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November 20, 2017

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Letter: It’s long past time to end war in Iraq

Supporting our troops means ... keeping them alive by bringing them home from the morass of an unjustifiable war created by video game mentalities who thought "Shock and Awe" was an appropriate "theme" for a war with no goals. The reasons for the war have proven to be smoke and mirrors.

The GOP Congress approved $25 million for a "victory celebration" in Iraq, for what? What will be the victory? How will it be defined (or disguised as such)?

It is hypocritical for this administration to go to Virginia and mourn the deaths of 32 students when the administration is responsible for hundreds of deaths and disabilities to Iraqi citizens and U.S. armed forces personnel every week of every month for the past three years since "Mission Accomplished" was declared.

Enough of this insanity. Bring the troops home and get out of Iraq.

Diane Shaul, Henderson