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UNLV football:

Montana’s Bobby Hauck to be named new UNLV football coach

Press conference scheduled for noon Wednesday to introduce 45-year-old as UNLV’s 10th coach in program history

Updated Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009 | 11:23 a.m.

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Bobby Hauck

A source has confirmed to the Sun that 45-year-old Bobby Hauck, who coached seven seasons at Montana, will soon be introduced as UNLV's new head football coach.

Hauck, who left Las Vegas following his Sunday interview, came back to town today for a second interview on Tuesday, which also allowed time to iron out some final details. The other finalist for the job was former Texas A&M/Alabama/TCU/New Mexico head coach Dennis Franchione, who after interviewing with new UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood, flew back to his Texas home early Tuesday morning.

A press conference will be held at noon Wednesday to introduce Hauck, who has agreed to a 3-year contract which will pay him $350,000 annually. The deal is also laced with incentives, including a $25,000 bonus for earning a berth in the Maaco Bowl Las Vegas, $5,000 for a seven-win season, $7,500 for eight wins and $10,000 for nine wins.

Livengood said upon his arrival on campus last week that he'd like to have a new coach in place by Christmas

“I was very happy with the process and how long it took,” Livengood said, adding he'd go more into detail on the hire at Wednesday's press conference.. “I was happy with the interest from all the candidates.”

Hauck is 80-17 in seven seasons in Missoula, Mont. Most recently, his team fell to Villanova, 23-21, in the Football Championship Series title game Friday night in Chattanooga, Tenn. It was the Grizzlies' third championship appearance under Hauck. He previously worked as an assistant and recruiting coordinator under Rick Neuheisel — now the head coach at UCLA — at both Colorado and Washington.

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  1. Ryan,

    I tend to believe that a 2nd interview is merely finalizing the numbers in his contract. This is good news for Rebel football, thanks for the coverage.

  2. "leg up" meaning he doesn't have "one foot in the grave."

    Gee, he can coach a perennially good 1-AA program. We'll see if he can turn around a struggling 1-A program...

  3. The guy can obviously coach. I am excited to have a coach here that understands play calling and can bring some victories UNLV. I believe he will be a great fit for the Rebels.

  4. @BetOnBlack ... yeah, if you put two and two together here, that's certainly what it sounds like. With Christmas Eve roughly 48 hours away, I'd say the indication is that Hauck's your guy. I'm interested to see what his week next week will look like. Very interested.

  5. Gee... The last high-profile 1-AA guy I remember coming to the mtn. west was Joe Glenn. Look where he is now... I'm sure recruiting between UNLV and Wyoming has been pretty similar over those years.

  6. pooooor grizzlies.

  7. If Bobby Hauck is going to be the next football coach at UNLV, then there's good reason to rejoice....which fits right in with the holiday season!

    Wow! I'm excited again over UNLV football. Its been a long time since there was much to cheer about....

    Hopefully Coach Hauck, if chosen, brings most of his Montana staff with him. That would allow the program to hit the road running with pretty much the whole staff on the same page from day #1...

    Any rumors floating around out there on potential recruits?

  8. Thats cool, hopefully hell have a lot of success here, but that means probably 3 yrs here, then on to a better job, which i wouldn't mind.

  9. This is good news, I believe. Even if he's three and out, which I don't necessarily agree with, that would mean he's built the football program up to where there should be no problem finding a quality replacement.

  10. No question he is a good coach but we'll see how he handles the third rate inner city kids that UNLV gets. A lot different than Montana farm boys. I really want to see UNLV win so hopefully bringing in a coach with a winning past will help us get past the hump.

  11. I hope he can get the program to the point where a BCS Conference school wants to steal him.

    lv702 - Where are all the inner-city kids you're talking about? I'd say UNLV has a good mix of kids from all different backgrounds. You do realize that half the Montana players are from California right? probably not.

  12. Hauck is 80-17. You've gotten this wrong all week.

  13. So glad UNLV didn't hire another coordinator for a head coach.

  14. I'm a native Montanan and a Griz fan and wanted to say good luck with Hauck. He was not the most popular guy around Missoula but he did win football games. He also took over one of the most successful, if not the most successful FCS programs in the nation; so the talent, recruiting, and the tradition were already in place. It will be interesting to see what he can do with a program like UNLV. By the way, our team has much more than just Montana farm boys; our program recruits kids from all over.Anyway, good luck

  15. Hope this isn't joe glenn all over again.

  16. Awesome! Anyone who doesn't think a coach is important in producing a winning team needs to watch the movie "Coach Carter".

    The mental aspect of the game is well over 50% of the equation. This guy is a proven winner and will not accept mediocrity or losing! He'll work 20 hrs a day if needed to win games! UNLV has now become a winning program! Yeah!

  17. @Me ... Fixed. My bad.

  18. Yes! I am very happy to have coach Hauck!

    Time to become a Football school!

    Let the winning begin.

    Finally a competent head coach for our Football program!

  19. Ya, don't get me wrong, like I said, the guy knows how to win ball games. I just meant that he came to Montana while things were already great. He obviously did a good job and we thank him for that. Hopefully he can build your program up to something great.

  20. Personally, I would have picked Franchione. Think the programs needs all the successful D-I coaching experience it can get.

    But, that said, Hauck is bound to be a HUGE improvement over Sanford.

    Looking forward to next season to see what Hauck can do!

  21. Is that a positive comment from Sufferin'? I better go outside and check to see if the sky is falling.

    Seriously, I think this is a good fit for the Rebels. It may only end up being a gateway program for Hauck. But, he's a proven head coach who should be a substantial improvement over Sanford.

    Welcome to Vegas, Bobby!

  22. Former UNLV head coach Mike Sanford will be introduced as Louisville's assistant head coach/offensive coordinator on Tuesday, has learned.

    Sanford will join Charlie Strong, who took over as Louisville head coach after Steve Kragthrope was fired after three seasons. Sanford was fired after five seasons at UNLV, where he compiled a 15-43 record.

  23. For all you cool-aid drinkers, listen to the Montana natives....Hauck and Franchione were the only candidates for this position????

  24. Let's hope he has a better D-1 record than his two predecessors. They both had better records at Montana before flopping in D-1.

    I think it's a good hire and it was 100% necessary to get someone in here with Head Coaching experience. Now get out there and recruit your butt off!!!!

  25. i'm sorry, but if you go 80-17 you're a good football coach. If he wasn't a good coach, Montana wouldn't still be a good program. it's a fairly simple concept. the guy was not media friendly in Missoula, so some people are not going to like him.

  26. I would agree with lvbuilder, finally we don't have to play anymore "Hauck Ball". I, for one, will not miss Bobby and nor will alot of fans.

  27. My niece lives in Montana and is a huge Grizzlies and Hauck fan, so I *am* listening to the Montana natives.

  28. Local news, KFBB, just confirmed thru U of M that this is official.

  29. Hauck might not have built the Montana program from scratch, but it's important to remember that he kept the program at a very high level for 7 years, averaging over 11 wins a year!

    That says a lot about Hauck! Who cares if he's not the most popular guy in Missoula or the fact that he never smiles.

    I doubt if Bobby Knight could have been elected the mayor of Bloomington, Indiana.

  30. The reason Montana was 80-17 under Hauck because 99% of the teams they play during the regular season are completey out matched. Some of the talent level that Montana brings in are D-I class, which can be attributed to assistant coaches. Not BCS type players, but D-I none the less. When Montana eventually played teams that could match up with them (i.e. Villanova, Richmond, etc.) he was absolutely terrible as a coach and lost more times than not. Anybody that watched the national title game on Friday can see that.

  31. I was at that game on Friday. We were stunned at the outcome and how Hauck was outcoached. He had no clue how to adjust and get Mariani the ball. And, the Griz only had 60 yards rushing vs. 352 for one player at Nova. That was typical "Hauck Ball". It was worth the trip but still, he just can't seal the deal.

  32. I agree / disagree with you Ivbuilder regarding the championship game. I think Montana even has better talent than the Villanova's and Richmond's of the world. There was no reason the Grizz should have lost that game, other than bad coaching maybe, humm?

