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November 27, 2022

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Letter: More nuclear plants mean bigger problems

Thirty-two new nuclear plants could be built in the next 20 years. What happens to the radioactive waste? Looks like the plans for the Yucca Mountain project will have to be expanded again. I guess that means we have been lied to again.

The original plan for the repository at Yucca Mountain was 77,000 tons of poison, but the U.S. Energy Department has wanted to increase that to 135,000 tons. I'm sure we can believe them that it's safe. All we have to do is look at the train wrecks for the past two years and we can tell there is nothing to fear from a nuclear waste spill in, say, Chicago.

Our newest ally, France, builds nuclear recycling plants and high-speed trains and we, with all our engineering prowess, build holes in the ground. If you want a ride on a train because the airports are so screwed up, go to a museum.

Between what we are spending on the oil grab in Iraq and the new nuclear power plants, our next three generations will be in hock and nothing will have been solved. We will still need solar and wind-generating plants if anyone is around after the nonexistent global warming.

The greed of this administration and the oil companies boggles the mind.

Richard A. Brown, Pahrump