, 100 laugh-filled minutes that seemed to be equally enjoyed and related to by both sexes. Some lines were so funny -- and so true -- that they merited bursts of applause.

Remember, there were no axes ground, not one objectionable word or visceral description, just warm, good humor, and the truth told very funny. The $30 tab makes Rita Rudner one of our town's very best entertainment bargains.

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