  33. Bobby will be a great coach at UNLV, better than at MT. His only weakness is he dosen't understand the passing game as well as certain other coaches. If someone gets him to read Don Read's book on the passing game in football, he could very easily lead you to an undefeated season.

  34. newyorkrebel said....

    "Personally, I would have picked Franchione. Think the programs needs all the successful D-I coaching experience it can get."

    Hmmmmm...if I remember correctly, it seems UNLV tried that before. They hired a guy named John Robinson, former coach at Southern Cal. He did some good things for the program (beat UNR a time or two...) but didn't take the program to the next level.

  35. lol @ the Montana people bashing Hauck. This just reads as sour grapes. I don't know about your laid back town of Missoula were everyone must be nice to the media, but here in Las Vegas if our football team is winning we could care less about the media friendliness of the coach. We want W's and Bowls!!! Period. Who cares if he never smiles, i dont want him to smile, i want him to win football games.

    So thanks for the gift Montana folks, we will gladly take him off your hands.

  36. Well, I think this is a step in the right direction for Livengood.

  37. I don't completely buy the argument that Hauck is not that great of a HC because MT was a sucessful program before him. If that were the case, Michigan would still be a top 10 team every year. The first few years when you have mostly the previous coaches players, then yes (cough Charlie Weiss cough). But sustaining a program for more than 3 years,let alone 6, that deserves credit.
    I hope he hires an OC who knows the spread. We have a pretty good offensive team coming back next year, and it'll be nice if we have a similar system to keep the player we have from transferring and/or having the wrong personnel for the new system.

  38. I am so excited about Rebel football again! I can not wait to read more articles talking about the team and what the plans are and what not.

  39. THANK YOU UNLV !!!!! Rest assured that Hauke came into a great program in which had already turned out 2 National Titles. His record is a wopping 0-3 in title games. He has accepted credit that should go to his players not him. He will not lift you into the ranks of TCU, UTAH, or Boise State. I truly hope that UNLV vs. Mont. is scheduled for the 2012 season just to prove my point. GO GRIZZ!!!

  40. Was listening to 1100AM. They were thinking he'll likely bring most of his staff from Montana. I guess his offensive and defensive coordinators have been with him for years and his pops coaches the D-line. Also his brother is a secondary coach in the NFL and they were speculating over him coming as well.

  41. bybybob- after only three years you'd have a point, after six you just look bitter.

  42. The article should have mentioned that he was 0-3 in his championship game appearances and not only did he lose, but he got out coached in every one of those losses. He padded his win/loss record by playing Division II schools every year instead of rising up and playing against better competition. I also pray that he takes his staff with him, especially his offensive coordinator, Rob Phenicie. I don't know that the guy knows how to call an offensive play when the moment counts. He could not keep his players out of trouble here in Missoula so I don't think it will be any better in Las Vegas. I personally am glad to see him leaving. His act was getting stale in Missoula. Winning regular season games means nothing when you can't win the games that count. Good luck, coach Hauck and good riddance!

  43. I could really care less about how he treated the media in Missoula. Especially student media. I'm from Montana, but I'm not from Missoula and I did not attend UM. Personality traits aside, he's simply just not that good as a head football coach. The amount of wins against inferior football teams under his guidance is clouding this fact. Beware UNLV, most of his 80 wins are not quality wins. Montana will still be one of the best FCS programs whether he stays or goes, so it really doesn't matter to me. It's a different story at UNLV.

  44. Hauck has done a reasonable job as Griz head coach. I hope he leaves some of his assistants behind at UM, but it's hard to say if any will stay, given UNLV's ability to compensate at a higher pay level. For UNLV fans who missed it, go to the Sports Illustrated website and do a search on Bobby to see how well he did not get along with the UM school newspaper staff this fall. I know a couple of folks who grew up in the same small Montana town (Big Timber) as the Hauck boys, and I typically get a knowing smile and a shake of the head in response to questions about Hauck's apparent inability to occasionally express humility. So, he got out-coached by 'Nova's head coach Talley? That's one of the differences you'll see between a head coach with 7 years' experience, and one with 24. I'm happy for the Rebels' fans, because I think Hauck can take you to a winning season in a couple of years, depending upon recruiting, assistant coaches, and how much pruning there will have to be in the existing program. However, many Montanans will be happy to see the back of Mr. Hauck heading south down the road, and those are not just MSU Bobcats fans.

  45. @ El_Lobo - The point IS, Robinson Won. He WON at UNLV, even if he was past his prime. Franchione has DI wins. Hauck does not. What clear-cut proof do we have Bobby Hauck will "take us to the next level?"

    IMO, this hire is a 50/50 proposition bet. It could put the program under for good, or it can put it on the upswing. Odds were better with Fran. Tell you one thing, I sure as hell didn't like what Hauck's defense did against Villanova. Looked like more of the same to me...

  46. good luck to coach hauck and all the students who have to deal with him. as a u of m alum I hope you guys have a better working relationship with him than we did as students. maybe he'll respect you and not tell you all to "[email protected] off" like he did to us.

  47. It is Bobby Hauck's uncle, not his dad that is a coach on his staff at UM.

  48. I am not a big fan of Bobby but he is a hard worker and will do a good job for UNLV. MSUfan is only happy for Bobby to leave because the Griz beat up the Cats every year no matter who the coach is. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR Bobcats. We will win no matter who our next coach will be. Good luck Bobby.

  49. Joe Glenn was a great guy whose team won a national championship at UM, and who got Wyo into a bowl in year 2 or 3. But Glenn also left the cupboard pretty bare for Bobby Hauck. The public Bobby is a decidedly uncharming guy who did a good job of rebuilding a proud program while it quietly was on the brink of crashing. Hauck is a players' coach, sometimes to the program's detriment....such as when the docket is read on Monday morning at the courthouse, or when someone dares to criticize one of his players. He knows football, and leaves the Griz program stocked for the future. Both the Griz and the Rebels win.

  50. For the record, we here IN Missoula do acknowledge he is a good coach respected by his players and appreciated the wins. For the most part, we do not care about tiffs with the media. Our biggest gripe is the attitude of both him and his players, especially the out of state recruits. While they did give us a lot of victories, it does not negate the "alleged" assaults, robberies and possibly worse committed by the players Bobby recruited. Not all of his players were troublesome, most acted with integrity. The ones who did tarnished the reputation of the program, the University and the city. That is our grievance. So, SMB, if winning at any cost is more important than honor, please take him. He is our Christmas gift to you.

    P.S. KFBB is NOT local. It is 3 hours away, on the other side of the Rocky Mountains.

  51. Can coach winners but not champions. Good luck with your new OC you are going to need it.

  52. It wasn't just against Villanova that the defense couldn't stop anybody. Look at the stats from all 3 championship losses. Hell, look at all of his playoff losses (that is the only time that he consistently played against equally talented teams for the most part). By the way, he was a very pedestrian 10-7 in the playoffs (0-3 in championship games). They are all the same. The defense got shredded by a team that could run the football and the coaches had no answer for it.

  53. As we all know, the proof will be in the pudding. I'm so tired of UNLV getting their butt kicked year after year, I'll gladly take some "Hauck ball" in hope of a lot more wins.

    The BYU game this past Fall was beyond embarrassing. I finally quit watching the game because it was too painful to watch. The UNR game was more of the same......

  54. I'm sorry, but I am behind this guy 100 percent. People in Montana are complaining that he couldn't win the national championship. HE GOT THEM THERE! I would love to hear what they have to say if the replacement doesn't do the same.

    The truth is, he is coming to UNLV, where if he was to make a bowl game, it would be considered a success. Last time I checked, a national championship game loser, is better then a team that doesn't get there at all.

  55. It's really something to hear the bitterness of some of the MT fans even after Bobby gave them a 10 win season. We would die for a 10 win season. We haven't had a real head coach in six years. As a Rebel fan I for one welcome Bobby and look forward to seeing him on the sideline. I hope in the next few years we can complain about losing a bowl game.

  56. if all you guys have to say about him is he dosent talk to the school newspaper.thats ok with us sounds like a small town problem in vegas he gets to do interviews for a real newspaper and have his own tv show on a real local tv station.So he has no choice here!Now as far as him not winning the big football games hell we just want to get to a big football game!With that beeing said it sounds like a win win for us.....

