UNLV guard Tre’Von Willis arrested, accused in domestic dispute

Updated Wednesday, June 30, 2010 | 10:24 a.m.

Tre'Von Willis' booking photo after his arrest by Henderson Police.

Tre'Von Willis' booking photo after his arrest by Henderson Police.

UPDATED STORY: Police: UNLV’s Tre’Von Willis choked woman after argument

UNLV men's basketball player Tre’Von Willis was arrested after allegedly choking a female acquaintance at an apartment complex Tuesday morning in Henderson.

The extent of the relationship between the 28-year-old woman and the Rebels' 6-foot-4 senior star guard is unknown.

Willis, 22, was charged in connection with felony counts of domestic battery by strangulation and grand larceny, and one misdemeanor count of coercion. He was booked into the Henderson Detention Center but court records show he has since posted bail of $18,637.

Henderson police spokesman Todd Rasmussen said the woman reported the alleged attack about 3 a.m. at the Wild Horse Apartments, 2338 N. Green Valley Parkway.

Rasmussen said officers arrested Willis at his apartment about 10:30 a.m. after obtaining probable cause that the two were involved in a relationship and an altercation had occurred.

A court spokesman Wednesday morning said Willis will appear in Henderson Municipal Court on the misdemeanor charge July 21. He has an August court date in Henderson Justice Court on the felony charges.

Willis, a Fresno, Calif., native, was a first-team all-Mountain West performer last season after averaging 17.2 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.5 assists for the Rebels. He is expected to be UNLV's top producer this season with high expectations for a UNLV squad that returns the core of a team that was 25-9 in 2009-10 and earned the program's third berth into the NCAA tournament in four years.

"We have been made aware that a men's basketball student-athlete has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and is believed to be in custody," UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood said in a statement released by the university. "At this point in time we have no additional information and it would be premature and inappropriate to comment further until this matter has been resolved through the judicial process. In addition, coach Lon Kruger, who is presently out of town, has been made aware of the situation."

Kruger was on a trip with a group of friends at Lake Tahoe when the news broke on Tuesday afternoon.

"We're trying to gather more information, find out more and react to that," he said when reached by phone. "You always want your guys to handle things well, be responsible and represent well. When it doesn't happen, you're discouraged by that. Generally, over time we've handled things very, very well."

Kruger is scheduled to return to Las Vegas on Wednesday, and said he has not yet scheduled any sort of meeting with Willis.

After struggling to click with teammates early in his UNLV career after transferring from Memphis following the 2006-07 season, Willis showed signs of maturation last year and was publicly praised several times for such growth by Kruger. He emerged as the team's unquestioned leader, and is expected to fill the same role as a senior.

This is the second major off-court issue the program has had to deal with in what has been an unusually rocky offseason.

The first came in the form of a one-year suspension handed down to forward Matt Shaw in late April by the NCAA following a failed drug test at the NCAA tournament in Oklahoma City in March. Shaw, a 6-foot-8 senior-to-be, already used his redshirt year in 2008-09 while recovering from a knee injury, meaning the suspension put a premature end to his UNLV career.

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Update: This story has been updated to reflect that the woman who made the accusations was an acquaintance of Willis’.

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  1. Assuming it's true, he's an idiot.

  2. Tre if you did it you are finished as a Rebel

  3. Yup--what an idiot. But boy he can play. This sucks! Our team is self-destructing! First, Matt Shaw, now this. I hope there's a chance he's innocent (but I know better). C'mon Kruger, keep 'em under control.

  4. done!

  5. And, in 21 minutes, the Internet has tried him and found him guilty.

  6. Say it ain't so...

  7. I hope this is just a big misunderstanding. :(

  8. You can only hear "whatchu talkin bout, Willis?" so many times.

  9. What do u expect from a Calipari cast off? This is what Kruger gets for bringing thugs into the pogram. If Willis is found guilty UNLV should seriously think about firing Kruger. He may be a decent coach but he's a Lousy recruiter. He can't get the big time 5 star recruits so he has to start scraping the bottom of the barrel to get othe teams castoffs. He's slowly reverting to Tarkanian/Bayno tactics. Druggies and felons, just like the good old days. Hot tub pics are not far behind.

