Las Vegas Sun

January 16, 2018

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Letter: U.S. is not smart to isolate Cuba

The Bush administration decision to further limit travel of Americans to Cuba makes no sense, and the truth of this will resonate in the international community.

Cuba has been unsuccessfully isolated by U.S. interests for about 45 years. During that time, other nations, including most of our allies, in Latin America, Canada and Europe have forged relations with the Cuban government to facilitate trade and the benefits of tourism. As the lone holdout, the U.S. has already lost the opportunity to establish the interests of American businesses. It has also, in a sense, imprisoned Americans looking for a chance to view this place, rich in cultural and historical significance.

The U.S. Cuban policy reflects the president's interest in protecting the political prospects of his brother, Jeb Bush, the governor of Florida. This chummy cooperation may work well in Texas politics, but shows a lack of realistic thinking, in terms of American foreign policy.

It may be too much to ask for our president to reflect further on his Cuban policy, but perhaps his replacement will.