It’s official: Cory Joseph will visit UNLV

Findlay Prep’s ace point guard will check out the Rebels next month

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Cory Joseph

Findlay College Prep senior Cory Joseph will take his fifth and final official recruiting visit to UNLV, Pilots coach Mike Peck confirmed.

“He’s positive and upbeat about it,” Peck said. “Now the five schools will jockey for position. It’s something else that’s off his shoulders. He’ll see how the visit goes and go from there.”

The top prep point guard in the land, Joseph chose the Rebels and coach Lon Kruger over Florida and Mississippi State for his last trip. He informed Gators coach Billy Donovan and Bulldogs coach Rick Stansbury of his decision Tuesday.

Joseph will visit UNLV the weekend of Dec. 11. The Rebels play Kansas State at the Orleans Arena in a late-afternoon game Dec. 12. That night, Findlay plays Bishop Gorman at the Orleans.

Prospects can take up to five official college visits, and Joseph made a few unofficial trips to UNLV last season.

He has taken official visits to Texas, Connecticut, Villanova and Minnesota, where his brother Devoe is a sophomore guard.

Joseph has no timetable for picking a school he will attend next fall. He has always said he could wake up tomorrow and make a decision, or it could arrive next spring. How he gets along with a coach, the program's style and academics are his main objectives in picking a college.

A native of the Toronto area, Joseph guided Findlay to the ESPN National High School Invitational championship in Maryland in April. The Pilots defeated perennial power Oak Hill Academy in the title game.

Avery Bradley, now with Texas, was a major part of that Findlay team. Joseph’s Findlay teammates and fellow Toronto native Tristan Thompson signed with Texas last week. Their longtime friend, Newark (N.J.) St. Benedict junior Myck Kabongo, has given a verbal commitment to Longhorns coach Rick Barnes.

Findlay (2-0) is winning by an average score of 129-87 this season, thanks to the scoring infusion provided by new junior guards Nick Johnson and Jabari Brown.

Joseph was saddled with foul trouble Saturday and finished with only six points against Impact Academy.

Tonight’s game against Ernst Prep of Michigan has been cancelled because the Ernst coach reportedly was in a car accident recently.

The Pilots play Princeton Country Day of New Jersey on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Henderson International School, with which Findlay is affiliated.

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  1. well that makes Sufferin wrong saying he wouldnt visit UNLV :). and also, that confirms his interest in the Rebels. he picked us over florida and others. ive seen him at several games the last 2 years just with other findlay players..not on official visits..and hes been on unofficial visits, so we should really really go all out on this kid. and the players should really try to bring him in and make him feel like one of them

  2. C'mon, Kid. Sign with the Rebels. With CJ on this team, the sky's the limit for UNLV next season. Stay here in Vegas, Cory, and Vegas will love you for life!

  3. its good thing kruger doesnt know how to recruit or anything.......... riiiiiiiiiiiiiight

  4. CJ, come to UNLV and be apart of the historical comeback we are putting together. Great to hear he is visiting UNLV. Can anyone explain to me what an "unofficial visit" means? Why would the NCAA allow unofficial visits, that seems to defeat the purpose of having 5 "official" visits.

    Also, enough of Sufferin, it seems like the comments section on this site is devoted to one guy. If you leave the troll alone, he will disappear. If you feed him, he will stay. He needs attention, and you guys are giving it to him by acknowledging him.

  5. Official visits are typically paid for by the school recruiting the athlete out of the recruiting budget. Unofficial, they are on their own dime.

  6. go_rebels,
    i believe that you said it wrong..
    official visits: the school pays for it and shows him facilities, he meets staff and players, goes to a game.
    unofficial visits: player comes to a practice and plays, comes to a game (paid for by a booster, the kid doesnt pay for it dont kid yourself), dinner with team, hangs out with team..things like that..

    get the jift of it?

    there are plenty of boosters that this program has that are willing to go under the table to make this program better, now is the time..i saw Joe Darger driving around in a brand new BMW..wonder where thats from..

