Mondays with Mike: Rebels running a tight ship in preparation for UNR

Sanford attempting to narrow team’s focus heading into emotional rivalry matchup


Steve Marcus

UNR quarterback Colin Kaepernick fires a pass against UNLV in last year’s 49-27 Wolf Pack victory at Sam Boyd Stadium. The then-sophomore was equally dangerous with his arm (11-of-16, 176 yards, 2 TDs) as he was with his legs (18 carries, 240 yards, 3 TDs).

The Rebel Room

Wyoming reflection, UNR prognostication

Ryan Greene and Christine Killimayer, back safely from Wyoming, discuss what went wrong for the Rebels in a 30-27 loss to Wyoming, then take a look at how it translates forward for Mike Sanford's 2-2 club. Plus, Dan Hinxman of the Reno Gazette-Journal chimes in to offer some insight on UNR, who UNLV faces up in Reno this weekend in a must-win for both sides.

Next game

  • Opponent: UNR
  • Date: Oct. 3, 1 p.m. Vegas time
  • Where: Reno
  • TV: None
  • Radio: ESPN Radio 1100 AM
  • Line: UNR by 3.5

What others are saying

Read what other writers are saying about UNLV's upcoming game against UNR:

Editor's note: Each Monday, UNLV football coach Mike Sanford meets with the media to discuss last weekend's action and next weekend's matchup. So each week the Sun will bring you notes and quotes discussing both.

The 'don't dwell' approach already worked once early on in the 2009 season for the UNLV football team.

Now, coach Mike Sanford is hoping it works again. The Rebels have to rebound in a big way from a disappointing 30-27 upset defeat at Wyoming in time to face rival UNR this weekend.

One measure Sanford is taking in trying to narrow his team's focus is by limiting their exposure to the media.

In an effort to give his team "one voice" and to limit distractions, speaking for the program this week will be Sanford, junior linebacker Starr Fuimaono and senior receiver Ryan Wolfe.

"I know that's a little out of the ordinary, but I think it's important so our players aren't distracted this week, and that's important," Sanford said.

Sanford said the quasi-muzzle on his squad this week had nothing to do with comments a couple of his players made following Saturday's game suggesting that some of the players were a little too "comfortable" entering the Mountain West Conference opener at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie.

"I think those were emotional statements made after an emotional, frustrating loss," Sanford said. "We lost the game because we had four turnovers and they had none."

The change in game week routine comes in easily the most crucial preparation period the Rebels have had so far this season.

At 2-2, they are entering a treacherous portion of the '09 slate, which in the coming weeks includes the trip to Reno, followed by back-to-back home dates against conference heavyweights BYU and Utah.

Don't let the goose egg fool you

Before the 2009 season started, many expected UNR to be a potential BCS buster.

Now at 0-3, that buzz has been completely silenced. Chris Ault's club opened the season with a 35-0 shutout loss at Notre Dame, and since then lost on the road to Colorado State (35-20) and at home Friday night to Missouri (31-21).

But the Wolf Pack is still dangerous, especially to a UNLV team that hasn't defeated its rival up north since 2004.

"Reno is a much better football team than their record," Sanford said. "(Colin) Kaepernick is a very good quarterback. The guy from Hawaii was good, but I think this is by far the best quarterback we will have faced so far."

That "guy from Hawaii" — Greg Alexander — had an offensive field day with the Rebels, as did Oregon State's Sean Canfield and Wyoming's Austyn Carta-Samuels.

UNLV currently ranks 101st out of 120 FBS teams in pass defense, allowing 255.5 yards per game.

Kaepernick, however, hurt the Rebels a year ago in multiple ways.

In UNR's 49-27 thrashing of UNLV at Sam Boyd Stadium last September, Kaepernick threw for 176 yards and two touchdowns on just 11 completions, while he ran for 240 yards on 18 attempts, including scoring runs of 4, 28 and 66 yards.

So far this season, he only has two touchdown passes compared to four interceptions and 209 rushing yards in three games. But UNLV won't respect him any less.

"Last year, the biggest problem we had stopping him was running option football," Sanford recalled. "We used a special defensive scheme last year, and it was too different from our normal defensive scheme. We're gonna do what we do, be who we are, but we've got to tackle him and be able to defend him on the option, because we didn't do that last year."

Injury updates

The biggest injury focus this week will include junior quarterback Omar Clayton.

He left War Memorial Stadium for the team bus on Saturday with an ice pack wrapped around his right shoulder, saying it was hurt on a second half touchdown drive that concluded with an 18-yard scoring strike to Ryan Wolfe.

Sanford said it will be monitored this week and a decision on his status will be made later on. He also reported that Clayton slightly reaggravated a right knee injury — a strained PCL — that he suffered against Oregon State.

As for senior receiver Rodelin Anthony, who is recovering from a concussion suffered on kick coverage against Hawaii that kept him from making the Wyoming trip, he is still listed as questionable.

One positive note, however, is in regard to junior safety Alex De Giacomo, who has fully recovered from a hamstring injury that kept him out against Hawaii.

