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Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz prove tabloids all wet in Las Vegas

Sisters seem well put together, happy at Wet Republic party


Special to the Sun/ Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Wet Republic)

Fall Out Boy bassist Peter Wentz, his wife, singer Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her sister, singer Jessica Simpson, appear at the Wet Republic pool at the MGM Grand Hotel/Casino to celebrate Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’ 25th birthday Oct. 3, 2009 in Las Vegas.

Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz celebrate

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and her sister, Jessica Simpson, walk the blue carpet Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009, at Wet Republic pool at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The sisters were celebrating Ashlee's 25th birthday, along with her husband, Pete Wentz. Launch slideshow »

If you read the tabloids, you probably think Jessica Simpson is overweight and unable to stop crying and her sister, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, is on the brink of divorce.

Both sisters were at Wet Republic on Saturday and demonstrated that you really can’t believe everything you read in the tabloids: Jessica Simpson looked great and her little sister seemed to be very much in love.

While supermarket rags claim the seniormost Simpson sister is distraught, insecure and overweight after losing both her boyfriend and her dog, the 29-year-old looked great and was all smiles at the MGM Grand yesterday.

Still, supermarket tabloids suggest otherwise.

Jessica Simpson was on the cover of Us Weekly last week. “Jessica falls to pieces,” the cover story announced, along with other details of her alleged “meltdown.”

“Crying all the time, unable to lose weight and feeling alone, she tells friends she wants Tony back,” it claimed.

A week earlier, In Touch ran what they claimed to me an “exclusive” cover story on Sept. 21 that called the singer “desperate.”

“Jessica humiliates herself by reuniting with the man who betrayed her,” it charged. “Is she doing it because Nick is back with Vanessa and Tony’s flaunting a new blond girlfriend?”

Furthering the attack, ran a story on Sept. 21 declaring, “Friends Worry About Jessica Simpson's 'Tailspin'.”

“After losing her beloved Maltipoo Daisy to a coyote attack, Jessica Simpson may be at the lowest point of her life,” the story began.

The story quoted a source saying, "She won't leave her parents' house."

Yet Simpson was very much out of the house yesterday, and was dancing and singing along to the music as she made her way down the staircase to pose for the photographers who were waiting for her along Wet Republic’s blue carpet.

Granted, dark sunglasses concealed her eyes and she declined to speak to reporters -- but the blonde seemed to be in good spirits, despite it all.

What’s more, contrary to stories that claim the singer has packed on the pounds since she and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo went their separate ways, Simpson looked fit and fabulous in her high heels, a bikini and a stylish, sheer cover-up.

Her sister, meanwhile, surprised pool partiers after posing alongside her sister, then retreating out of sight, only to return seconds later with husband Pete Wentz.

Instead of having a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas, the Fall Out Boy rocker took a break from his tour to be with his wife on her birthday.

So much for the couple wanting to take some time off.

Yet Star Magazine suggested on Friday that the couple was definitely on the outs and hinted at a possible off-camera affair on the set of Simpson Wentz’s show.

“Ashlee is giddy over Colin (Egglesfield),” Star said, and “her husband is jealous.”

“The two have been fighting worse than ever,” the story claimed.

The story cited a so-called “’Melrose’ set source” as saying, “On a few occasions, she broke down in sobs after angry phone calls.”

Yet Egglesfield seemed to be the furthest thing from Simpson-Wentz’ mind yesterday; her real-life hubby was the only one she was being “overly flirty” with at MGM Grand.

“I’m very happy in the moment I’m in,” she told the Sun. “My whole family’s here … the whole nine yards. It’s good to celebrate this with everyone.”

In addition to her husband and big sister, her 10-month-old son, Bronx Mowgli; mother, Tina Simpson; and notorious father/manager, Joe Simpson, came to Las Vegas yesterday to mark her birthday.

After what proved to be a whirlwind year, the petite brunette said she had a lot to celebrate.

“I had such a great year … it was definitely the best year of my life, “ she said. “I had, you know, a child and got married.”

She and Wentz tied the knot last May and welcomed their son in November.

The young family traveled together and came to Las Vegas for the poolside birthday bash.

“I came in today from tour, I’ve been on the road with my husband,” Simpson-Wentz said.

The 25-year-old was only here for the day, but did her best “to relax and enjoy (her) friends and family” during the brief trip.

Unlike many of the celebrities who are in town this weekend, the singer-turned-actress said a trip to the “Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth” at Mandalay Bay was not part of her itinerary.

“I didn’t even know there was a tattoo show … but I think I’m good on tattoos for now,” the already-inked starlet said.

“I’m (just) here for the day,” she noted, explaining, “We’re going to go home tonight so Bronx can be in bed.”

Though she insisted she didn’t want any birthday gifts, she didn’t wait to return home before opening her presents.

“My friends are so thoughtful with their gifts,” she said. “I didn’t ask for anything but my husband, on the first day of this week, I came to meet him on tour and he got me these amazing Channel shoes with pearls on them.”

“They’re amazing and really hard to find and beautiful,” she gushed. “(But) I don’t need a gift, I’m happy.”

“He gave me some other gifts that were between us,” she smiled.

While the birthday girl enjoyed the brief break in Las Vegas, Simpson-Wentz said her family and career have been keeping her pleasantly busy.

“Right now I’m focused on the show and on Bronx, my son, and my husband and my life,” she said. “It’s so exciting and it’s so lovely.”

Simpson-Wentz said she’s been having a good time since joining the cast of “Melrose Place.”

“It’s been fun to play that awkward, kind of kooky kind of girl,” she said of her small screen persona, Violet Foster.

“My character is a bit crazy right now but you’ll find out eventually why she’s been like that,” she teased, adding “It’s exciting, what’s coming up.”

“We’ve got Heather Locklear coming back on, which is great,” the singer-turned-actress said of the first generation “Melrose Place” actress. “She’s wonderful and her energy’s great.”

“She’s definitely the heart of the show so it’s great to have her back,” she said.

Simpson-Wentz didn’t talk much “Melrose” beyond that. Instead, she simply smiled and said, “I’m having a great time on the show so we’ll see what’s next.”

Melissa Arseniuk writes about Las Vegas entertainment and celebrity events. She can be reached at 702-948-7823 or by e-mail at [email protected].