  7. 11, Joe Darger's father has done very well for himself, that's how Darger got those sweet wheels and lived in a nice home in Henderson. His father arranged that, and the home served as a place where the family could stay when it came to town to watch Joe play...
    under-the-table? Not exactly, 11. Kruger runs a very tight ship. They go way out of their way to stay within the rules, and there are no exceptions.
    You are generally right about trips. Unofficial is on the kid's own volition, like Vic Rudd did last season. Pop into a practice, talk with some players and coaches. Depending on the time of year, play some pick-up ball ... that type of stuff.
    Official is much more formal.

  8. yea i knew his family was rich i didnt think he got the car paid for, i was just puttin it out there. good to hear that Kruger does it the right way and is winning games, unlike Pitino, Calipari, and Co.

  9. great to hear this! We NEED to get these kind of players if we are to return to the glory days or even come close.

    Cliff Findlay, can you hear me?
    If you, one of our biggest UNLV boosters and the namesake to Findlay Prep cant deliver this young man, then whats going on??

    We need to do whatever it takes to get him.
    Go Rebels

  10. yea, someone that comes on here that personally knows Cliff Findlay needs to talk to him and let him know he needs to get us CJ. and Findlay really needs to become our feeder school. how great would that be if all the top prospects that came out of Findlay all came to UNLV? wowww!

  11. Damn 11 put a filter on it. You can't just come out and say players take gifts without any support to back it up. Who do you think you are, the NCAA???

    Long time Rob. I can see you're still living the good life. Rebels 24/7. Good to be you mah man! :)

  12. If the Rebels can sign CJ things are looking great for next year and beyond.

  13. 11, no problem. Kruger is among the very well-regarded coaches when it comes to program cleanliness ... with Izzo at Mich State, Krzyzewski at Duke, et al.
    Cliff Findlay is running the prep team the right way, too. He lets Mike Peck and his staff run that ship, and Cliff checks on almost on a daily basis about every aspect of the program, including grades and how the Pilots do on specific exams. He started that hoops program in the name of his parents, and his late father flew in WW II ... thus, the Pilots.

  14. i wasnt exactly saying that Kruger bought Joe a car. (even tho he deserves one, lol) i was more saying it looks pretty suspicious. You know, a college kid with a brand new bmw rollin around.. just sayin, the NCAA is on UNLV more than any other school. i was just worried that they would punish the school with no evidence. but yea, sorry guys for taking it the wrong way. :( shouldnt have.

    in other words, Findlay is probably a very strong voice over at Prep..and the kids probably drop the balls when he comes in the gym. He needs to talk to the top players on that team and tell them what unlv is doing and what they can be a part of. There is no other city in the nation that you will be more of a celebrity in than Las Vegas if you win games, just ask LJ! Come join the tradition, the stage is set, the practice facility is in its blueprints phase..this team is on its way back to ntl prominance..fuuggeettttt about Kentucky and KU, we're talkin about THE RUNNIN REBELS BABAY!!!!!!!!

  15. No prob 11 ... that definitely draws attention, but it all checks out. Or you'd be reading some different types of stories here ... :-)
    Findlay is not that way. He shows up at Pilots practices wearing big T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops, just in from Ukraine or a safari or a Super Bowl with Cadillac dealers.
    That's the beauty of that prep hoops program. Those guys make their own decisions. They are not coerced in any way to make any decisions about visits or commits ... Peck & Co. are there for guidance and to answer questions, and to help those guys make the very best decisions for themselves and their families. Sound like an ad? Maybe. But it's the absolute truth. And most of the cats who go there are grateful for the education they get at the Henderson Int'l School. It's a pretty special situation. And hoop fans in the LV area get to see some elite ball. That Dec 12 game vs Gorman at the Orleans should be special, too.