  57. Man are all these Montana fans idiots?!! Complaining because they didnt win the championship 3 times! At least he got them there. Have fun in the cellar of the Big Sky now. The Griz is like a NFL team in Montana. We will see how many championships you make now.

  58. I know it sounds like we(Montana fans)are trying to destroy him, but I can't deny the success he had there. I'm just saying that as a Montana native and current Las Vegas resident, I don't think Bobby Hauck is the savior that Las Vegas wants him to be. I'm warning UNLV fans to be cautious and not go blindly into the new Hauck Regime. I hope I'm wrong, because I would like to see UNLV win a few more games.

  59. lobo69-wow, you sound so intelligent. We won before Bobby and we will continue to win without him. Might want to be careful about saying anything about the basement. Has UNLV ever been up to the top floor. Bobby is a good coach but definately has skeletons in the closet. Not bitter, can't blame him for leaving for the money, definately not for the prestige.

  60. I am glad Bobby is leaving for two reasons. First you are correct GrizNation I want Bobby to leave because he is a good coach and we fell to the Griz often under his hand. BUT, second I am glad he is leaving for the same reason I was glad when Coach Mike Kramer was fired. We won under Kramer but it wasn't worth it. I want a coach who knows about respect and honor as well as the fact he is instrumental to raising and mentoring his players while they are STUDENT-athletes. I would rather have a coach who graduated every student and didn't win a game than one that won every game and didn't graduate a soul. Character traits are far more important than winning, was it ESPN or Sports Illustrated who labeled Bobby Hack the biggest joke of a coach this year?

  61. @SMB, dude your so cool lol. LMAO @ UM people on our site If u play UNLV in any year you will get smashed. UNLV talent wise were better than the 5-7 record. It took the final 7 seconds for osu to defeat us. I think the kids lost confidence in their coaches and rebelled during the middle of the season.......

  62. Catfan--I must say, I do agree with you on your points. This is one reason I am not sad to see him leave.

  63. by the way, to everyone that doesn't know, the Grizzlies have made it to the national championship game under the last 4 coaches. Just wanted to throw that out to people that think it was only Hauck that could get us there. I'm sure in a few years it will be 5.

  64. Hey CatsFan, I'd like to hear you say that after 3 consecutive 2 win seasons...

  65. Where's all the Livengood haters today?

  66. Grayback4Life said.....

    "@ El_Lobo - The point IS, Robinson Won. He WON at UNLV, even if he was past his prime."

    It appears that you count differently that I do. John Robinson was 26-37 in 6 seasons at UNLV. He was successful in taking UNLV to a bowl game against Arkansas in 2000 and was named the MT. West Coach of the year in the process. UNLV was 8-5 that year!

    I think Coach Robinson was and still is a class guy. He did some good things for UNLV but he wasn't successful in turning the UNLV program completely around.

    I believe Franchione would be another Robinson.....He's also past him prime!

    Grayback4Life also said.....

    Franchione has DI wins. Hauck does not. What clear-cut proof do we have Bobby Hauck will "take us to the next level?"

    There's never any clear-cut proof when it comes to coaching. Bobby Hauck may not take UNLV to the next level just as John Robinson did not...

    But I feel he should get that opportunity...

  67. @ MissoulaMom what do you mean by out of state players, im not applying that you are saying student athletes that are other than white but since Montana is 95% white after the slaughter of the native Americans who are the real Montanans it sure sounds like you are upset that coach recruited black or lets say other then white athletes. So in my opinion if coach only recruited Montana or just white kids you wouldn't have the wins you have now, it only shows why he wanted to leave because of the bigotry at that school.

  68. jgillespie-i was an athlete at the U of M and yes mostly us white folks but be careful who you are calling a bigot. Color folks can be bigots just as well. I don't believe I ever slaughtered a native american. I was just in your fair city (haha) and I would take Montana over Sin City anytime. There is a reason it is called Sin City.

  69. montana has always had a high caliber program, regardless of who the coach was/is. those montana boys are tough and most of their skill positions are juco transfers and californians. trading missoula for vegas? no thanks.

  70. I can guarantee there isn't a Vegas native that would take Montana in a trade any day of the week. You can have your cow tipping and I'll enjoy this beautiful valley. Go Rebs!

  71. @griznation you are such a d$%k weed " color folks" really your just proving my point jerk... i hope we have a home game with you so me and you can sit and have coffee and ill school you on the what a bigot means......

  72. If Hauck's as awful as these Montana fans are posting, why weren't they in the process of firing him? How could they keep somebody that inept for seven seasons?

    Only time will tell if UNLV finally picked the right man for the job. But, it seems a bit short sighted to blog disparaging remarks about a guy who brought the Missoula faithful over ten wins a year for seven seasons.

    As a Rebel football fan, believe me when I say I recognize bad coaching. This guy's win/loss record would seem to indicate he has a pretty firm grasp of the game.

    Montana fans should focus on their search for a new football coach, not come on here to bite the hand that fed them for seven years.

  73. Build a defense Bobby

  74. well said nevsoufebfan

  75. JGillespie....Um, you don't know me and my family so I will let that one go. No, it is not about race, color or creed (or anything other physical factor). I also said that most of his players, including the out of staters, are decent young men. That said, if you look at the players getting involved in illegal activities, most of them are not from Montana. These are not the type of acts or individuals we want to be associated with. I am sure ALL people here in or there feel that way too.

  76. big john, that's because vegas natives basically ARE cow-tipping hayseeds. vegas has NO culture. keep to your desert, john, and stay out of MT, OK, hillbilly?

  77. Sounds like alot of bitter Grizzly fans on the board! Im happy about the hire, I think UNLV finally got it right. I can honestly say I believed they would find a way to mess this up and get Franchionne. But they went the right route, and got the coach who will coach fundamentally sound football on both sides of the ball!

  78. WaltDay...Have no worries there. That is the one thing you can be assured of. His defensive units have always exceeded expectations. They are selfless, determined and relentless. He will always get the very best from his players ON the field.

  79. from the mesage board where they have broken down his contract.

    "mikeg wrote on December 22, 2009 02:33 PM:
    Let's pretend that the NCAA gives the MWC and automatic bowl bid in 2011 like they should. Let's pretend that Bobby wins the MWC in 3 years and goes to a BCS game. Let's say they go undefeated (which would have to be the case). Oh, and let's say that the players are MENSA graduates. Given all this, Bobby will earn a whopping total of $490,000 (if I have done my math correctly). First, do you think that he would stick around to play in the bowl game? Doubt it. Second, do you think that Mike Sanford was still worth more than a coach that could do all this? Apparently, UNLV thinks so because they paid Sanford more than this without bonuses. This boggles the mind. Why didn't they go out and make a national search for a coach that would be willing to stick around a few years? The fact is, if he has a half-way decent year, he will be gone. A bottom of the barrell Big-10 team (like Indiana) would hire him with a base salary of $600,000 a year. This is a no win situation. If he wins, he leaves. If he loses, he gets fired. Net sum gain = ZERO."

  80. The RJ has a breakdown of the incentives on his contract. $350,000 base with a ton of different incentives. I hope he earns them.

  81. Congrats UNLV you just got a great coach.

    For all the MT fans on this blog being negative we have more important thing to worry about. Lets focus on getting another great coach.

    For all the UNLV fans on the blog being negative you just got a great football coach. You should focus on that and stop trying to pick fights over the internet.

    Enjoy Bobby UNLV!

    GO GRIZ!!!!!!!