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  1. It sucks because the loss took away the excitement of the season. It feels like any win well be a fluke now.
    The way to make up for this is beat everyone else we face.
    After a BYU win thing may start to pick up.
    I still think we should be using or Tight ends more.
    Put in #28 Bradley Randle. A freshman who is used to winning coming out of high school.
    UNLV may have gotten immune to losing by now. Some new blood is needed.

    Does'nt it kinda feel like the head of the household passed away? It's like what now.
    Well someone will have to emerge as the leader of this squad.
    Someone be a man, a big brother, a leader...

  2. Only heard great things of Randle.At the Oregon game I ran into a father of a good friend of mine from high School.We watched the 2nd half of the game together and he must of brought Randle up three or four times.Want to see for myself.
    With the haze of negativity that is seeping into our hopes.Change is what is order.If not the Coaching then bring in some new blood.The new guys.
    Stiritup- cause we about burnt

  3. I have continued to be a sanford supportor but it seems to me that he is just not a head coach. Some of us are leaders and some are followers; he needs to be led! I am tired of having so much potential and seeing it all wasted because of poor coaching decisions. I honestly thought that the team had grown past these issues but they keep coming up. Again, to go for the tie instead of putting the ball in the hands of your most consistent part of your game (the offense) is inexcusable.
    It's true, if we get by unr, all will be forgotten about the wyo game but what's the likelyhood of that. That midget ault always has his team ready to play UNLV and he truly outcoaches sanford every meeting.
    I heard that Locksley (unm coach) went all Oakland Raiders on one of his assistant coaches...maybe sanford should try that with therrell to get him off the stick; I still say we should have got Rocky Long...another missed opportunity.
    Anyway, let's go Rebels and beat the team from up north! I would really hate to join the "fire sanford" threads!

  4. no worries Rebels...up north we completely expect you to take the cannon.

  5. No worries Rebs, this weekend we are going to go up to Reno and get the cannon back!

  6. wow ryan.. i'm sure youve been reading the message boards and comments on previous articles. i thought you might hold sandford to the fire a little more this week. as our eyes and ears for the rebels we need some insight here. this game is so pivotal and might make or break the rest of the season. maybe im being a bad fan. who knows. whats up with the podcast from after the wyo game? or were you too fired up to give your post game thoughts, i know i woulda been.

  7. unlvrunrebs,

    It's hard to run Sanford over the coals after a game like that when it wasn't anything strategic that ultimately cost them the game. It was the fact that Clayton threw two untimely interceptions and they couldn't finish plays in the red zone. There's only so much you can put on the coach.

    As for the postgame podcast, we had some technical difficulties, but there will be one up this afternoon, I can promise you that.

    UNLVbcs and moni,

    It's interesting that you bring Randle up. Fans are clamoring for him, I know, but at this point, do you want to rip the redshirt off of him? The Rebels appear to be just fine at running back at the moment, as Trotter's en route to having a very fine season, and C.J. Cox is a nice change of pace with his speed now that he's fully healthy. Honestly, I can see Randle and CB Courtney Bridget, who I think will both be great players in a couple of years, redshirting the whole way through.

  8. fair enough... i thought a 4th and 3 was a no brainer with the boys we have. all good, in no way do we your readers want you to have a sour relationship with anyone on the staff. just fired up.


  9. I would agree in most instances, however, Omar's shoulder was hurting at that point, and would you rather try a 45-yard field goal, or go for fourth-and-three with Mike Clausen, who hadn't thrown a pass all afternoon? I think it's kind of a coin toss.

  10. I think you go with Clausen on a QB option.

  11. Come on really. Ryan it wasn't anything stratigec and u can't through mike Sanford under the buss? It starts from the first day a team is a portrait of your coach on the field. The defense is sketch at best. Stanford isn't a head coach and not a leader. I can understand why he doesn't want hid players talking to media after a game like that they would get harrassed with questions about Stanford and last weeks game. As a coach it's your responsibility to have your team ready week in and week out but we always seem to over look the really bad teams when it means the most aka San Diego st last year and that is soly on your head coach. The dude is 2-10, 2-10, 2-10, 5-7. 20 game road losing streak and yet he is still here I don't understand it. And while I love the sun for it's coverage of unlv I feel like instead of being objective and speaking the truth you guys try to stay on good gracies with the coach. He needs to start getting heat from our local media for the piss job he's done here. And his conservite, and lack of leadership and control over the team

  12. I hate to say it, but Kapernick, the Nevada QB, will probably rush for 200 yards against our lousy defense. Bet on Nevada to ease your disappointment.

  13. It is sad that we have so much trouble with a awful team like the UNR Wolf Pack. That shows how far we have to go.
    Most teams pencil in UNR as a win, but we see them as a huge challenge.
    At least we have basketball.

  14. ... and what is baby jesus thinking. High of 63 on gameday. Its 100 degrees out right now.. i'm going to freeze my axe off.

  15. Yeah thank god basketball Is just a month away. I just feel bad for the players having to play for such a coach I feel bad for the football. The talent is there. Unfortunetly the coaching isn't

  16. and once again its downright shameful that this game will not be on TV. Big in-state rivalry, that nobody will be able to see. Sad, just sad!

