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November 23, 2017

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Letter: Congress’ inaction is enabling Bush

How can our president go to Canada and make policy with the Canadians and Mexicans and not have any congressional oversight? All of his meetings are behind closed doors. His meetings will affect the entire country and the country has no say so.

We are spending billions of our dollars on his oil war when his promises of the Iraqi oil paying for the war go unheaded. There are 300,000 barrels of oil being pumped from Iraq on a daily basis, but our House and Senate continue to give him more money for a war that has become nothing more than an oil grab.

We continue to pour billions of dollars of our tax money into what he calls "Homeland Security" when our borders and ports continue to stand open for illegal aliens and terrorists to walk in at their leisure. The only thing Homeland Security has accomplished is to spy on the citizens of this country.

Our politicians seem to just sit around and wait for the current administration to be out of power. By the time that happens this will be a Third World nation of a bunch of people who are brain dead from ingesting lead from Chinese products.

Richard A. Brown