  82. Not impressed,hope I'm wrong in thinking he's not right choice.

  83. No but apparently either has Montana (Griznation). You guys are the ones bashing your own program.

  84. MSUCATSfan for that article we are bottom of the barrell in football terms, this isnt basketball. Be realistic if he is able to turn this program into a consistent 7-8 gm winner in 4-5 years he will be the hot coach. Of course but lets at least let him do that first! At least he would leave the program somewhere it has never been for someone else to inhereit a possible gem instead of a mess

  85. Not a good move for Bobby. You spend a couple years at Montana and you feel like a world beater because you lose about once every 3 months (at most). But to sit and watch Mick (Utah State) and Joe (Wyoming) both arguably better coaches than Hauck, go to miserable schools and continue to be average or worse then get fired and your career is shot, you get to start over at 48. Wait until a job in the pac 10 or big 12 shows up and you can actually go somewhere and compete. I bet it gets a little lonely in the desert when some kids would rather go to Laramie than your school.... not even a problem he had at MT. I'm sure there's nearly a million green reasons to go, but invest wisely, you may need an early retirement plan. Good luck, I wish you the best, but I wish you would have paid better attention to, and had more respect for the ones before you. From our end, I hope we get smokin Joe Glenn back!!

  86. jgillespie--I use the words color folks with sarcasm. You made a judgement of a woman up here who presented facts but you played the race card. What a microcosim of this nation. I am glad you have Bobby. I am not sour grapes as someone put it, you can have him. We had more football players involved in assaults, rape, armed robbery and other crimes than we had with the previous coaches combined (both white and black players). He did get us to the big game but FCS is a whole lot different than the BCS. He did get out coached in the championship game. I went to school with Bobby and he was a drunk and barely graduated. He was also on the coaching staff that left Colorado and Washington in shambles (Rick Neuheisal, enough said). He has kept our program at the top and the next coach will keep us there. UNLV is a basketball school and football is not a priority. He came for the money and use it as a stepping stone to a more prestigious program. But you can think all you want about us Montanans but we will keep going and I hope we do get a game with you. Could be interesting but I don't think you would have an easy time with us. In fact you should beat us since you are 1-A and we are 1-AA. Hope you don't end up like Colorado and Washington.

  87. @MissoulaMom,

    ummm have you seen our football team these past 4-5 years? Bobby's Grizzlies probably would have killed us every year that Sanford was our HC. That being said, THANK YOU for the Christmas gift! Sorry that a FEW "out of state" Montana players committed those acts while in Missoula but that's what you get when you take those type of second chance, questionable players and stick them in a place like Missoula. You will have a great football team with some bad seeds sprinkled in. Sorry to break it to you like this MissoulaMom but without those types of kids you guys probably wouldn't have continued your winning tradition. Like I said, we will gladly take that here in Las Vegas (yes the second chance players and all). That's how starving we are. So please get over yourself with the winning without honor lecture!

  88. Welcome aboard Coach Hauck!
    To the Montana fans; we've had our discipline problems in the past, UNLV football players running around threatening people with guns etc. Those days are over. That garbage will not be tolerated anymore, rest assured Hauck won't last long if he lets his players run wild.

  89. Griznation. You are jealous that this coach left! Just accept it and accept your new coach. Would you leave at the opportunity to make 4 times your salary if you were him? Yes. Montana is a DIVISION I-AA school. Yes they are awesome in I-AA, but he could not stay there forever. Look at Paul Wulf and Mike Kramer.

  90. wah wah wah

    hate hate hate

    I'd be happy if Hauck uses UNLV as a stepping stone. Why? He has to win in order to do so. If he wins for three years, we get a good coach to replace him. Win/Win for UNLV.

    If you're from Montana and came to this site to hate, why don't you go to the Missoulan website and play with each other. Oh wait, nobody cares about Montana except regarding your Head Coach, hold up, I mean our Head Coach.

  91. What is being missed in this discussion is that the guy who started the improvements at UM, thus creating an environment for success, was Bill Moos. Hauck will go from having the best relative facilities to arguably the worst, which creates a completely different recruiting situation. Secondly, Hauck has a decided advantage over Coach Sanford as the 2008-2009 recruiting year was the first that Sanford and staff were able to sign a full class in terms of numbers. That was due to carry over problems from the previous staff. Good luck to Coach Hauck!

  92. lobo-nice argument. Mike Kramer got fired for the same things that were happening under Bobby and Paul Wolf has done nothing with Washington State, in fact they are worse. So enjoy your fantasy world, make it a great Christmas because when reality sets in come Sept, Oct, Nov, not
    Dec. you will know the truth.

  93. @griznation0987

    I'm with you about not pulling race cards. But regarding that other stuff you just posted. Please see my post above to MissoulaMom. At least you got to a Championship game dude. Stop biting the hand that fed you...Instead of bashing Hauck I think you Montana folks need to just say thanks to him and get going on a search to find that next guy that "will keep us at the top". Contrary to what seems to be the consensus them of you Montana fans, you can't just plug in any old coach and expect to get the same results that Hauck gave you. Believe me you system is not that great. Just ask Michigan or Notre Dame.

  94. Bobby deserves this shot at UNLV he will definately be a huge upgrade over the always "we're just excited to play" Sanford that never had an answer for anything other then "we are juat excited to play". I don't care that he hasn't coached at the D-1 level before that means little. You still have to pad up, run, block, tackle and make plays on the field at the D1-AA level just like you do at this level. Who cares that he had players getting in trouble? Did the coach make them do it? They are men and should be held responsible not the coach!! Look at JoePa & Bowden over the years nobody will question their integrity even though they have "recruited "criminals".

    I for one just couldn't watch the Rebels quit anymore like they did last year. Hopefully Hauck will lite a fire in this team because Sanford never could.

  95. SMB--Coach Don Read, Coach Mick Dennehy, Coach Joe Glenn, Coach Bobby Hauck. It is not a system it is a program and no one coach is above the program. Bobby and I both played here when this program was in the crapper. It was Coach Read that built this program and the other coaches followed his lead. Bobby did well here, not denying that. Hope the best for him down at UNLV. I have seen the names on the short list for the job up here and we will be just fine. Hope he does not get out coached by Utah, UNR, Wyoming, Air Force, BYU like he did by James Madison, Richmond and Villanova. Good luck to him to bring in the right players with the facility you have there compared to what we have here. I have no ill will toward Bobby and thank you for the wins.

  96. Coach Hauck is an outstanding coach. Montana was lucky to have a coach with such stature. I am from Missoula and graduated from UofM. UNLV fans, don't worry about what you have been hearing from Griz fans. 90% of Griz fans are idiots and stupid. I can't wait to come to Vegas and watch coach Hauch and his Rebels play a football game.

  97. Hauck seems like a no bs kind of guy. UNLV football needs to have a coach that will instill toughness and accountability. I believe Sanford was too much of a nice guy and it spilled over to the attitude our players had on the field. I am looking forward to seeing a well coached disciplined team on the field next year. Happy to have Coach Hauck!

  98. I've never been to Missoula, can someone explain how the facilities there are so supperior to UNLV?

  99. So El_Lobo, are you agreeing with me? You've gotta be -- you pretty much supported my argument with your reply.

    Hey Griznuts, I don't prefer Hauck. Franchione has more DI experience and I believe is better for what this program needs right now as NYR pointed out. It REALLY is another shot-in-the-dark hire as Sanford was; just with a bigger gun this time. So if I want to debate that in my hometown on my own home news site, I surely will. You can take your opinion back to the crick 'n' woods it came from.

  100. Paul Wulf does not have his recruits at WSU yet. This will be the year (he says). Either way I could care less. All of the players were from the Doba era. All I am saying is I-AA is a stepping stone to Division I football. The examples were coaches from your league.


  102. In Corvallis Montana right this second and I'm ecstatic!! Montana loves their Griz and they will be successful going forward but I believe coach Hauck will deliver the goods in Las Vegas. You can't go anywhere in Western Montana without seeing Griz gear on everyone young and old alike.

    This man appears very driven and would relish the challenge of putting UNLV on the (football) map. I agree that UNLV would be a stepping stone but so be it. I would not be surprised if we have a 7+ wins in his first season. Will be happy to eat my words if I'm wrong.

    Welcome, welcome, welcome coach Hauck!!
    Go Griz! Go Rebels!

  103. @griznation0987,

    ok your PROGRAM is not that great that it can be steered rudderless. No PROGRAM can. Again see Michigan and Notre Dame's programs. All had great coaches in the past, and all had failures in coaching hires. A ship needs a captain, always. Coach Don Read, Coach Mick Dennehy, Coach Joe Glenn and Coach Bobby Hauck all were great captains for your program. The ones who weren't were probably fired, no? Your kind of making my argument for me dude. Again THANKS for the Christmas Gift, we will gladly take it!