  17. @Lv1ptchr2-

    Would you say the coaching's as bad as your spelling and grammar? Obviously an alum of UNLV.

  18. I have heard that DB Courtney Bridget Jr. is better than every corner that UNLV has on the team right now, this kid has won 3 State Title coming from high school had 8 offers free rides could have went else were but liked UNLV. He had 10 pick offs his Sr, year of high school and can falt out ball runs a 4.4 9 forty over 75 tackles and he is on the sideline. Sure I have read he is a little light 187lbs for his height of 6'3" but I also have read he has been playing football since age 5yr old. Randle and Bridget should get a shot very soon lets go rebels.

  19. runstopper,

    There's no question that he has the most potential of any corner on the roster. But, physically, right now, he's not as strong as the likes of Grant and Pointer. I'm telling you, next fall, when he has some meat on his bones, he's going to be dangerous. At 6-foot-3, if he can be a solid cover corner, that takes away half of the field for an opponent. Just got to give the kid some time, physically.

  20. Will UNLV bring back the Fremont Cannon, or will Nevada continue to "own" it?

  21. Basketball.

  22. Obviously an alum of UNLV. Is that right, gdr? What's REALLY obvious is; you're a richard. Again, if you hate Vegas so much: LEAVE!

  23. I'm OVER IT. Same old stuff from our lazy ass football team who are too busy partying, carrying concealed weapons around town and trying to pick up on 15 yr olds.. At least that's what it was a few years back and I'm assuming it's the same because the results are the same.

    Bring on BASKETBALL cos these clowns are pulling the same lame tricks out of the hat.

  24. Has anyone heard about the defensive player Calvin Randleman? Maybe the coach should give the young man a chance to show his skills.

  25. @ Ryan Greene do you have to be that strong to be a cover corner remember you are a Corner. I mean if am the Coach and my job is on the line am going play who ever does the job best . I have heard he cover Payne like glue. IS THIS A C'MON MAN

  26. Lenny - you've got no clue about these kids and you go spitting trash out your fingertips. bad form

  27. @trueunlvfan

    Uhhh....not so sure about that. That's just a bit overconfident for a team that just lost to one of the worst teams in college football. Reno is still going to run all over us again despite their record.

  28. UNR is licking their chops because they know this week is an automatic "W". Does anybody actually think UNLV's defense is going to stop the Wolfpack? Who cares if we score 30 if UNR scores 45. Kaepernick is going to expose our defense like the intramural squad that they are. I could go to the all american sports park and find some flag football players that would cover better then our DB's. Our D-line sucks, our DB's cant cover anybody for longer then 3 seconds. I'm sorry I just cant accept that the coaches have the best players starting at most positions. Can you really trust Sanfords judgment to put the right players in the game? The problem with this team is obvious, everyone can see it except UNLV's athletic department. I now believe that the athletic department does not care about the football program because if they did we would have a real coach that knew what the hell he was doing. I'm so sick of Sanford saying before every game we are just excited to play. "IDIOT" it takes more then excitement to win football games, you actually have to have discipline, you have to be prepared, you need to execute, you have to stay hungry every play, you cannot take 2 quarters off and expect to come back in the 4th, you have to get mean & nasty and play with an attitude that says I will not accept failure or losing this game, and you must always step on the field like you belong to be there, & I don't think Sanford is putting that into his teams. He shows no fire or passion that will channel into his players and spill onto the field. "I'm Out - Holla Back"...

  29. Who says that Bridget isn't physical? He is from the mean streets of B-More, I bet he would woop your ass...

  30. @Grayback4Life-

    A "richard"? Golly, how clever. If you're trying to refer to me as the diminutive form of richard, well, what can I say other than... I'm your huckleberry. That's just my game.

    Everyone's gotta be good at something and when you're good at it, might as well have fun with it. But, I admit, the targets here are a bit too easy. The sport often grows boring.

    I see Lv1ptchr2's rebuttal was removed. Must've been a clever turn of words to invoke such a reaction. I wonder if his ankle bracelet has alerted his court-assigned anger mangement counselor.

  31. How are we supposed to support our team when this is our biggest rival and once again no TV. This is ridiculous, 3rd time this year already. The Mtn is set up only for the Utah schools anyway, is it THEIR corference. Go Rebs! I'll be listening. Thank God for hoops.

  32. Gdr, I've grown tired of your anti-vegas agenda. Although you have a point about the content of that particular post, I can do without the sidewinding generalization of UNLV graduates.

    You've become a bitter betty because you're discouraged with your own results. Come down off your high horse and show some accountability.

  33. I just want to know when will this loser mike sanford will be fired? I mean how manny loseing seasons does it take.I guess unlv really dosent care about it's football program now does it.Then you wonder why top talent from las vegas allway's choses to go play ball out of state!

  34. Play your best players before they transfer.
    With a 6'3 corner you OSU throws to the opposite side of the field instead of picking on CB Purvis on that 3rd and forever play.

