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October 17, 2017

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Letter: Mexico must be fixed to solve immigration

Until the real problem with illegal immigration is addressed, no amount of immigration reform will work.

The problems: Most of the small towns, where most of the illegal immigrants come from, don't have decent roads so that the people can get to and from other places.

A lot of the towns don't have electricity, and there are some that don't have decent housing, running water, sewers or garbage collection. A lot of the small towns use methods for farming from the 1600s or 1700s, because that is all they have. And the most important thing of all: no jobs.

Of course, if the Mexican government would build infrastructure, there would be jobs for years to come building the infrastructure that Mexico needs.

The reason the drug cartels are so strong is that at least they promise some form of financial relief. And this is one of the reasons Mexico and our war on drugs keep failing.

We, our government, need to put pressure on Mexico to help its people, instead of pushing them to be illegal immigrants in the U.S. and sending money home for their families to live on. I know most people would rather stay home close to their families if they had a way to live a decent life.

Myron Bishop, Pahrump