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October 21, 2017

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Letter: Too much time spent attacking, defending

In reference to James Epperson's Aug. 25 letter, "Republicans spin victory from nothing":

Mr. Epperson did not identify any specific or proven Republican lie in his letter, but did end by calling the Republicans liars. I guess that's what free speech is about.

The sad feeling I get from what I read and hear these days is that many individuals and politicians on both sides of the aisle are willing, more and more these days, to participate in a most shameful tactic: calling the other political party or its members liars just for spite without real knowledge of a lie.

Even worse: calling something a lie, when they know or feel in their heart it really isn't, for the sole purpose of trying to gain a political advantage.

Our politicians are really bogged down just trying to justify their accusations or trying to disprove another's.

With this and the time required for dreaming up and executing some vicious strategy in an attempt to gain political ground, they most certainly have very little time left to do the real job for which they were elected, or to think about how, and in what ways what they are saying and doing, affects this country, the people and our country's reputation.

Regarding Mr. Epperson's question, " ... why can't the Democrats do it with the truth?", probably because they are simply too busy!

I believe most of our politicians are better people than they sometimes demonstrate but it surely does seem that getting into politics can bring out the very worst in someone.

Clifford Bursett, Las Vegas