    Once again Bradley Randle made the 1st team D look bad at tuesday's practice. The D got yelled at. Starr praised Randle for the way he ran.
    Randle seemed like he was the one stepping up as he was the most vocal player on the practice field.
    I agree, we need players used to winning to shine.
    QB Celeb Herring looked promising as well. He seems to be a better scrambler than any QB we have. That is suprising since he is known for his arm and catchable balls.

    @Ryan Green I hear you on the Red Shirt. However this year is very important. If we dont do well this year it will be very hard on recuiting.
    For one good players who are told they can play right away will see what happened to Herring, Briget, Jordan Barette, Bradley Randle, and Jucos like BJ Bell.
    Why do the coaches care to save this guys for later anyway since they may never coach them in a game if they get fired.
    I had high hopes for our DBs. Now I only hope Briget is the Truth. Let's find out before he transfers.
    Mix dihonest coaching, no playing time, low school spirit for the football program, plus losing to Wyoming and it begins to look like mold.
    Let the new guys loose. They came to UNLV to play. The win over ASU helped. High hopes were born. This season is starting to kill those hopes for onlooking seniors.
    A recuit may sacrafice playing at a larger school with more tradition because you think you have a chance to be a star right away. These students just want to play. They see that possiblity at UNLV.

    At the game against Oregan State, our fans copied OSU's style of cheering because they had tradition and possibly more fans than we did.
    That is attractive. The coaches have to fix this. Keeping you word and giving the young guys a chance to play is key.
    I read some players selected UNLV because the coaches were honost, others because they were the first offer a recruit received, others because they could play right away. There is a theme here and that theme is being ruined by the conduct of the coaching staff.
    The staff should be aware of this.

  35. This year was the biggest recuiting class the Rebels have ever seen as a whole. QB Herring could have gone to Oregan U. LB Jordan Barrette could have gone to Norte Dame, RB Bradley Randle could have selected UCLA.
    Playing right away makes a student select UNLV over these bigger schools with more fans and tradition.
    They players must feel like they could have sat out at a bigger school.
    Why eat the lie at a UNLV when you can be lied to at Oregan. At least you would have a better uniform to ride the beach in.
    That is why you play these students now.
    We need more big recuits and the big time local players to come to UNLV.
    That can still happen if we pull this season together.
    We lost to OSU so now we have to beat TCU, BYU, Utah and not to mention seemingly inferior teams. Beating these teams are the only shot we have at making a statement since we don't have the exciting win over ASU to show for this year.

  36. I have seen this Courtney Bridget kid @ the Sac State game he is the real deal he was bigger than WR Payne he must go 190, 195lbs with 10, picks last yr coming from high school 10 that's a lot @ any level of football. Right now with the DB's we have I think they have 1 interception on the year. I hear they want to save these kids for what cut them loose these kids are ready. Can't get any badder than what it is now. Hell redshirt is for players that need more time to catch on , get bigger most of these kids came from winning high school programs. Penn State has a kid playing as a true freshman that is 5'6 145lbs C'MON MAN true real talk with 99 other players in front of him but he is playing RB he also return kick offs.

  37. I honestly don't think it's a matter of the 1s and 2s not being good enough. It's the system that sucks. The kids have been put in a position to fail defensively too many times. You can put Charles Woodson in our defensive backfield and he'd look terrible. Two things have been constant for awhile now - our DBs giving 10 yard cushions, playing soft, and unable to tackle and Mike Bradeson. Do the math. Mix in diamonds like Vic Shealy and Dennis Therrell and viola, you have the worst defense in college football year in year out.

  38. The REAL problem is all of the negativity and the players poor execution. Again, as i've said before, this is BOTH the Coaching Staff's responsibility and the players as well. This may be the first season where UNLV can actually do something to deflate the negative past of this program and coaching staff. I hope the players can show leadership and take responsbility for these mistakes and play some football and win enough games to get to a bowl game. Still plenty of games left to play to reclaim some respect. GO REBS!!!!

  39. You play your best players all the time whether they are freshmen or not!! Football is about winning games and the only way to win games is to put your best athletes on the field all the time.
    @ JahReb, I stated last year that the db's giving 10 yard cushions is ridiculous. You cannot allow a wideout to be in full stride going into his route because you are dead all day. You have to get up there and punch him in the mouth at the line and make him physically beat you into his route. That is the point I argued last year with some blind rebel fans and all they would continually tell me is we don't have the athletes to play bump coverage. Are you kidding me? Bridget, Childers, Grant, and Kenny Brown cant cover someone in bump & run? Therrell's soft zone defense wouldn't work in flag football, that guy is a complete joke send his punk a** back to Middle Eastern Tennessee Tech State Community College or wherever the hell he came from.
    If I were any of these players: Randle, Bridget, Childers, Grant, Bell, Brown, Barrett I would say see ya later, I'm outa here, I'm headed to a real school with a real coach who isn't going to screw up my career.

  40. Really didn't want to get on this wagon ... but couldn't agree more with the posts faulting a lack of leadership from the coaching staff. Ryan, looks to me too that you are a little quick to side with their excuses. C'mon, "media up" and hold them to the fire!