  104. I hope UNLV can have a winning season, but it won't be easy with this schedule (not in this order):

    Underdog games:
    * Sept. 4 -- vs. Wisconsin
    * Sept. 18 -- at Idaho
    * Sept. 25 -- at Hawaii
    * Oct. 2 -- vs. UNR
    * Oct. 9 -- at West Virginia
    at BYU
    at Utah
    TCU at home
    AF at home

    That leaves 4 games which they might be favorites, 2 are iffy:
    WY at home
    at CSU ?
    at SDSU ?
    NM at home

    Given this schedule, UNLV will have to do well in recruiting this year and play well to pull off some upsets. It's doable, but if Hauck can pull it of, props to him!

  105. First of all I don't think UNLV will be underdogs to either Idaho or Hawaii, but I do agree that we certainly have a tougher schedule next year.

  106. What is going to be interesting about this is he is gaining a pretty well stocked team...

    For all Sanford's faults he had pretty good players... Keep in mind we were one questionable call from beating number 16 Oregon State...

    So this guy has a real shot to put a dent in the MWC this coming year... I really think the only thing this UNLV team was missing was a coach that had a hard nosed attitude... So it should be fun this season...

  107. HI is tough to beat in the Islands, and given UNLV's road record the last 6 years... But I agree, both of those games are winable. If they win those 2 road games as well as at CSU and at SDSU, (4 road wins for a program with one road win t he last how many years?) plus WY and NM at home, that would mean they have to beat one of these games to get to 7 wins:

    West Virginia
    at UNR
    at BYU
    at Utah

    I'd say they ought to schedule UNR as a MUST WIN next year and start preparing for that game today! Rebs will have to get lucky to win at BYU, UT, WV, and beat TCU. Wisconsin, who knowns.

  108. SBM--what I am trying to say is that we have a great program so we won't have a problem getting an even better coach moron. But of course you wouldn't know what I mean about a quality program. Bobby is a good coach but not a great coach. Good luck trying to beat Utah, Air Force, BYU, TCU.

  109. SMB--I here Charlie Weis is available....oh thats right, he would not go and catch there either.

  110. Come on griz, you wouldn't be saying he wasn't a great coach if he was still stuck in Montana. Grapes tasting a little sour out there?

  111. Actually, I wanted him gone several years ago. So the only sour you are going to get is the lemon look you will have when you see the results of hiring him.

  112. In fact I was not happy when they fired him. There is more to the game of football than winning. Just ask Colorado and Washington after Bobby and his buddy Rick swept through.

  113. hired him, freudian slip

  114. Grayback4Life said.....

    "So El_Lobo, are you agreeing with me? You've gotta be -- you pretty much supported my argument with your reply"

    What have you been drinking or smoking? I didn't agree with you. I corrected your statement when you said:

    "The point IS, Robinson Won. He WON at UNLV, even if he was past his prime."

    Again, Robinson DID NOT win at UNLV. He won only 26 of 63 games in 6 seasons. Yes, he is a class guy but he was past his prime when he came to UNLV. He DID NOT turn the program completely around......that's total nonsense!

    I did say that any time a new coach is hired, it's a crap-shoot. Hiring Hauck or Franchione are both crap-shoots. Anything can happen. I also said that I believe Franchione is beyond his prime year's as a coach.

    The UNLV AD has made the correct choice.....Hauck will do a great job. He may only be here a few years but who cares? If he gets the program up and running "big time," it will be a piece of cake to find a successful replacement....

  115. It appears that Hauck is a defensive minded coach as his background as a position coach looks to be on that side of the ball. If so that is good because we haven't had a defense here in well over 5yrs. I don't believe he was a spread offense guy at Montana so it will be interesting to see what he puts together offensively with the personel here at UNLV. He will need a running back and an entire side of defense......better get the Juco hotline ringing tonight.

  116. If the results get me 80-17, I'll gladly take them!

  117. Its been fun stirring the pot with you rebel fans. Bobby is a good coach and I wish him and your school well. Just one thing, he is a good coach but not a savior that I have seen some of you think he is on here. Give him time and he will build your program. Just don't think it will be overnight. You are in an incredible conference.

  118. Well big john, if you play a bunch of 1-AA schools you might just get there. But you aren't playing Weber St., Idaho St., Eastern Washington, Northern Arizona, Sac St, and Montana State and Dixie St. and Central Washington and all the other Division 2 schools we played in nonconference games. You are playing TCU, BYU, Utah, Wyoming, Air Force. Big difference.

  119. It's safe to say if the guy gets us six wins and a bowl game, he'll have accomplished more than Mike Sanford did in five seasons. It'll be a step in the right direction for UNLV.

  120. Very interesting reading.Montana's roster is not half California. In fact, there are only about 15 players on the entire roster from CA. The majority of players are Montana kids. Someone commented that the Grizzly skill positions were manned by out-of-staters. Not so, the teams top receiver, running back, QB and TE are Montana kids.Please remember how difficult it is to make it to the FCA championship game. Montana had to defeat six playoff teams over the past two years to get to the big game. I have not always enjoyed Giz football games under Bobby. However, I gave up second guessing him a couple years ago. In Coach Hauck's tenure, the griz have defeated many teams that had equal or greater talent. The kids are always well prepared. I agree that the second half of this year's championship game was bad. But, if you look at second stats over Bobby's tenure, you will see that the Griz usually dominate in the third and final quarters. As a formal Griz player and die hard fan, I would have been happy to see Bobby stay and for my son to have an opportunity to play in his program. A man is best measured by his body of work. 80-17 is hard to debate. Best of luck to UNLV. I know many in Montana will be watching and hoping for the best. Old Griz

  121. Hey griznation, good luck to you and your team with your new coach! As a life long UNLV Rebel I am very excited to have a coach come in that has had an ability to win games. It gets very difficult to continue supporting a program that continues to struggle year in and year out. Go Rebs!

  122. Like I said, you guys will do better than you have but Bobby is not a savior of a program. He came into a great program and kept it there. Hope he can help you guys.

  123. They take this small frye over a *proven* big time coach like Franchione? Man, UNLV just doesn't want a solid football program...they went the cheap route here, no question. 2-10 or 3-9 seasons galore! Get ready to close up the program.

  124. Posted on: Live Game Blog: Rebels send seniors, Sanford off victorious in 28-24 triumph
    This evening 70 year-young Brent Musburger at the 5 minute mark of the Notre Dame -- Stanford game recommended Montana HC BOBBY HAUCK be interviewed as the next UNLV coach citing the 40 unanswered points in a 61-48 victory today.
    Hauck named Coach of the Year
    Montana football coach Bobby Hauck was named the Big Sky Conference Coach of the Year for the third time in four seasons Wednesday.

    Harley 11/28/09 at 9:14 p.m.

    : }

  125. griznation0987 said "In fact I was not happy when they fired him. There is more to the game of football than winning. Just ask Colorado and Washington after Bobby and his buddy Rick swept through."

    Well, as a Colorado fan, I'm thankful for the senior class that Bobby and Rick recruited that were the heart of CU's 2001 Big XII Championship team. Coach Hauck is a good choice for UNLV and I wish him much success.

  126. Guess you must not be a true buff fan because they may have had one glory year but it lead to their demise. Oh well, UNLV can't go much further down then they already are. Guess there is no nice way of saying that Bobby is a good coach but UNLV is the death of coaches. He would have been better off waiting another year for some much better programs to open up. Oh well, I hope all the money he makes will be invested wisely so that when UNLV drains the life out of him he will have enough of a nest egg to have an early retirement.

  127. You guys just don't get it. Bobby is too good of a coach for your program.

  128. Wow,I didn't think Coach Hauck was serious about taking the reins of this sorry program. A great hire and at 350,000 a year a steal, considering salaries around the conference. Must sign local talent.

  129. someone has just proven they're an idiot. Troll status for this guy, must not be much to do in griz nation

  130. I guess this is good - would think a process at least a few weeks long in which the multiple possible coaches were considered would yield interesting possibilities. The processes like this seem way too narcissistic. Look in a mirror and hire yourself? Hire only those you know? What is the deal here!
    Hope the Rebels can prosper.