  16. haha Rob lets be honest..we all know Findlay will beat Gorman by 40.. and i wish Findlay could put his power to the use a tiny bit with CJ..just a teeeny help out the program..i think he will step up to the test.

  17. well 11, CJ will make up his own mind. He is very classy and will go where he best fits. He needs no outside influences steering him, he'll do just fine on his own. A fabulous player and an even better person. He'll add instant character wherever he goes and UNLV just became a serious contender for one of the country's best players, period.
    And don't discount Gorman. If you were there last year, you would have seen Shabazz Muhammad -- then a freshman -- dunk over Cory! I do not think Cory has forgotten about that. It will be up-tempo and exciting, and the city should pour into the Orleans to see that one. Must-see hoops! thx

  18. the interesting part of them playing will be CJ vs shabazz

  19. yes ... I don't know about games of the decade or labels like that, but maybe that would fit this one ... if anyone in town can give Findlay a run, it is Gorman. Grant Rice does a super job and has excellent talent. A great battle

  20. Lon Kruger is the best thing that has ever happened to UNLV basketball

  21. Let's see if that scum bag post under this article. Yo Robert, you out there?

  22. This might be a good time to announce that huge new donation to the athletic department. Maybe the pre, pre announcement had something to do with this visit? Couldn't hurt to roll out this info sooner rather than later. In fairness, it does sound like there are some details to work out but the carrot has been dangled.

  23. We need to land this kid. He is the real deal. If we do, then it's going to be a snowball effect where they keep coming. Gorman is a really good team and Shabazz is absolutely sick. Could be better than Joseph by the time he is a high school senior. If we land Joseph, it won't only make our team better right away, it will also help us land kids like Shabazz in the future. Hope it happens.

  24. no doubt n8tive, I think everything happens for a reason. Timing is golden. john, no egging on necessary. :-) someone is straddling the very fine line of permanent banishment, and he knows it. Most people here know, and get it, that personal attacks will not be tolerated. That will lead to a direct deposit on the hoops ash heap of history. thx

  25. It would make me very happy to see Cory Joseph in a UNLV uniform.

  26. Ak, he's unique. Jams with ease with either hand. Super dribbler. Great feel. Tenacious defender. And a stellar rebounder. He has the whole package, including a great smile. He just has fun, flat-out fun, whenever he steps between the lines.

  27. if you go to the unlv scouts page you can see that shabazz has like 15 offers from TOP schools, including unlv. i hope he goes.!! including CJ. yes, lets make the practice facility official

  28. snitches get stitches. That is all.

  29. Would love to see CJ play for UNLV but would hate to see us lose one of our stellar freshman guards.

  30. I'll trade any player on our team for Cory Joseph. If you've seen him play, you know he's that good.

  31. you guys are crazyyyy! if we get CJ..we will be more talented than anybody in the nation that we can start 4 guards and QT and wont have to worry about rebounding cause we will score everytime down the court!
    starting 5 would be:

    Key contributors off the bench (will each play 14+ min a game and have a chance to earn more):
    Hawkins, Marshall, Wallace, Oscar/Chace (whichever doesn't start), Brice, Buckley.

    I also think that once CJ signs (wait till he signs) that Kruger should tell him the guard spot if very deep and he will start 4 of them and he needs to earn his spot on this team, it will not be given to him. He needs to work as hard as all the other guys, just b/c he is a top 10 freshman in america..dont mean he gets handed a starting spot..still gotta earn it!

    what u guys think?

  32. Every player muct earn a spot, IMO. Doesn't matter how good you are or think you are, competition will make you better and you will go farther if you have to work for it.

  33. espn insider is reporting cj will not sign until spring. cant read the whole article though.... pretty good news for us. the more he sees this teams talent and the fans rallying around the team, the better shot we have at landing him.

