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Birth announcements for February 5, 2001

Desert Springs Hospital

Jan. 22: A girl to Qiana Tate and Rashad Cobb. Jan. 23: A girl to Juanita Mitchell and Glenn Bension. Jan. 24: A boy to Linda and Anthony Friscia; a boy to Monica and Alejandro Delgado. Jan. 25: A girl to Tisha and Larry Sax.

Lake Mead Hospital

Tina Hooper and Rajali Jackson. Jan. 17: Amanda to Rosalia and Marco Flores. Cueva and David Enriquez. Jan. 25: Eduardo to Yesenia and Javier Sanatana.

MountainView Hospital

Jan. 22: Tyler to Mark and Kelly Pennington; Casey to Amber Olsen and Clarence Clavelle Jr.; Sarah to Joseph and Ely Palmarozzo. Jan. 23: Tiffani to Darrel and Gina Storey Jr. Jan. 24: Ian to Angela Marquez; Anthony to Anthony and Lisa Schiano; Tyler to Noel and Kelly Hermanson; Hunter to Travis and Jessica Stubblefield; Isabella to Daniel and Tara Mazzeo; Maile to Jeaneen Eagan and Lennie Jenkins. Jan. 25: Emmett to Hermila Rodriguez and Kenneth Duncan; Paul to Patrick and Belinda Otte; Alec to Roger and Dena Friend; Matthew to James and Robin Freese; Alexis to Brian and LeeAnn Jones; Christianna to Denora Wilkerson and Chad Bock; Demitrius to Veronica Gomez and Vinicius Ferreira; Devin to Robert and Kimberly Stanley; Kennedy to Kerry and Alison Christoffersen; Dylan to RaeAnn Newton and Nicholas Best. Jan. 26: Dylan to Bo and Elizabeth Brown; Jose to Ibneya Trevizo and Jose Villegas; Rachel to Robert and Sara Winter; Max to Russell and Mariam Gubler; Elizabeth to Ross and Jill Chiles. Jan. 27: Vivian to Santiago and Yanira Ibarra; Devin to Dan and Tessa Martinez; Antonio to Luis and Kimberlee Vargas; Wesley to Michael and Jennifer Mathews; Wesley to Michael and Jennifer Mathews. Jan. 29: Litchford Jr.; Amy to Danielle Lysne and Thomas Wingett Jr.; Emily to Patrick and Martina Hannon. Jan. 30: Tyler to Angela Osborn and Steve Barnes; Caitlynn to Stormy Eaves and Michael St. Germaine.

St. Rose Dominican Hospital

Jan. 22: Jenna to Valerie and Jason Shamber; Jason to Cynthia Cooney. Jan. 23: Taylor to Kathryn Bexley; Ryan to Carla and Christopher DeLoria. Jan. 24: Adrianna to Tia Geddings and Millard Strain. Jan. 25: Jaycee to Heather and Greg Huff; Caitlyn to Teri and Mike Randall; Starlynn to Rebecca Sheridan and Calvin Hammell. Jan. 26: Ariana to Christina and Jimmy Propst; Donovan to Tracy and Jarrett Chase. Jan. 27: Dominik to Irene Fleming. Jan. 28: Lukas to Kisha Allen and Bradley Reid. Jan. 29: Gavin to Melissa Baker.

St. Rose Dominican Siena Campus

Jan. 20: Braden to Jean Frederick. Jan. 22: Leah to Emely and Victor Sanz; Kayla to Letitia and Jeremy Sturm; Evan to Taunya and John Antonacci; D'Andre to Cindy Birkland and Marcus Raymond. Jan. 23: Jenna to Jeanine and Anthony Ricciardi; Ori to Alicia and Michael Hutcherson; Joshua to Shannon and John Hearns Jr.; Vincent to Chizuru and Peter Petruzzi; Lance to Tamara and Lloyd Yordy. Jan. 24: Jenna to Theresa Quiocho; Kaylynn to Monique Nino and Saul Haro Jr.; Paige to Sandra and Eric Reinbold; Michaela to Deborah and Michael Woo; Devin to Jodi and James Gonzales; Jacob to Christiane and Steven Straub. Khaleif to Grace and Delphio Royals. Jan. 26: Alyssa to Kristine and Matt Bennett; Chase to Carla Capizzi and Cord Tucker; Luis to Rosalinda Rivera and Luis Cadena. Jan. 27: Kylee to Theresa Griego; Kaitlyn to Danielle and Eric McKeeman; Alyssa to Catherine and Brent Gifford; Jonan to Brooke Ingrassia and George Vargas; Mason to Karil Sonner and Shaun Rupp; Adam to B. and J. Pritchard. Jan. 28: Faith to Bree and Brent Madison; Samantha to Christie Delara and Jason Knight; Michael to Katherine and Norman Reed; Samuel to Carlene and Mitchell Steinberg; Andrew to Erin and Larry Coyle.

