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August 18, 2017

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Police Blotter:

Once the speed-limit sign is visible, it counts

Thomas Healing

Thomas Healing

In the last several weeks, I have been asked to cover various topics in the blotter. I have tried my best to keep everyone happy, but I have not been able to catch up. This week I will try to get to everyone's requests and cover everything I can. So, in a nutshell, here goes!

Thank you to Gloria Nelson and Lori Ahlin for all of your positive feedback regarding the article, "Men in Green." It is comforting to know that we have support like yours. Thank you both very much.

To Nancy Haga, who wanted to know about the speed limit on the truck route: The speed limit is 35 mph if the sign is facing the direction you are traveling. Basically, if you can see the speed limit sign and it says 35 mph, the speed limit is 35 mph. If it says 45 mph, the speed limit is 45 mph. As of now, the speed limit will not exceed 45 mph on the truck route. You will not receive a citation for speeding in a construction zone unless there is active construction going on. The best thing to do is keep your eyes open and look out for the speed limit signs on the highway. Also, I received an e-mail that Chief Thomas Finn sent out in which he advised that construction on the truck route should be completed this week.

Deputy Chief John Chase requested that I tell you all about the Devil's Pups. Devil Pups is a non-profit leadership program that strives to develop qualities of good citizenship, self control, confidence, teamwork and respect for others, families and their country. This is done by instilling the values and spirit of the Marine Corps. As a former Marine, I highly recommend this program. Visit or call Marie for more information: 285-4142.

Bob Ridosh was curious about Boulder City's ordinances regarding the carrying, use and possession of firearms in the city limits. According to Boulder City Municipal Code 7-1-3: "No person except a sheriff, constable or police officer shall fire or discharge any firearms or air guns of any description within one thousand (1,000) yards of any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway or other public place or have any firearms or air gun in his possession within one thousand (1,000) yards of any building, street, sidewalk, alley, highway or public place unless it is unloaded and knocked down or enclosed within a carrying case; provided, that this Section shall not prevent the maintenance and use of duly supervised rifle or pistol ranges or shooting galleries authorized by the City Council."

And kudos go to Officer David Olson, who, through his hard work, has been able to convert the ownership of nine vehicles to the Boulder City Police Department. These vehicles have been languishing in the police impound lot, some of them for years. Olson was able to use the vehicle seizure/forfeiture process to get the vehicles titled to the BCPD. The vehicles can now be sold or converted for our own use to relieve the stress and strain put on our police vehicle fleet, which is already in dire straights.

May 20

Officer Olson responds to the 1000 block of Nevada Way in reference to a suspicious person. Olson discovers that the subject is a two-time convicted felon who has not registered at an address within 48 hours as required by law. The subject is intoxicated and decides to act disorderly before he resists arrest. Olson is (barely) able to cuff him and transport him to jail.

May 21

Officer Johnson responds to the 800 block of Buchanan Boulevard in reference to a man urinating on the bus stop. Johnson arrives and is able to locate the subject who had subsequently passed out. Apparently he had too much to drink. Johnson is able to rouse the subject enough to identify him and discover that he had a $3,900 warrant. Johnson arrests the subject after there were some shenanigans in trying to get a copy of the warrant faxed from the Henderson Municipal Court, and transports him to Henderson City Jail.

May 22

Officers Case and Salazar assist Officers Ford and Woolsey in reference to a woman attempting to unlawfully gain access to another person's home. Case and Salazar are able to locate the woman at the Backstop Bar and observe that she is extremely intoxicated. Through Case's superior interview and interrogation skills, the woman admits to Case that she has marijuana in her purse. Case's conversational technique is so exceptional, that the woman even tells him in which pocket the weed is in. After some shenanigans trying to get the woman to give a few breaths into the preliminary breath testing device, Case determines that she is too intoxicated to perform the test (or stand up) and she is arrested for possession of marijuana and public drunkenness.

May 24

Officer Ham stops an unregistered vehicle at the Railroad Pass parking lot. Ham identifies the man and is informed by dispatch that he has a probation and parole warrant for his arrest. Ham arrests the man and tows his car (he's been doing a lot of that lately).

Weekly Stats

Incident Reports — 52

Traffic Stops — 243

Citations Issued — 156

Adult Arrests — 23

Juvenile Arrests — 1

Animal Control Calls — 89

Boulder City Police Officer Thomas Healing can be reached at [email protected].

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