Las Vegas Sun

January 20, 2018

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Letter: Affordability is relative for teachers

Regarding the Las Vegas Sun's Oct. 9 story, " 'Tin homes' for teachers ":

I found the concept about the affordability of "tin homes" quite laughable. It seems that these "affordable" townhomes will be selling at around the $300,000 price range as a way to lure more teachers to the Las Vegas area. Don't these planners realize that teachers (or anyone) making $35,000 a year can't afford these housing prices?

If the developers in this city really want to help teachers, then they'll start selling homes, townhomes and condos for $200,000. As a teacher who owns her home, I feel sorry for young people these days who are starting out.

It is very difficult, and nearly impossible, to buy a new home or condo. The prices of single-family homes are ridiculous.

The bottom line: If this growing metropolis of a city wants these much-needed teachers to come, then we need to make it work. The housing prices need to go down, and teacher salaries need to be raised.

Vicki Van Beveren, Las Vegas