    No cannon Saturday ... no Sanford (or his boys) Monday!!!

  41. As far as Randle & Trotter are concerned lets do a little comparison. Is Trotter a nice runner? YES is he better then Randle? I'll let you decide...

    Lets comapre all the attributes that makes an excellent tailback.

    Speed - Randle, Trotter (Randle)- Randle is the fastest back on the team.

    Acceleration - Randle, Trotter (Randle)- Randle has the quickest bursts then any back on the team. On any carry he can be gone.

    Vision - Randle, Trotter (Randle)- Randle sees angles, holes, and the field better then any back I have ever coached. That is what the running backs coach said of Randle.

    Agility - Randle, Trotter (Randle)- Randle can cut on an angle from an angle and be gone like that.

    Hands - Randle, Trotter (Randle) How many swing passes has Trotter already dropped this year? Have you seen all the swing passes in Randle's highlight reel that he took to the house?

    Power - Randle, Trotter (Equal) - Both runners can break tackles and keep their legs moving.

    So you mean to tell me that Bradley Randle passed up Pac-10 schools to come and redshirt at UNLV? He scores touchdown after touchdown against the 1st team defense, in one practice he scored 4x, he has the most jaw dropping runs out of all our tailbacks and he is listed 5th on the depth chart? It will be a miracle if he stays around long enough to ever get a carry in a UNLV uniform, why should he stay?

  42. @Greyback4Life-

    Oh yeah, my horse is tall and fast 'cause it came from a great line and was trained well, you see.

    Accountable? How can anyone be accountable for something they're not responsible for? It is the very lack of accountability by those who live here full time, who grew up here, who attended UNLV, that provides the fuel for my fires. This is a city in denial that needs to get to step 2 if it's ever going to be more than the crazy Uncle Charlie of the West.

    Tell you what though, I'll place a bet with all of the so-called supporters of UNLV football (quick, show of apostophes, how many of you were at the game!) that UNLV wins in Reno. That's right, I said I'll bet they win in Reno. Here's the bet- I'll donate $50 to the Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab if UNR wins, if UNLV loses, everyone who's done nothing but badmouth their own program owes the same entity $5. Basically I'm giving 10-1 odds. Anyone who's in, simply acknowledge it here. When the game is over, we all make the donations in our screen names, this way its verifiable through the sanctuary.

    How's that for accountability? Any takers? Those without integrity need not reply...


    I seem to agree with your post , hell you tell it like it is keep the good work up maybe you should be a sports writter good post always.

  44. I also forgot to add this, Randle has a UFC style stiff arm that will put you in a neck brace. Add that to the already world class talent and you have someone who was nicknamed "Baby Sanders".

  45. Right now everyone wants to politic for there friends and family members to play. We all want that. Look at what happened to David Peeples! There is someone the wanting the same thing for each and of those players on the field. Struggling or not. All the players have someone rooting for them. If I'm a freshman I know I have to pay my dues when I come in unless I'm that much better than everyone on the team.

    Speed is great! But how many times do you see a guy who can run fast but won't do anything else of the field?! When the ball is not in his hands he disappears. Everyone went through camp and if you showed up and showed out you'd be playing. If not there is probably more to it. Stop the infighting and focus on UNR or face another L this week. A team full of little T.O.'s won't win anything.


  47. UNLV v Nevada should always be televised. It should be the law. Make it mandatory for PBS to pick-up the game in order to renew their license if a real station doesn't air it. Is it too late for Gov Gibbons to call a special session, or is he too busy texting? .

    A person can only buy one beer at a time at Mackey Stadium. Would it be ok it I bought one for my self and one for lefty?


    Keep your mouth shut you sound like Mr. Sanford this team is good and no the best players are not playing FOOTBALL on this team. You were not at Spring , or Summer workouts I was and you can asks Rayne Greene so again shut up. We want to see the best players out on the field. I do know Football Coach my self for 8 yrs. I don't have a friend, cousin or know any one on the team. Want to see these Coaches keep there jobs by playng some kids that want to WIN.

  49. @ GODisLOVE

    What do you think of Randle , Bridget and Childers please tell us.

  50. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4NpTb-c5...

    I have never seen a stiff arm like that @betonblack

    I just found the youtube of Randle's Junior season.
    Can anyone tell me where to find highlights on Jordan Barrett?

    Dude, Randle's stride looks like a cheetah. Usually backs his size stride like the flinstones when they drive their cars in the cartoon.
    I see why he was ranked #3 RB in LA Times.

    @betonblack posted:
    "I also forgot to add this, Randle has a UFC style stiff arm that will put you in a neck brace. Add that to the already world class talent and you have someone who was nicknamed "Baby Sanders".

  51. Yeah, gdr..point the finger at everybody else. It's Las Vegas' fault for MY ills. It's the city's fault I make hasty generalizations. You're sooo accountable.

    What's even more comical is you trying to disguise your apathetic attitude toward the city by claiming you're a Rebel Football supporter. What a laugh!

