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December 16, 2018

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Lawyer’s resignation from bar approved by high court

CARSON CITY -- The Nevada Supreme Court Wednesday granted the request of attorney Sean M. Liles to resign from the Nevada Bar, rather than face a charge of misconduct.

Liles could not be found for comment on the nature of the case.

The court said Liles in his petition stipulated to the entry of a judgment against him for $758,000 in "in favor of the entity harmed by his conduct and that five parcels of real property owned by Liles have been executed upon to the satisfaction of the judgment."

The court said a formal disciplinary complaint was pending before the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Board. And Liles knows that his resignation as a lawyer is irrevocable.

The bar association retains jurisdiction to investigate and take action based on the prior conduct of the lawyer, the court said.

Liles, who submitted his resignation request from West Bloomfield, Mi., was accused in the complaint by the bar association of entering into a scheme with Michael Yagi, a construction defect official for One Beacon Insurance Co.

The complaint says Liles submitted false claims that were paid by Yagi. The scheme was discovered when the bank made an error in depositing the money to the account of another company.

Liles stipulated to a summary judgment in federal court for $758,900 and the five parcels of real estate in Las Vegas owned by Liles were turned over to the insurance company.