Las Vegas Sun

January 17, 2018

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Letter: Virginia Legislature dropped ball in 2006

Regarding the Las Vegas Sun's April 17 editorial, "Deadly day in Virginia":

Once again the Sun comes down on the wrong side of an issue by blaming the ready availability of guns for the actions of a deranged individual at the Virginia Tech campus.

Had the Virginia Legislature given a bit more thought last year before it defeated a bill that would have allowed licensed and trained teachers and students to carry their weapons on campus, this tragedy may have been minimized by just one teacher or student.

The same reasoning applies to Columbine and even to street crime in our neighborhoods. A trained and licensed citizen with a concealed weapon is a force multiplier for our law enforcement personnel. The problem is not that there are too many guns; the problem is that there are not enough guns in the hands of trained and licensed citizens.

Steven Pattee, Bullhead City, Ariz.