  131. When Livengood took the job did he really say to himself that I only have two candidates in mind and I am willing to take the bullet with either guy? It just seems like he had time against him and came with no real ideas about potential hires that he could hang his hat on. Coach Fran tried to position himself for multiple jobs over the past 2 years now without success. I have not seen any of the comments from our Montana posters about Hauck being in consideration for other Head Coaching jobs in the past? Record aside, it would be nice to know that UNLV got a Coach that was in high demand from other schools. It is not like UNLV got someone who Kansas, Louisville or Virginia were considering.

    Bobby has to make sure that he is bringing experienced D1 high profile Coaches for his staff. Don't follow the mistakes of the last Big Sky Coach who went to a D1 school. Paul Wulff brought his Eastern Washington staff to a Pac 10 school and they are worse than the program was when they hired him. SDSU hires an Auburn OC and Rocky Long as DC from New Mexico. Noting how Arizona hired good Coordinators, Livengood should get strong direction that proven coordinators will be hired. Please do not bring back ANY of the staff from Sanford. Hauck can find his way to Gorman's campus better than UNLV ever did!

    Let's see how he handles the beat Nevada question when asked of him. Someone would be wise to coach him on how not to answer that question. Hauck better realize that Vegas is a small town and he better want to get to know the locals fast. Primmadonna attitude with this program right now will not fly no matter what you did at Montana!

  132. 1. I hope the rest of the budget money goes to facilities and all.

    2. Good thing UNLV was in a rush to get a coach BECAUSE i do not know if any other school would have been ok with only 2 canidates interviewed before the final hire.

    Congrats Coach Hauck.

  133. After Sanford, Hauck has to be a breath of fresh air for Rebel fans.
    Lets get one thing straight, this is not FCS football its FBS football, and in the Mountain West Conference none the less. The MWC had a team (TCU) that could have, should have, played for THE National Championship. Its no SEC but, we can still play with the big boys.
    A couple of media questions I can already see coming:

    1. How Hauck will recruit this upcoming class with a whole different demographic of athletes.

    2. How will it feel to coach in a stadium with 40,000 screaming fans (twice the capacity of Washington-Grizzly)?

    3. How will he deal with constant local and frequent national coverage?

    4. Are we gonna beat Reno, be ranked, and get to a Bowl Game?

    As far as the Hauck media scrutiny goes. If an athlete does something like that, they are suspended, kicked off the team, lose a scholarship etc. and as students, fans and even media, we move forward. End of story. Coaches will always defend their players until they have 100% proof that the player is wrong and I support that.
    Unfortunately, our city deals with major violent crimes on a daily basis. I believe news like a fight, and a fractured jaw would last less than a day in our news.

    For God's sake Hauck, get us to a bowl game please!!

  134. @ Kirkland,

    I agree Hauck needs to step his game up when it comes to bringing in assitants and position coaches. IMO please do not bring in your entire Montana Staff with you. You might have succeeded there but this is a different ball game and you will be going after different athletes at this level. Please contact coaches with D1 experience and with D1 ties to help you IMO!!

    Everyone that I have heard talk about Hauck on the radio from caoches on down to sports personalities say he is the real deal and he is a great teacher and motivator. Listening to people yesterday who followed Montana say that Hauck runs a little bit of everything on offense from shotgun spread option, to power running I formation. Not sure about the defense, I believe it is a base 4-3-4 but not totally sure. I am really hoping for 3-4-4 we have the athletes to pull it off. There is no doubt in my mind that he can run a program but the true questions here come down to 4 things.

    1- Who is going to join this staff with him?
    2- What kind of recruits will he go after?
    3- Is he going to blow this team up or adjust to the strength that is already there, the spread offense?
    4- Will UNLV lose players to transfer over the hire?

  135. Thank you UNLV for taking Big Game Bobby aka "The Beak" off our hands. Maybe now the Griz will get a coach that cares about the program and not what his next job is going to be. Hopefully he takes his assistants with him so you get the full measure of "his program". You won't have to worry about winning the big ones with this guy because as his actions last Friday demonstrate he is afraid to play good teams becasue he doesn't know how to coach when faced with good opposition. You wanted mediocracy and arrogance and you have it. Thanks again for taking him off our hands.

  136. I will say this - 3 years at $350,000 is quite a bargin. As reported, Hauck really must have wanted out of Montana. I would guess that Livengood put the squeeze on him because Fran would have taken a lot less money than one would think because of his A&M buyout.

    Not a bad hire and the 3 year contract is a good move. Give him a shot and let him prove that he can take us somewhere.

  137. He never really wanted to be in Montana. Only wanted to use it as a stepping stone to D-1A. He will do the same with you guys. That is fine and we enjoyed the winning that Bobby brought us. Hopefully he can do the same for you before he tires of it and wants to move on after each season.

  138. UNLV is not looking to play for the BCS Championship anytime soon, so I'm not concerned about his 0-3 championship record.

    As far as using UNLV as a stepping stone towards a better job, I'm fine with that too. That means he's turned our football team into winners, and will make getting another good coach a lot easier.

  139. Um...for all the morons here that keep claiming Bobby doesn't have any D1 experience...last time I checked, Coach Hauck had 7 years experience as a D-I head coach (80 wins)and for the idiot that thinks UNLV would "smash" Montana...that opinion must be based on all of UNLV's vast football success...right?

  140. Hold on there mlbowl, you need to check again and realize that Bobby coached a 2A school for 7 years which is now considered Subdivision. The talent level between Subdivision and Division 1 athletics is vast. UNLV has not had as much success against quality D1 opponents as we would have liked, but would certainly handle the likes of a subdivision team such as the griz. Remember, UNLV came within seconds of knocking off Oregon State this year and beat a top 25 team in Arizona State last year. Can you name me one top 25 D1 program (not subdivision) the griz beat during Hauck's tenure?

  141. God do these montanans not have lives???they are trolling vegas newspapers talking smack about their crappy ass d1-aa program...oooh you played for the fcs national congrats and you lost it so what does that make you like the second best of the doormat teams...please give me a break Hauck is our coach now and apparently he thinks of this job as an upgrade because honestly a mediocre UNLV team is still better than a d1-aa or whatever its called now far as mediocre and arrogance go that kind of sounds like Montana Grizzly football from the posts i'm reading on here you guys are a big fish in a small pond and like to talk a lot but don't back it up why don't you grizzlies come up and play with the big boys before you talk so much shiite...or keep beating idaho state and weber state and pretending that people in america actually give a sh it...thanks for your coach enjoy playing high school wait i mean d1-aa teams

  142. What did that 2A follow...that's looked something like this...Division I-AA...and they are now Division I - FCS...UNLV also belongs to a "subdivision"...Division I - FBS. Btw, check out the AP top 25 football poll...That is the poll for "your division"..correct?...I think you'll find Montana in the 'others receiving votes'...I looked and looked and hard as I tried, I couldn't find UNLV anywhere.

  143. @boise-runninrebel
    UNLV doesn't have the dough required to secure a game with the Griz...and like I posted before...check the final AP poll for "your BIG POND DIVISION" many votes did UNLV receive - 0.0 while Montana on the other you can go back to playing your Guitar Hero sport

  144. Hauck is a very good coach. Very organized, very driven, very competitive and a very good staff. He is demanding of his players, but generally liked and respected by them. He is a tough disciplinarian. He defends his players in public (for instance by not talking to the student newspaper which was being very biased and unfair), but kicks their butts in private if they cause any trouble. No player who has ever even been arrested or charged with anything other than a DUI, has ever played another down for Hauck. The UM legal problems almost all came in a bad 5.5 month period several years ago. There has been very little of that type of stuff other than during that bad period.

    Hauck likes to have a balanced offense, with the ability to run and pound the ball. He likes big, physical o-lines, and physical and hard-hitting teams. He runs a demanding off-season workout program, and has a terrific strength coach who was previously the strength coach at Syracuse. I doubt that the UNLV players are going to be very excited about the winter conditioning program after the first day. The OC is very good with the passing game, but has had to fit it within the confines of a balanced offense.

