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September 21, 2017

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Nevada’s overseas military deployments over the last year

Nellis Air Force Base and Air Force Reserves

More than 2,000 airmen have been deployed overseas from Nellis, with more than 1,000 sent to support operations in Southwest Asia. Currently there are 558 still deployed.

The units that saw personnel deployed included the 757th Maintenance Squadron, 58th and 66th Helicopter Rescue Squadrons, 820th Red Horse Civil Engineering Squadron, Predator pilots and maintainers of the 11th and 15th Reconnaissance Squadrons and the 99th Security Forces.

Army Reserves

257th Transportation Company, a Las Vegas-based unit, has deployed about 300 soldiers to Kuwait, with the majority leaving in February 2003. The final 262 soldiers still deployed are scheduled to return to Las Vegas next week.

Naval Reserves

About 110 Las Vegas-based sailors have been deployed, and 36 remain in the Middle East.

The 14th Cargo Handling Battalion deployed 34 sailors in January for a year.

Coastal Warfare Group 1 fought in Iraq during the early days of the war, and two sailors with the unit are still deployed. Other sailors, mainly medical and security forces, have been deployed around the U.S. to pick up slack for other deployed personnel.

Marine Reserves

About 180 Las Vegas-based Marines were deployed to Iraq.

Weapons Platoon, Fox Company, 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marine Division sent about 90 Marines to Iraq in February 2003. The Marines returned in June.

Another 90 Marines with the 6th Motor Transport Battalion deployed to the Middle East in January 2003 and returned in July 2003.

Army and Air National Guard

More than 500 soldiers and airmen deployed overseas.

72nd Military Police Company, a Henderson-based unit, deployed about 100 soldiers to Southwest Asia in May 2003. They returned home in November.

777th Engineer Team Utilities Co., a Henderson-based unit, deployed about 50 soldiers to Southwest Asia in May 2003, and they are scheduled to return this summer. They are primarily stationed in Iraq and have served in Kuwait.

321st Signal Co., a Stead-based unit, sent about 100 soldiers to Fort Lewis, Wash., and is expected to deploy to Southwest Asia by the end of the month.

152nd Airlift Wing, a Reno-based unit, has deployed about 200 people to the Middle East over the course of the year to perform airlift and airdrop missions over Iraq. About 50 airmen were deployed at a given time and were rotated in and out. The mission is ongoing.

152nd Aerial Port Flight, a Reno-based unit, deployed 25 airmen to Uzbekistan in February 2004. They are expected to return this summer.

152nd Intelligence Squadron, a Reno-based unit, deployed 40 airmen to Southwest Asia to analyze images from remote-piloted Predator aircraft. All 40 have since returned.

152nd Security Forces Squadron, a Reno-based unit, deployed 15 airmen to Saudi Arabia in December 2002 and they returned in June 2003. The unit performed air base security and force protection measures at Prince Sultan Airbase.