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October 18, 2017

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Letter: Being well-armed can prevent tragedy

A s I write this Thursday, soon the families of those slaughtered in the Virginia Tech massacre will bury their dead. Thirty-two innocent lives lost. All because of one single deranged individual.

And let's not forget Columbine, the Beltway snipers, Charles Whitman and countless other twisted souls who killed randomly.

Understandably, there is not much the police can do until after the fact, but armed citizens on site may have been able to save a life or two.

Do we wait for the fire department to show up at the fire before we help our neighbors escape?

For the record, I do not like guns, but I like getting killed by some nut even less!

Guns are not going away. A thousand more laws will not make a difference. Citizens will still get shot and die.

Responsible, trained, armed citizens could be a powerful deterrent to criminals, terrorists and other assorted crazies.

Don't forget, the Soviet Union never attacked us during the Cold War because America was well armed, not because we cared about their feelings.

Bruce Feher, Las Vegas