    Tell ya what, take your little gamblin' money and put it towards the UNLV Alumni Association. Donate it in the name of your handle, that way it can be tracked. That's something I'd consider "matching" mr. scarlet knight-in-shining armour (puh-leese).

  52. @Greyback4Life-

    Sorry, I don't blame anyone but myself for anything that's wrong with my situation. I'm quite content, actually, having recently reduced my time in Detroit West to three or four days a week. My generalizations are hardly hasty, but based in fact. I made A LOT of money writing papers for UNLV students (they seem to have plenty of that, and are easily parted from it) and UNLV's academic standards put it on a par of most Wyoming high schools.

    I never claimed to be a Rebel football supporter, gave up on that long ago when I saw how apathetic the "fans" here are- witness the above posts. I'm simply challenging the seeming geniuses behind these posts to put their money where their mouths are. They talk, but do they walk? Doubt it. Like this city, they're all style, no substance, or as we like to say- all hat and no ranch. They all seem to know that UNLV will lose to Nevada, but no one's willing to invest in their words.

    No, I'm not responsible for this city or its future, I've long since abdicated my citizenship in the land of chicken fingers-and-ranch.

  53. (@ GODisLOVE What do you think of Randle , Bridget and Childers please tell us.)

    @ runstopper
    Childers AKA Chills is like a baby pit bull. His owners (coaches) may benefit from feeding this pit hot sauce. Childers attacks the ball and is great at zone reads. He is a hard hard hitter. If you can figure out how to make him mad he can be vicious. They say he can be like USC's Taylor Mays because of his size potetnial.
    I don't know about that. But that is what i have heard more than once.

    Bridget is a silent giant. He is getting bigger and has kept his speed. I told him he can go pro just off his size so keep putting on muscle.
    He looks like a DB that the Miami Dolphins would draft and coach into greatness. Bridget could succeed at any big time school. Like Bradley Randle he was recruited by Coach Patterson, who is the best recruit you can name with what he has to work with.

    Bradley Randle has great genes and has been a leader. One guy can make a difference as a leader ie Ray Lewis.

    I believe that if Randle went to OREGAN STATE you could change his last name to Bradley Rodger's and they would have 3 times the threat instead of the two they already are blessed to have.
    I agree with @betonblack's post about the RB comparison.
    How do you have a back like that and he is 5th on the depth chart.
    Is he lazy, NO. Is he ugly spirited, NO. Is he a bust, NO.
    The coaches said they wanted a fast back for the spread offense. We use shuv passes, screens, end arounds, options, and swing passes to the RBs.
    From what i have seen that is what Randle is best at. The UNLV team called him Bam Bam because of his blocking.

    The mistakes UNLV is making are well rounded. There are no suprises. If it can go wrong it has and will as its shown so far.
    This year it had a chance to change. If Randle is 5th string something is wrong. The thing is, it does not suprise anyone.

    If we lose to Nevada no one will be suprised. If the coaches stay for another 4 years with the same record no one will be suprised.
    If we beat BYU and lose to New Mexico, no one will be suprised.

    That is why change is needed. The coaches don't have to go. They just have to change.

  54. What was the state of UNLV football in the last four years. I started following after UNLV beat ASU. I love an underdog and thought that UNLV had the best underdog schedule around with 3 MWC teams in the top 25 and OSU in the line up.

    The reason i ask is because I want to know why other players who came to UNLV came because they saw the team was on the rise, was it close to home, were they winners in high school or was UNLV a D-1 school that would accept them as at that school.
    If the players were not big recuits or came from a losing or inferior program, i can see why they may have lack of leadership out of some of the positions. I can see how they can accept losing if you lost in high school.

    These new players all came from winning programs. That means they have confidence.
    play them now before the mind flu virus spreads.

    Jordan Barrett came from Sherman Oaks Notre Dame. They are good every year. QB Celeb Herring won CIF at least twice in a row with his team. Bridget's team won championships. Randle's team, Vista Murrieta beat Los Osos who is a power house and had Richard Brehaut who QBs for UCLA. Randle played in a few All Star games on the team with Vontaze Burfect (#1 LB recruit who commited to USC and ended up at ASU)

    Team spirit is a big deal.
    When you come in as a freshman its up to the coaches to allow there players to shine. You have to have permission or you will be looked at by the upper classmen like who do you think you are.
    So it's in these new guys to shine. They just have to be given a chance to turn the light on like Coach did for Ryan Wolfe and Starr. He named them the team vocal leaders for the week.
    They were given the torch to shine.

  55. @ gdr

    Whatever dude, you're jaded. You didn't write EVERYBODY's papers. Not EVERYBODY in this town is a phony. You're lumping together the whole population. You correlate illiteracy to a UNLV degree. And, you're supposedly NOT a supporter of the school's athletics...but, here you are reading and commenting on the articles and even playing casino with the fans. It is a case of the pompous cowboy with you. That's not much to brag about considering how smart your 'head cowboy' was in the oval office.

    Who's really in denial?

  56. "That's not much to brag about considering how smart your 'head cowboy' was in the oval office."

