Decision postponed — again — as Polee will visit Oregon this week

6-foot-7 Los Angeles swingman was expected to choose between UNLV, St. John’s and Georgia on Saturday night


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

Los Angeles Westchester High forward Dwayne Polee Jr. joins the UNLV student section during a Nov. 28, 2009 game against Louisville at the Thomas & Mack Center. The Rebels upset the 16th-ranked Cardinals, 76-71.

And the saga continues.

Westchester (Calif.) High forward Dwayne Polee Jr. was all set to announce his college decision on Saturday night at halftime of the Collision All-Star game at El Camino College in Los Angeles.

Those plans were postponed.

Polee was expected to be choosing between — in no particular order — UNLV, St. John's and Georgia.

Now, Polee will add a fourth finalist to that mix, as he plans to visit Oregon this week.

Oregon's vacant head coaching position was finally filled on Saturday, as Dana Altman, who spent the last 16 seasons at Creighton, took the gig.

Altman, oddly enough, was an assistant under UNLV coach Lon Kruger at Kansas State from 1986-89.

Polee's official visit to UNLV was in late November, when he watched the Rebels knock off then-No. 16 Louisville, 76-71.

Rumors were swirling earlier this month that Polee was on the verge of taking UNLV's lone vacant scholarship for next season, but after that didn't come through, he took a visit to St. John's, who recently hired former UCLA coach Steve Lavin.

UNLV is not sitting still while Polee waivers, hosting 6-foot-8 UCLA transfer Mike Moser — a player very similar to Polee — for a visit this weekend. Wherever Moser lands, he will have three years of eligibility remaining beginning with the 2011-12 season.

The high-flying 6-foot-7 Polee led the Comets to a second consecutive Division I state title earlier this month, and after averaging 20 points, nine rebounds and two blocks per game, he was named the Los Angeles City Section Player of the Year.

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  1. I wonder how the Kruger haters are going to spin this one...

  2. If this is any indication of what this young man is like...I say let's pass.

  3. cant blame the kid for making sure he makes the right decision and checks out all his options... but wow this saga is killing us Rebel fans!

  4. It's a little flaky I agree. But this kid can ball, reminds me of Dominique Wilkins, at a much more raw level at this point obviously judging from the highlight reels. Would still love to see him in the crimson and gray.

    Quit listening to your "posse" Dwayne, follow your heart. You're a Rebel I can tell by looking at you...

  5. Real rebels wear scarlet and grey...

  6. Dwayne Polee, UNLV roster are made up of Justin Hawkins, Oscar Bellfield, Chace Stanback and Matt Shaw all from Los Angeles, California. Trevon Willis and Derrick Jasper are also from California. If you commit to UNLV you will be the 5th player from Los Angeles and 7th player from California. Perfect place for Polee is UNLV just few hours drive away from his hometown.

  7. Wow, he's considering struggling programs like Oregon, SJU, and Georgia. I think he wants to play right away and doesn't see that happening at UNLV.

  8. It doesn't look like Polee is coming right now. Lets just hope he changes his mind from now to the Oregon visit.

  9. Polee definitely is not coming to UNLV. Look at the hoodie he's wearing. It's not scarlet and therefore, he's not a real Rebel.

  10. Maybe the kid just likes to joke around and is highly amused with himself. Not sure if that's the way to conduct yourself during the recruiting process, but I guess it's not that big of deal. Might as well get the most out of the experience and make sure you've done everything to ensure the best decision. But it does make you really appreciate CJ's handling of the situation though.

  11. Polee has every right to take his time and make sure he knows where he wants to sign. He has five official visits he can make and schools have shown sudden interest late in the signing process. Most of these visits would have occured earlier but like I said schools have come on strong as of late. Although the rebel in me says he should have signed along time ago with us. We have recruited him from the begining and his style of play fits perfectly with us. These other schools are in rebuilding process and if he wants to come and win now, make tourney, and contribute he should sign with UNLV.

  12. being from Omaha, Altman just looked tired the last couple of years. Oregon can have him.

  13. my apologies--scarlet and gray. boy is my face crimson!

  14. This kid is a major talent and a major flake. Would like to have his ability but if this is the way he does things tell him to enjoy his stay in New York, Oregon, Georgia wherever. Thanks but no thanks.

  15. Polee might sign with St. John's or Georgia but after his freshman year he can be homesick and probably would transfer close to his hometown. It happened to Derrick Jasper at KENTUCKY and Trevon Willis at MEMPHIS. So many California players are feeling the homesickness like Jasper and Willis.

  16. So let me get this straight. This kid has had all his high school years to decide on a school. Commits to USC, then last year decommits, then has 8 months to decide where to go, and now he is bouncing all around the country trying to make the best decision for him? Right.