  10. sadly even if he isn't found guilty he is still left with a scarlet letter on him for years. Domestic violence is one of those things that men get treated pretty bad immediately with little to no evidence. Still, who knows what happened here and he could have avoided the situation entirely.

  11. Well, all I can say is innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the situation doesnt look very good from here.

  12. "C'mon Kruger, keep 'em under control."

    What's he supposed to do, chaperon all the players whenever they're with their girlfriends?

  13. innocent until proven guilty!

    I'll wait until i see evidence presented in court that tre choked a female before i believe that.

    probably being over blown.

    lawyer up young man. beat this thing and stay away from toxic relationships.

  14. This sucks... If it happened his first season here I wouldn't have been surprised (I wasn't the biggest fan). But after watching his growth on the floor, in interviews, etc over the past 2 years I'm pretty disappointed. I doubt he remains on the team regardless of the legal outcome.

    Time to start accepting the reality of a Willis and Shaw-less 2010 season. Unreal....

  15. Thank you Lon Kruger for our "clean program". We don't want any coach who would do anything remotely shady when it comes to recruiting but we will take you and your handful of players who have been kicked off the team! You are awesome.

    Screw this woman beater.


  16. Shouldn't this be an instance in which comments are turned off completely?

    Let the justice system work this out rather than the court of public opinion. Let's hope it was a misunderstanding and that whatever happened is not nearly as bad as the charges that have been reported.

    Nothing good happens at 3am Tre'. You've got a chance at the NBA so get your act together.

  17. He'll fit right in at the MBA.

  18. comments should really be disabled.

  19. When News 5 flashed that a UNLV player was arrested as a teaser - I thought let it be anyone on the team except Trevon or Chase. And of course it was Trevon. The allegations are sickning. Two felony counts for domestic assault and stolen cell. I truly hope these allegations are false but if they are true this will ruin what potentially could have been a break out year for UNLV on the national scene.

  20. Ugh, it's at the top of ESPN college basketball home page.

  21. Listen. Kruger had nothing to do with this. Young athletes make mistakes, unfortunately.

    However, Tre, this was flat out dumb. Maybe you should think about your actions. I really don't care what the situation was. This is unacceptable.

  22. What a sad story, ...maybe its2hot:

  23. Well it appears you have never been to jail, you have to pay 10% of your bail amount to get out. so 1,800 isnt too much to swing for a bail bondsman.

    And how about we wait until his trial? I know a couple people in this town that get charged with a ton of stuff, and it all gets dropped down to a misdemeanor or two. Let his lawyer do his job before everyone here throws him under the bus.

  24. I just cannot get why a man could get so upset about a girl he is with that he could hit/hurt her like ...I mean, folks, once upon a time, decades ago, when I knew a girl and she would hit my buttocks all of the time.
    Guess what, folks: I really liked it, but never payed for it.

    Ok, ok, I really must admit I did appreciate her wearing those leather clothes...and all the other stuff... I mean, the way she was doing her thang, you know.

    Maybe Tre'Von should just leave out those energy drinks and the viagra and just cool down a lil.
    Just let it flow, man, just let go, but, man, do never hit/hurt a woman/girl. That's my message to you.


  25. Ok, guys, I know you'd like to know how that relationship experience ended up....

    So let me tell you: just another day, when that girl and me had been running on that leather role play for about one and a half year, I found out that it had become boring to me, or was it her, dunno anymore...

    So she called me on the cell phone to resolve our relationship after I had missed one ore two of our averagely weekly "meetings"... or was it me who called her, dunno, I mean what the hell...
    Who cares about who called who?

    So we met once again at some sidewalk cafe when I told her about some recently all at a sudden appeared leather and latex allergy I got and that we could not meet anymore and that I was very sorry. She just told me that doing it with me had somehow become boring anyway, so she paid her own coffee and left for good. No hate, no hurtings, no drama, no crime. End of story. Just that easy, if you are neither married yet nor having kids.

