Las Vegas Sun

November 23, 2017

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Letter: No licenses for illegal aliens

Hispanic activists are criticizing Nevada's new law on issuing driver's licenses to arrivals from other states. The new law recognizes that some states are lax when it comes to identification and also when it comes to matching license expiration dates with expiration dates on immigration visas. Arrivals from those states now must produce additional identification and other paperwork. The activists say the law discriminates against illegal immigrants.

Perhaps there is something the activists do not understand about the English language and the word "illegal." Illegal immigrants have no business being here, period.

If these bleeding-heart activists would take their never-ending gripes south of the border, they might better serve Hispanic people. All over Latin America, I've seen the same situation -- 1 or 2 percent of the population controls all the wealth. The wealthy there do not mind their fellow citizens living in abject poverty.

Their solution for their poor: Let them go to America illegally and if they are not catered to, let them try to give Americans a guilt complex.