    Hauck is personable and very good with alumnni groups. He can be prickly with the press, if he believes they are being unfair to his players or coaches.

    UM has generally recruited in the Washington, Oregon, CA, Arizona and Colorado, as well as Montana. Hauck and his staff are very good recruiters. He tries to recruit kids with character, but is willing to give a second chance to what he believes is a deserving kid who may have goofed up previously.

    Hauck is much different than Glenn, who was coming up from a good D-II program. Hauck has coached at Washington, Colorado and UCLA. He is well-known in the I-A world, and many of his assistants have I-A playing and coaching backgrounds. In some respects, Hauck is more bigtime than Glenn, although Glenn was very personable.

    Yes, I agree with a prior poster who thought some of these negative Montana fans were idiots. The vast majority of Griz nation liked and appreciated Hauck and are sad to see him go, but he was so good and successful that his departure was inevitable.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

  145. Hats off to Las Vegas for signing a new coach. I must say, I am surprised at the heck being raised by a few people from Montana on this site. What Las Vegas Rebel fans need to understand is that in order to become a powerhouse in football at home, they must support the Rebels the way Missoula supports its team. The amount of support for the college football team in Montana is incredible. 98% of the residents are fans, and it also is a huge help with recruiting. I think anyone that plays football in High School from Utah to the border, and west looks at Montana as a option for college ball. IF UNLV can step up the local support, they will have a winning team. If not, they will be average, and your new coach will move on to someplace that WILL give him the support that he needs to be sucessful. My 2 cents worth....

  146. mlbowl...could you pull your head out of your azz for a second and think outside your small little world for a second look at our schedule and look at yours...nuff said i'm pretty sure we wouldn't have a problem beating your crappy team...i mean hell we should move down 2 d-1AA and play crappy teams like WESTERN STATE hahaha and montana state we'd be undefeated 2...everyone of our losses came 2 a bowl bound team this year...u guys would only win one game on our schedule from last year and thats sac state who was a sorry excuse for a football team and they came from YOUR conference hahaha so please grow a pair and move one outside of montana gives 2 craps about "Griz Nation" personally i didn't even know there was a football team up there till 2 years ago when i had a friend go 2 school there...FCS doesn't mean anything in america and if you want to be this big time talker than grow a pair and move up or at least play some BCS teams i mean its not like u guys won't have a problem beating them because your "Griz Nation" right the best football in the world hahahah

  147. If i hear another montana fan lecture us about starting a "powerhouse" i'm gonna go crazy. Get off our websites you don't have a powerhouse team you play d1-AA football no one outside of your tiny little state thinks your a powerhouse no one is afraid to play wouldn't win more than 3 games in the mtn west

  148. Did ya have a chance to check that AP poll yet...i didn't think so. Why would we move up become the next 'Idaho' of FBS thanks. I'm happy in my little pond. You keep talking bowl games...How many has UNLV been to?... In the 31 years that UNLV has been Div-I they have been to 3 that's right 3 bowl games...maybe in another 10 years you can go to another bowl that nobody watches...but until then you can keep hangin' your hat on those losses to other bowl bound teams.

  149. Just listened to the Hauck press conference and I must say that I am really impressed. Hauck sounds like a completely humble guy that knows what he is doing. There was no boasting, no bragging, no meaningless expectations like Sanford spouted with his press conference. I believe him when he said, we will be a physical disciplined football team that will be mentally tough and attentioned to detail. I also like the fact that he said the coaching staff he assembles will be from the Big-12, Pac-10, and MWC. That sounds good to me.

    There is no doubt in my mind he will be able to recruit at UNLV. Livengood just said that the other coaches he talked to when considering Hauck that have worked with Bobby that Bobby was the best recruiter when he was on the staff's at UCLA, Colorado, & Washington. If he can get SoCal players & Seattle players to go to Montana of all places he can bring great athelets to Vegas...

  150. Well we could always move down a level win a bunch of games and feel good about ourselves and have a false sense of accomplishment i like that idea...wait no i'd rather play against good teams than be and arrogant dousche who thinks he is good by beating up on crappy football about no one watching???who in america watches the griz hahahaha NO ONE ooohh boy i'm gonna get all my friends together and were gonna watch the FCS playoffs are you montanans that dumb that you actually think people watch your games???bobby came here to get some national attention...i mean you not even the gamblers care about d1-aa football thats pretty sad in go back 2 the ranch or whatever else it is you montanans do and disappear off of our walls go back to thinking how great your football team is and how well we got a vote oh boy we actually got one vote even though everyone else who got a vote would pound us...

  151. Yeah, I too liked his comments about the staff coming from major FBS conferences, rather than just bringing his Montana staff with him. That will no doubt help with recruiting, as well as having big game experience.

  152. Solid hire for UNLV. Period.

  153. runninrebel--3 games in the mtn west--guess we would be ahead or even with you. Not to bad for a no good 1-aa school. Does not say much for your school. Of the 40,000 seat stadium, how many seats are filled on a given Saturday?

  154. It doesn't matter who our coach at UNLV is as long as we continue to have crappy facilities. Sam Boyd Stadium is a joke......dirt parking lot, high school stadium seats, small capacity, crappy F&B/Retail's 1/2 a$$ed.

    All of that adds up to limited recruiting capabilities. Which top prospects will want to come to UNLV and play in that condition? I can only imagine what the locker room & workout facilities are like. It would be interesting if the LV Sun did an article comparing our facilities to the rest of our conference. I'd be interested to see how we stack up.

    If we continue to act like a crappy program, then we will be a crappy program. I personally am not too thrilled about this hire. I would have liked a bigger D1 name.....but oh well, I'll keep suffering through it.


  155. runninrebel--you are right, you are a little fish in a big pond, somehow I still don't think TCU, BYU, Utah, Air Force and Wyoming are afraid of you because of big game bobby is in town. he is a good coach but you will see he can't win the big game. so talk to us country hicks in 3 years when we have been to more FCS championships and you are still in the basement of the mtn west. We will enjoy our big fish in the small pond every saturday.

  156. @boise_runninrebel...Why don't you try checking the tv ratings...Appalachian St. vs. Montana game had the same rating as the Las Vegas bowl and a better rating than the New Mexico bowl but don't let facts get in your way internet tough guy!

  157. "What have I been drinking or smoking...." that coming from someone called "the wolf" and spells it in Spanish like a UNM fan.

    Ok bud, you got me. I lost the debate because of your reasoning prowess. You're completely right -- A coach past his prime who has won countless ballgames for TCU and Texas A&M can't hold the jock of a coach who has won a bunch of games at the "JV" level of college football.

    It all makes sense, lobo! Legendary coach John Robinson's 26 wins, 5-1 record against Reno, Heisman candidate QB and LV Bowl title all PALES in comparison to career OC Mike Sanford's .350 career win percentage, ZERO bowl appearances, 0-5 record against Reno and ZERO winning seasons.

    That's why on paper, Bobby Hauck makes more sense to hire than Dennis Franchione. Bravo, lobo.

    What was I thinking, oh great Lobo, master of logical & critical thinking, reasoning and debates? You have proven that I am ill-equipped to debate on this forum. LMFAO

  158. good comment grayback. i was wondering the same about lobo.

  159. @teambeam, BetOnBlack, Greyback4Life, etc...

    Everything gushy ya'll're saying about Hauck was also said about Strong, Horton, Robinson, and Sanford.

    UNLV's problems in football go way beyond coaching and if history serves as any kind of guide, Hauck's future is very iffy at the FBS level. But then, what do you expect for $350,000?

  160. Hauck Haters,

    Please get off our board you are a bunch of tools. We dont give a sh*t about you, your crappy state, or your 1AA team, go back to sniffin Canada's ass. Coach hauck will be able to do here what couldn't be done in Montana because he will be able to recruit a lot better players to Vegas and it is players that win games period. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but a bunch of white kids from Montana won't cut it at the real D1 level that's why they play for Montana, that is their only option. I was a D1 recruit and Montana would never have been on my radar or any of my ruffneck bruthas from the hood. Vegas is appealing to recruits and Vegas will get behind Hauck when he builds on the talent that is already here so go home now.