Summerlin Hospital

Jan. 23: Michael to Hong Deng and Ray Lee; Bridget to Cathleen and Bruce Bauhard. Jan. 24: Jonah to Chari and Mark Rosenberg; Alexis to Pamela Miller and Craig Christians; Nicholas to Jennifer Winnegar and Gary Gordon. Jan. 25: to Megan and Kirby Warne. Jan. 26: Katelyn to Karen and John Anderson III; Presley to Michelle Larocque and Steven Harwell; Aamir to Mccrae and Roberto Medina; Dylan to Shannon Rachael Garza; Victoria to Carmen and Christopher Amen. Jan. 27: Jordan to Deborah and Daniel Odom. Jan. 28: Jordan to Carrie and Jody Farber. Jan. 29: Kaden to Danielle and Daniel Neuman; Jacqueline to Silvia and Mark Brennan.

University Hospital

Jan. 23: A boy to Eustasha and Byron Bishop; a boy to Toquanda Vontese Dean; a boy to Pamela and Frank Ferrara; a girl to Sybil and Gregory Hall; a boy to Miriam Leyva Barcelo; a; boy to Olga Alicia Lopez Garcia; a boy to Bertha Martinez; a boy to Patricia Ramos; two boys to Nury and Ruben Rodriguez; a girl to Bertha and Edgar Valdez. Jan. 24: A boy to Maria and Santiago Armas; a boy to Kelli Lynn Arrieta; a girl to Irene and Dealer Burke; a boy to Leydi Contreras; a; girl to Sarise and Wayne Harriman; a girl to Jenny Hernandez; a girl to Kathryn and Lance Johnson; a boy to Queena P. Rowe; a boy to Gabriela Valadez Martinez; a girl to Hortencia Vega; a girl to Edna and Robert Warhola II. Jan. 25: A boy to Danielle and David Fagan; a boy to Adela Garrido-Carmona; a girl to Lisa and Eduardo Gonzalez; a girl to Andrea and Waldo Hernandez; a boy to Karina and Raul Lozoya; a girl to Juana Mendoza Perez; a girl to April and Brian Robinson; a boy to Veronica and Dwight Sproul. a boy to Dalia Flores; a boy to Tara Hancock; a boy to Gay Hubmaster; a girl to Cynthia and Jeffrey King; a girl to Ana and Arnulfo Lopez; a boy to Veronica and Meliton Reyes; a; girl to Siobhan M. Wallace. Jan. 27: A girl to Griselda Celis Rodriguez; a boy to Angelica and Antonio Flores; a girl to Barbara and Gerald Hew; a boy to Kelly Anne Kappy; a girl to Jamie Marie Mead and Chad Longe; a boy to Angelica and Carlos Montoya; a boy to Martha Zamora. Jimenez; a girl to Maria Isabel Mares Escamilla. Jan. 29: A girl to Irene and Genaro Bernal; a girl to Marlena Evans and Joshua Hurtt; a boy to Rebecca and Aaron Kincaid; a girl to Maria Elena Morales; a girl to Emma Leticia Partida; a girl to Nadine and Jesse Serna; a boy to Tonja Dawn Tennant.

Valley Hospital

Jan. 20: A boy to Kathy Whitehead and Gregory Price. Jan. 22: A boy to Nyesha Walker; a girl to Tiffani and Monte Floyd; a girl to Aleah Johnson; a boy to Maria Genalin and Banjeve Marapao. Jan. 23: A girl to Stefanie and Harry Kruger III; a girl to Anna Ross; a girl to Linda and Timothy Boissonneault; a girl to Annette and Carlos Adams; a girl to Sharon and Thomas Gourley; a boy to Tracy and John Stephens, Jr. Jan. 24: A girl to Rachel and Michael Noone; a boy to Chasta and Bryon Bradburn; a boy to Kerry and Michael Arellano; a boy to Gina and Joseph Pignatello; a girl to Melissa and Thomas Reymer; a girl to Katie and Dean Sandoval. Jan. 25: A boy to Jennifer and Deon Taylor; a boy to Belinda and Kevin Beck; a girl to Elsa and Felipe Sevilla; a girl to Bonnie and Anthony Scacco; a girl to Debra Robinson. Jan. 26: A boy to Cheryl Adams and Paul Mack; a girl to Rebecca and Jason O'Connor; a girl to Cheryl Adams and Erik Lundberg; a girl to Mary Pack; two boys to Lisa and William Cummins. Jan. 27: A girl to Uvonda Wright; a boy to Sylvia and Eric Enriquez. Jan. 28: A boy to Michealle Clark; a boy to Amanda and David Reveles; a girl to Gaylynn and Herbert Bryant Sr.