    I don't particularly care for your 'annointed one' that is in the oval office now but....What does that have to do with anything that is being debated?

    I have respect for a lot of people who post here including you Grayback. So please, leave national politics out of UNLV sports discussions. That way we all can continue to have the same common purpose: rooting for the team we love.

  57. I have a friend who is in the administration at UNLV so I asked him what was the talk around campus concerning Sanford? Do people within the faculty, as well as the students want Sanford gone? This was his answer, "Sanford can see the handwriting on the wall"... There is no way Sanford can turn this thing around at this point. I predict he doesn't make it through the season. The inevitable is coming so why not make it sooner then later?

    There are still a lot of good D 1 level coaches out there who would take this job in a second. Who wouldn't want this job with all the intriguing athletes they have to work with? A good coach could come in here and win right away with this group of players, no doubt about it!!

  58. Did anyone else catch the Ryan Wolfe interview on 1100AM on Tuesday? I love Ryan's game but that was such a scripted interview on Ryan's part, he was given a script to read by Sanford it was so obvious. Ryan dodged every question about what is really going on with this team by giving an answer that had nothing to do with the question. You could smell Sanford all the way through that interview, nice job coach but the fans still aren't buying it..

  59. @ runstopper (aka: really tough and scary on the computer)

    You must not be a very good coach. You sound like one of those Pop Warner parents that swears his son is Tom Brady in a kids body and the poor kid can't drop back and throw the ball 8 yards. Then encourages his son to quit because he didn't get what he wanted. Instead of helping the team win in anyway possible. Look at Brogdon for example. I'm sure he feels like he could do some damage. He's a SR RB playing special teams. 0 carries last year. But he's doing his job.

    Anyone with half a brain can look at the numbers and Ryan's articles....Not to mention a few others who wrote about camp and see what went down in those camps. I didn't have time to be in Ely. I have to pay the bills. But I'm all for EARNING your PT. I think most good coaches are. If you're the best it will show and you'll get the job. Nothing wrong with that right coach?! LOL

  60. 30 ppg should be enough to win. This team need defense! They need to find a way to get stops. That's the big key.

  61. Hey Cam, the feeling is mutual here - thanks for the compliment.

    However, I must admit I have a (although very slight) bad taste in my mouth after realizing you've reprimanded me instead of a poster who continues to make a verbal mockery of the city we live in, the school we went to and the sports program we cherish. Although the analogy I provided may or may not have been in the best taste, I'm sure you understood where I was coming from.

    You always back your commrades against outsiders no matter what. If you don't, it makes you seem alittle Benedict Arnold-ish :)

  62. None of the players that have been listed above can help the team by redshirting or sitting on the bench. As a player you want to get on the field with the hopes of furthering your career and when you shine on the field it's a win win situation for both the player and the team. When you blow up on the field you are turning heads of scouts and helping your team. I do not believe we can trust Sanfords judgment to put the right players in the right spots because his depth chart ranking is about as good as his coaching. I believe his player judgemnt is so bad that he has destroyed his defense and given this team no chance to win. This offense could be better then it is right now simply by installing Randle, why not be the best you can be all the time?

  63. I hope Sanford stays and wins. I do feel like another coach may come in and see the talent and start from scratch. Players like Bridget who show up big in practice would likely be thrown in there with excitement. Besides he is 6'3 with speed and coaches have no tape on him.
    I would not throw his way.
    All they can scout is his 10 picks in high school.
    At the OSU game i knew they would throw at Purvis just because he looked like the one to pick on.
    CB is a big problem. With Briget we beat OSU and WU.
    We can still make a season out of this.
    We can beat TCU, BYU, Utah.
    The Defense has learned its lesson and has simplified this week.
    We will win this one too now that change is coming like a Sam Cooke song.

  64. "You always back your commrades against outsiders no matter what. If you don't, it makes you seem alittle Benedict Arnold-ish"

    Ha ha...Touche', Grayback.

    I don't think I can keep it civil with GDR. He's been on our boards for a few weeks now agitating anyone and everyone with outlandish comments that don't even deserve a response. However, someone's got to do the dirty work and I've been following and applauding you all along.

    I grew up here and there's a lot of good and some bad. But it is not nearly like what pink dragon describes it as. It seems pretty obvious to me that he's from Wyoming and a couple of articles here in Vegas have pissed him off enough to continuously complain at the editors, city and UNLV.

    Sorry Pinkie, as I've said before, despite your victory....Wyoming still sucks. We were just more inept on Saturday.

    Square Gray?

  65. @Greyback4Life-

    There was a cowboy in the oval office? When? I know there was a Texan there for about eight years, but a cowboy? Fill me in, I must've missed something.

    Someone from Las Vegas calling me pompous is a bit like the steak spoon calling the fork useless.

    And the correlation you refer to... you need look no further than the writing on this wall...

  66. You see Gray. Useless and meaningless, there is no response to that. This guy could get into in arguement with himself in an empty room.