  161. betonblack--what talent? 4-7 does not say much. Wow you almost beat OSU but guess what, you still lost. You are right, we aren't d1 but i wouldnt really consider unlv and your facilities as being a real d1 team either. at least we know we are the big fish in a small pond instead of a want to be big fish in a big pond. thats right, want to be and big game bobby wont get you to the promise land. talk to us white hicks from montana in 3 years after you are in the basement 3 more years. TCU, BYU, Utah, Air Force and Wyoming are not afraid to play unlv and wont be in the next 3 years. sorry to break your rose colored glasses. i would take our fresh air, green trees, mountains any day to the sin and filth in lv. maybe hauck can recruit all the spanish folks that stand on the streets handing out porn to play. wow, you probably can get a lot of great players from the hood. just promise them money and sex. they might have the energy to play after all that.

  162. i am tired of the race card being thrown in here all the time. i wish unlv the best of luck with bobby. I hope you get to the promise land with him as your coach. we won a lot of games with him as our coach. and our program is one that we will again get a great coach and win more games and be in more championship games. I hope in 3 years he has done great things. You want montana fans to stop putting down unlv than stop putting down montana. it is funny how a lot of your own fans are in doubt about how big game bobby will do.

  163. Let's set one thing straight. Hauck gets a $150,000 bonus for each season he completes. So in reality, his base salary is $500,000. And that's not taking into account all his other incentives, many of which are very doable.

  164. Rather than pick boise_runninrebel's illiterate drivel apart word by word, I'll note two things: (1) The answer to "who watches griz football?" is 3,000 more people per game in live attendance than UNLV had in 2009, and 2 more National television audiences than saw the Rebels play this year; and (2) If you truly thought your posts were remotely funny, you would not feel compelled to add your own laugh lines. Backwardness is a state of mind, not a state of residency. Being called a hick by boise_runninrebel is like being called ugly by a frog.

    With 22 few scholarships, of course it is not competeitve with good BCS programs. Montana football may not be big time, but it is good, competetive, winning football, none of which can be said about recent (or historic) Rebel football. I even heard they have paved parking lots at their stadium!

  165. Here we go, one garbage poster leads to another...AHEM...gdr.

    Thanks for just throwing my handle in there and not reading a lick of what I actually wrote. Actually, I really do appreciate it...means I'm on your mind. Happy Holidays. Hope Vegas brings everything you desire next year, seriously :)

  166. Hauck is a Neuheisel clone ... and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Griz fans can now look forward to having a coach who doesn't act like a 12 year old with the media, doesn't deflect blame for a loss, someone who schedules non-conference games against real schools instead of only padding his personal record, and perhaps recruit some kids who actaully think going to class is what you do in college. Wins have come easy in Missoula so the fans could look the other way from this boar - he is a bad dude. Good luck UNLV ... You'll need it.

  167. I must say I can't remember a story on this site that has brought so many people from another state to comment. I might have to go find a Louisville site and see if any Vegas people are commenting about Sanford being hired out there. I for one could care less since I thought he was a bad coach. Perhaps if I did care and wanted him to stay at UNLV I would go find articles to post on, much like the Montana fans are doing here. Most of these posts just scream envy that Hauck is at UNLV.

  168. big john---you just don't get it do you. to many years of losing i guess. talk to us in 3 years and when he has not brought you to the promise land don't say we did not warn you.

  169. First of all, it's "too" many years. And it is obvious that it has been too many years of being secluded in some Montana range for you to get it. No one here is expecting BCS Championships in 3 years. People here are excited to have a coach that can improve on what we currently have. Maybe it's time for you to crawl back under that tipped over cow and concern yourself with whatever it is that Montanans care about whether that is milking cows or goats or whatever it is you do to pass your lonely time away.

  170. griznuttz,

    Stop acting like people from Vegas are inferior to people from Montana, I promise you there is no shortage of drug addicts, white drug dealers, or porn perverts in Montana that point and click from the privacy of their home. You are a sinner just like the rest of the entire human race. People from Montana go to hell just like people from Nevada, what makes you think that your state is Holy?

    My whole point is that Hauck will be able to recruit good black athletes to play in Vegas that he would would never be able to get in Montana, catch the context. The reb's might have been 5-7 in a very tough conference but the talent is already on this team for them to win 8 or more games a year, the whole city knows that as well as the rest of the MWC. They wanted their coach gone so they quit on him around week 4. Dont you know that is how players get their coach fired?

  171. @Greyback4Life-

    No, I read what you said, but didn't feel like retreading the whole Franchione thing, and a Robinson retread is what he would've been.

    And Heisman candidate? Seriously? That guy was a Heisman candidate for about one quarter of football. Please.

    UNLV talked to two people for this position. Two. What happened to the "mountain" of applicants that supposedly came forward? Franchione probably laughed at the money, so it went to Hauck. He is about to enter a program with a culture that is completely inverse to Montana and he will be asking himself, "What have I gotten into?"

    Oh, and y'all must be proud to have racists like B(et)O(n)B(lack) shouting for the Rebel cause. Very nice.

    Thanks for the well wishes, already been a good year, nice raise and year-end bonus, bowl game win as an underdog, and what appears to be a great Head Coach.

  172. Hauck is gonna fit right in at UNLV. He's already got a losing streak started!

  173. Known Bobby for 25 years. He is a focused guy. Got a Cadillac 7 yrs ago at UM and it's a better program now. He didn't promise bowl games at UNLV, he said if "we are worth watching, things will take care of themselves". He is an excellent and tireless recruiter, you will get good players, build some depth, get competitive. Asst. coaching will get better too. UM can't pay enough to get caliber needed and play calling kept him from winning Championships. He didn't call all those plays. Get good coordinators! Bobby can run the show.

    His players like and respect him; they play hard and they play together as a team. No griz fan can argue that they are definately "worth waching"! The sour grapes are from people that don't know him personally. He aspires to be a "big time" coach. I think you want a coach that recognizes that the product he puts on the field IS his resume. It will be fun to watch!

    Griz will be fine. BTW, more than 25 coaches threw their names in the hat to get Bobby's keys to his old Caddy!

  174. never said we were holy and not sinners here in montana. But, I can walk down our streets without having a bunch of mexicans shoving crap in my face. I don't have to worry about the mob running the town. Keep your race card in your pocket. Not going down that road. As far as what we do to pass the time, we watch a winning football program and have playoffs that fill the 25,000 seat stadium to capacity, to watch an exciting brand of football. What do you do to pass the time. Not to watch a real football team. Not yet, and guess what Bobby is from the forsaken state of Montana. Guess you have a Montana boy running the show now. Second thought you will be a success because you have a white, cow tipping, hick from Montana running the show.

  175. There was nothing racial about what I said and it's not even debateable that black athletes are the best in the world at every sport. The best white football players grow up playing in areas where there are a lot of black athletes to compete against. I never called anybody from Montana a white cow tipping hick, that was somebody else. My whole point is that Bobby "should be able" to pull off here what couldn't be done in Montana simply because he will get a lot better players to come to Vegas then he could at Montana. And to say that UNLV is years away from contending for the MWC, you just don't know our team at all. Our previous coach recruited very good athletes and Bobby has a lot to work with right away.

    "It's all good" - Best of luck, now move on....

  176. @BetOnBlack
    Somebody better tell those white boys in Provo...Seriously, you got one thing right...nobody can debate you Rainman.

  177. SOLUTION= OK UNLV, here is what you do. PAVE the friggin parking lot at Boyd stadium, and the redo the turf in RED, yes, that's right, RED, the only RED turf in the country! the new coach will do the rest, and this will help light a fire under the locals, and you will see full seats very, very soon. Hats off to UNLV Football! Come to Vegas, see the only RED field in the Country!

  178. @ griznation you are a racist " Mexicans shoving mags in your face" you would probably learn something from one of those mags lmao... It sounds like your boy friend just left you for something better and your left outside looking in.. talk to me at the end of next year when you guys are sub 500.. so to you and all of the rest of the grizzly nation that took time to visit our site thank you have a nice day up there in montana.