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October 22, 2017

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Letter: Another actor for California

Having lived in California for 26 years before retiring and moving to Arizona in 1986, I had the misfortune of seeing a Grade B actor elected governor. Although I voted against Ronald Reagan both times he ran, I had to experience the financial and social meltdown resulting from his election victories.

I extend my sympathy to the Californians who did not vote for another Grade B actor who ran on his celebrity. They will see their economy worsen, their environment ruined, their air polluted and their water dirtied.

Even union members, who of all people should never vote for an anti-labor Republican, voted to recall a Democrat governor and replace him with a neophyte who will merely be a figurehead hit man for right-wing Republican corporate interests.

The only ray of hope I can see in this is the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is foreign born and not eligible to be president.

If Gray Davis can be recalled for purported mismanagement of the economy and for high energy prices, why can't President Bush also be recalled?


Bullhead City, Ariz.