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January 22, 2018

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Letter: Davis’ record not nearly as bad as Bush’s

After one term and 11 months, California Gov. Gray Davis was identified with a $38 billion deficit, an energy problem, soliciting big campaign contributions, raising auto license fees and strapping Californians with future tax increases. Davis, however, is small time compared to Washington.

The current administration has taken a $5 trillion surplus and turned it into a $5 trillion deficit -- a $10 trillion swing. That's OK, our grandchildren and great grandchildren will pay it off -- ha!

The Bush administration has engaged in a "greed" war that has killed and wounded hundreds of Americans and has cost billions. It has provided "wealth welfare" in the form of tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent of our population. It has provided corporate welfare in opening up public lands for exploitation. It has relaxed or eliminated environmental requirements. It has awarded contracts without competitive bidding and it has loosened workplace safety regulations.

With an additional 2.7 million people unemployed, the administration tried to eliminate overtime pay and it increased by over a million the number of families falling below the poverty level. The average annual wage has decreased by $500. An additional 3 million people are now without health insurance. Stock market value for average investors has plummeted while the profits of oil companies have soared.

Let's put things in perspective. California looks small time compared to Washington.