  34. LMAO 11, here you go exaggerating again. You are a great fan but you sure get carried away with it. More talent than anyone in the nation? Maybe more talent that anyone in the MWC but nowhere near the nation. North Carolina signed 7 mcdonalds all americans to their team in just 2008 and 2009. They already signed 3 top players for next yr, including #1 overall. A mcdonalds all american is the best of the best, not just a player who is ranked. CJ has a chance to be one this yr. When you make a statement like that, you should look at some other recruiting classes and talent around the country. Look at who Texas, Kansas, Kentucky, Memphis, Duke, UCLA and other teams in the ACC, Big East, Big 12 and many others have recruited. It is absolutely absurd for you to say that we'd have more talent than anyone in the nation when the entire north carolina rotation has a chance to be drafted. Come on man.

  35. 11, talented, yes, but not in the nation by any far stretch. For that to happen, we need to have winning teams. Memphis is a good example of this. Not in a real powerhouse conference, I don't know about all the facilities of course, new coach, and they still have commitments from 3 top 15 ranked players for next season.

  36. Sofa, I assume you read what I posted. Totally agree with you. I think people are getting a little carried away.

  37. sportsguy702 ... that's nothing new. Cory has always maintained that he's going to take his time. He could wake up tomorrow with a clear idea of what he wants to do, and he'll proceed accordingly. More than likely, though, he will take his time to digest it all and decide in the spring, concentrate on his schooling and his senior season, and get to that later. Time is on UNLV's side ... ESPN, as usual, is not so cutting edge

  38. ok ya i got carried away...we will have the potential to beat anybody in the nation though..with all that talent and depth..and then the chemistry..most of those UNC, Duke Kansas teams dont have much chemistry cause they are working on sharpening their skills for the NBA...thats kinda what i was goin at..but guys got me on that? have A LOT of talent, a lot of depth, and have quite a bit of chemistry to help us win games. should schedule a game vs a top 5 opponent next yr towards end of non-conf. schedule

  39. Those teams have a ton of chemistry. Kansas, UNC, teams like that destroy teams consistently. They totally obliterate teams and we are not in their class. I wish we would schedule a top 10 team just to see where we are at. The Louisville game will be a good indication because although they lost Clark, Williams and a few others, they still have a ton of talent. Looking forward to that game but Southern Illinois and Holy Cross are not going to be easy games for us.

  40. yes, i know that AT THIS POINT the Rebels are nowhere near UNC and Kansas. I am just saying that we have got some talent and have the talent to definately break into the top 15 or 10 next season..we should start out ranked in the AP..probably first MWC team to do that..

  41. yeah rob,

    i read that he would be willing to make a decsion if it came clear to him but overall he was not going to rush. but no one ever came out and said he would not make a decision until spring.

    just wondering if there was any "new" news about CJ in the story that i could not read.

    dont worry rob, we all know you have the cutting edge stories..... ;)

    at least it wasnt an RJ reference huh??

    thanks for all the work bud

  42. ha ha, touche 702
    there will be more on CJ ... keep checking us out, we'll feed your insatiable Pilots hunger. :-)
    Go ck out the gym at the Henderson Int'l School, too. We have a su-weeeeet new banner up there pumping the Pilots and our dedication to them.

  43. rebsfan11, STFU and let someone else comment besides yourself, you've become almost as annoying as Sufferin.

  44. Lenny, hello there! I'm not commenting back to back, I am simply replying to what people post to me. Is that a problem? I'm just a passionate fan (nothinh ever negative or flat our false about the team) and if it is annoying to be courteous and reply to people when they post to you, then I am annoying. Shame on me for being too passionate of a fan.

  45. I like your passion but talking about BMWs etc, keep that stuff to your self.

  46. I am now. I was just asking a question. It's not like the NCAA would take what a poster on a random news site says and punish a school for it. But yes, sorry for doing that; it wasn't smart.

  47. Corey Joseph is a winner and UNLV would love to have his talents in red and gray!