Las Vegas Sun

January 21, 2018

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Letter: Soon we’ll all be without power

The gasoline was the first, then the electric power and now the gas for cooking and heating. When will the prices stop and stabilize? When the power companies decide they have taken every cent the people are able to put out, and then we can go without heat and air conditioning. After all, our grandparents lived without electric power and without gas and without gasoline, why can't we?

A return to the past -- let's get out the bikes and roller skates. After all, who needs all these modern conveniences.

I wonder just how long it will be before the minimum hourly wages are reduced -- that is, if you can find a job after our country goes bankrupt. That is the million-dollar question after our new president cuts the taxes; that should really finish the economy since only the rich will gain by this economic move.

"Read my lips" is back in office and we will soon begin a new era after the Clinton administration began putting the United States back on a sound financial foundation.