  67. @UNLVbcs,
    I also hope Sanford wins and turns this year around but I just don't see it happening under his watch. He has no passion that can be communicated into his players. I don't think he has the guts to challenge their manhood on the practice field & in the lockerroom. I just don't think he is that kind of coach. If the db coach was smart he would challenge all their manhoods, get in their faces, make them man up, and start playing like D 1 recruits. It really isn't that hard to fix their tackling and their inability to cover. I just don't think we have those kind of coaches in this program that can turn boys into men on the football field.

    Besides I see another coach coming in here that is already running the spread offense and is familiar with the whole set-up. I really feel that Sanford is already on his way out & he knows that, the only thing that will keep him through the season is to beat UNR this weekend. If he loses to UNR he is gone and you can take that to the bank!!!!

  68. Cam...you've said it all, brother. Here's to an unexpected victory in "the biggest wannabe city in the world!" Cheers!

  69. I have been hearing soooo much about this CB Courtney Bridget , please can some one give me some true down right insight/comments on him . Again I been hearing a lot about this kid. I know he is 6'3" but a little thin with LBS, now am hearing he is bulking up.

    What about RB B. Randle he has to be a Earl Campbell look alike this kid is BIG.

  70. Somehow I'm not surprised that simile about the steak spoon went right over your collective heads.

    And Greyback- seriously? Someone from Las Vegas, the big suburb of nothing, calling another city "wannabe"?

    One thing's for sure, their fans aren't wannabes.

  71. Still going.......

  72. Rebels football is terrible.

    Time to focus on the basketball team, they are the only winners in this town.

  73. Yep, lol!

  74. YOur school is usually only as good as its football team.
    That is why it is important to have both BBall and FBall teams do well.

    Some parents may be scared to send there youth to play in Vegas. There are bad stories of the past.

    UNLV has a good group of talent. Nicer than nasty.
    Its like UCLA to USC. UCLA can beat USC if they come to play nasty and mean. USC's practices are even more uptempo and hyper.
    Both have the equal talent level.

    If Sanford can figure out how to bring the nasty out, or even allow the players to run the ship like pirates on their own, this could be key.

    Sanford seems to be a good hearted man. So good hearted that you can tell in his uplifting speeches that he may struggle with war words to hype the team.

    I root for Sanford for being a good man. I heard he keeps a Bible on his desk and that makes me sensitive to him.
    I only think he should run his own ship and not be so influenced by other coaches that may not have GOD on their menu.

    When you are trying to be a good man you have to be all the way good to get the good "carma" back.
    Redshirting players that UNLV recruited by saying they could play right away gets you a type of "carma" that may have you lose a game or two.
    I don't think Sanford is making those decisions.
    That is why the problem is not about Sanford being a genious coach or being an influencial guy as much as it is about him, taking control and doing things his way. Not the way of the other coaches.
    This has a lot of speculation to it.
    It is however in the spirit of sticking up for Sanford after dogging him a lil.

    Mostly it's because I think UNLV can win against the rest of the schedule. It will have most problems with Air Force. We can out score TCU, Utah and BYU if turnovers don't happen.

    I believe this can happen for Sanford and the guys

    @BetonBlack I think you are totally correct. If Sanford's team loses this UNR game he may be gone. It is all written. I just hope it's written in the favor of the Rebels and a goodhearted coach in Sanford.
    Ultimately the players are the ones who suffer most.

    @ runstopper Randle has thighs like a compact Earl C. but is more like a Jones Drew mix with the moves of Darren Sproles. West Virginia and Oregan State would love him.
    As for Bridget, I sure wish we could see him play this year in the BYU game.
    Coaches should Get Smart or keep missing it by that much.

  75. Hey Green Breath Irregular,
    I like Kanab and the sanctuary. I'll take your prop. Hope I lose, hope you brush.

  76. Everybody please don't misunderstand anything that I have posted. I am not a Sanford hater I really do want him to succeed for the sake of the rebels and the commits for next year, I just don't know if he has it in him to pull that nasty side out of his players. There are ways of doing it that aren't morally wrong, you don't have to cuss & swear at them, & talk about their mamma's but somewhere along the line it comes down to the players refusing to lose, something inside of them has got to rise up and take their game to another level. I used to say, "I will die on this field before I let this sucka run past me"!! The talent level is there they just lack the heart across the board.
    I will say this if UNLV beats reno this week a lot of people will forget about the Wyoming loss. This is the game that will either save or cost Sanford his job.

  77. Look for Mike Clausen to start. I like that. That sounds like a good change of pace/ new blood

  78. Rebel commit Austin Arias for 2010 is the real deal. My wife grew up with his dad Sal and went to high scool with him in Glendale, AZ. and has known the Arias family her whole life. I personally have not seen Austin play since I live here in Vegas but my brother in law goes to all of his games an he told me Austin is a vicious hitter. He is a sideline to sideline crippling tackler with db kind of speed at 225 and according to some sources is the best MLB in the state of AZ.
    My brother in law was shocked when Austin told him he was coming to UNLV because they were the 1st to offer him when he has his choice of top 25 schools. I just hope that he doesn't decommit and end up in a Pac-10 jersey.