    Totally ridiculous. It is so obvious that he does not have Runnin Rebel fever in his blood. It is so obvious he is choosing between schools he doesn't want to go to, but it is all he has. So you Rebel fans want a kid to come here just because were the best choice of the worse schools in this kids mind. BS. He was too late in the process and has been so flaky, the shools he wanted to go to haven't and won't offer. USC was his first choice, but when Floyd hired daddy, and the program was being investigated, they ran and hid, so as not to get fingers pointed in their direction. The kid wanted to go to Washington after that, but UDUB did not want him.

    He has been interested in Oregon from day 1, but didn't commit because of the coaching situation. Oregon can't get a good coach, the AD left, their football program is full of thugs, so they settle for some middle of the road coach from a very good fan base program, and this kid halts everything for that?

    If a kid visits our school, UNLV, knows the history of our program, knows our city, and doesn't commit, then why in the hell are we waiting on him or want him?

    Two years wasted on Cory Joseph, who never had any intention of coming here, and told his friends a long time ago he would never play here. Now a year wasted on Polee, when were letting kids like Jonathon Lloyd and Kevin Olekaibe go elsewhere?

    Kruger has to get a new definitive recruiting plan. Pining for two years is ridiculous, when we actually have kids that would love to play here. We need to have a little more pride in our program than this.

  17. No use for him. He's not even a top 150 prospect. He can dunk- BFD. The guy thinks he is better than he is- if he comes- fine- ride pine for a year. If he doesn't- good riddance.

  18. I'll take Moser. I think Polee is good, but is going to need to be developed a bit. Hoped to come on here today seeing Polee was going to be a Rebel, but alas, we wait again.

    All these big plans to announce where he is going at a halftime game for a 3 star recruit, and to postpone? Unprofessional.

  19. He's NOT a professional. This is the biggest decision of his young life; I have no problem with him taking his time to make sure he gets it right FOR HIM, even if it takes him away from UNLV. I would still love to have him, but I understand if he thinks another option is better FOR HIM.

  20. Who cares about Polee. He will be a bust like Deshawn Mitchell, mark my words. Lets talk about Nick Johnson from Findlay. I believe he will be as good as Joseph next year. Ryan Greene, what is the deal with this kid. Are we on this his radar are what?

  21. From the sound of it, patticcus, Kentucky's had the inside track on Nick Johnson for a bit of time now. I'm not 100 percent sure, haven't talked much to the kid, but that's the word around the campfire. Though I do know UNLV has pursued him.

  22. [OFF TOPIC QUESTION] While we're at it, Ryan, any word on the final two home games for the UNLV schedule? Did we get ASU and Wisconsin at home? Did they decide to go out on the road for one more game @ Vandy or another school with a top program. There was quite a bit of bitching (yours truly included) about the home schedule but the away schedule - IF our boys TAKE CARE of business - will certainly drive us into the top 10-15? As a season ticket holder, looking at this next seasons already 'less than enticing' home schedule, I would certainly be willing to give up one more home game if necessary to get out and play a HIGH MAJOR, but that's just me.

  23. Considering the overall histories and pluses and minuses of the programs he is choosing between (Oregon St. John's, Georgia, and UNLV) sure it seems like a no-brainer, but i agree let the kid figure it out and make a decision that's best for him.

    St. John's is the only one comparable to UNLV, and they have the benefit of the ESPN TV coverage in the Big East. But UNLV has the history, a kind of reborn program under Kruger, while these other three are all struggling to say the least. But I am just an outside observer, he's the one that actually has to go to class at whichever institution he ends up choosing, so I say, let him decide on his own time. Let him take all the way to the deadline if he wants.

  24. The main reason I want to see Polee sign with us at this point is just to shut up all the people bashing the program and staff for not signing better players. Cory Joseph not coming to UNLV was a disappointment, but at the same time, I never really expected him to. If you were a top recruit, would you come to the MWC to be part of a guard rotation, or go be the starting point guard for one of the best teams in one of the best conferences? We aren't quite at that level... yet.
    I've always been more concerned about the players and talent Kruger and his staff will bring in for the 2011 recruiting class. We are pretty set for next year. We lost Chop from an already crowded back court and replace Santee with QT and Lopez, both of whom are probably upgrades over Santee. The trouble will be after next year, because there will be a lot more roster turnover. Grandy Glaze has already given a strong verbal for that class, and he is a Top-100 recruit and who's strength is rebounding (a major team need). If UCLA transfer Mike Moser, who visited this weekend, signs on, we'll have a good foundation started for that recruiting class.

  25. This is for the smuck go_rebels:

    I'm a unlv basketball fan, but ive been up here in portland for a couple of years working here, and I gotta say, The Duck football team is awesome.
    They arent thugs, they are young men, atheletes, and students. They are probably the best division 1 football team on the west coast.Dude, you make yourself, as well as us rebel fans look pretty stupid and trendy to be calling them thugs. Being so bored up here,(miss Vegas) Ive had plenty of time to educate myself on their football program, and theyre friggen good. So go educate yourself , and stop being a tool.