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November 24, 2017

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Letter: Full-time government just doesn’t work

Well, it's happened again. Every once in a while Jon Ralston comes down with a virus that infects his intellect, causing him to write columns praising the idea of full-time elected officials, such as his commentary on Aug. 17.

There's no real antidote for him except to grab a cold compress, lie down for a while and stay away from his keyboard. The siren song of a full-time professional government is one of those really bad ideas that looks great on paper, kind of like communism, but in the real world is a total disaster.

If you don't want to be infected yourself, there is a cure. It comes in the form of a question: Where?

Where are all the Shangri-las that have been created by full-time professional governments? Places where economic prosperity is enjoyed equally by everyone. Where political and social justice for all in an environment of liberty reigns supreme under the guidance of a loving and compassionate full-time professional government. Where?

Jon has had decades to answer this question, but he's never been able to do it because, like Shangri-la, it doesn't exist. Governing is a human enterprise. Putting human beings in a position in which the power of governance is everything in their lives is disastrous for the mass of people.

Hope you feel better soon, Jon.

Knight Allen

Las Vegas