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October 20, 2017

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Letter: Comic strip shows political climate

This week Garry Trudeau, in his "Doonesbury" comic strip, is creating a news conference between reporters and a character, "Fear Itself." The Las Vegas Review-Journal made a choice years ago to put Doonesbury back in the classified pages for reasons one can only believe were political; they did not want to have their readers see anything negative about our administration, yet they could not ban the very popular comic strip from the newspaper altogether.

Anyway, "Fear Itself" will be a strategy that will be used by Bush supporters to prevent a change from the direction our nation is going. Personally, if I was one of the few incredibly wealthy people in America, I would be feeling the grip of "Fear Itself," knowing that the next group of lawmakers just might not let me keep those millions of dollars in taxes I have saved under the current administration.

But, since I am not one of those really rich people, "Fear Itself" will only be an issue for people like me if we re-elect the same old, same old.

Ken Anderson, Las Vegas