    That's why I recommend to play it cool, even if it's getting hotter and hotter outside.
    Just meet at The Ceasars or somewhere you'd like to meet and talk it over/resolve it without destroying your lifes.
    Kiss your past good-bye and look forward to your future.


  26. Is it too late to declare for the NBA draft? Hello Europe.

  27. you can take some people off the street but you can't take the street out of some people..

  28. "You can only hear "whatchu talkin bout, Willis?" so many times."

    Today's line of the day brought to you by.....sandy_astroglide!

  29. this is a bad deal, hope it is not true. maybe "the bully" is a good nickname after all.

  30. This is bs... Lawyer up! Best of luck to you Tre! I hope you get this worked out quickly and you are back on the basketball court soon. Just renewed my season tickets! I don't get why these guys get emotionally involved with these brauds, just send em home in the morning.

  31. Sad News for Rebel basketball and Tre

  32. It's fortunate that his trial won't be left up to you fake fans and haters on this blog. I hate people like you. You sit behind your little computers typing away with your negative energy; I bet you are all losers who couldn't play ball a day in your life. Getting pleasure in talking crap on a blog. Now that's an idiot!!! I wonder though, if you are some of the same people who smile in Tre's face, and ask him for his autograph. Probably. Tre I'm not sure if you did this or not, but I will be praying for you. God knows the truth, and he can get you through all of this mess.

  33. Choke artist.


  34. Banana-Joe

    We, at least I, do not give a crap about you and your girlfriend. TMI, Toots! TMI!!!!

  35. < you can take some people off the street but you can't take the street out of some people..>

    So true, so true. One of my best friends in the City used to say "You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em anywhere". Yeah, I guess it sounds racist, but that goes for a lot of people regardless of race, religion, age etc.

    BTW - My friend was African American. She passed away back in 1999 and I still miss her! We were "thisclosetoeachother" to the point where everyone teased us that I sounded like her and she sounded like me!! Miss you Donna D!!

  36. trueballknowledge

    Did you post yesterday or the day before under a different name on a different subject???

  37. And of course we KNOW the girl was a 'ho' right guns4hire.... how typical to automatically blame the female .... and for the sake of argument let's say she IS a 'ho' .... does that give a man the right to bitch-slap her then? Pathetic.

  38. I think what we really need to think about is the severity of strangulation. Strangulation is caused by minimal pressure and can result in death. If not immediately then up to 36 hours after the incident. Strangulation (not choking, those are two very DIFFERENT things) can cause swelling in the neck which will cause the blood circulation to stop resulting in death. It is a very common form of domestic violence and both the abuser and victim will need immediate attention. There are many resources for domestic violence victims and abusers. If you find yourself in that situation please get help. Great agencies such as safehouse are out there.

  39. azsk8fan - no, but it gives a man the right to shake the shhhh... out of her. (thanks Chris Rock).

    The way I see it, there's probably about a 25% chance this chica is telling the absolute truth. Probably a 50% she's telling some version of the truth. And a 50% chance she was a side dish that didn't like how that turned out for her. Call it sexist or chauvanistic or whatever you want, but I've seen too many lying scandalous women for me.

  40. I agree with JerryWayne.

  41. I like JewrryWayne. I cannot stop laughing!

    As a female, I will not and do not condone anyone putting their hands on anybody, HOWEVER, if you feel you can hold your own against a 6 ft 4 man, handle your business.

  42. I've learned all I need to know about the accuser from her own websites.

    Please UNLV Runnin Rebel players, please .... kick this groupie to the curb.

  43. RunningRebel--- Its 15% plus a admin fee for bail..... Anyways I guess the jail fund was tapped into so they are thinking he might be playing....LMFAO......

  44. @Det__Munch:

    Hey Det, I am very sorry about your girl having passed away so soon. And I hope there will be brighter days ahead for you nevertheless.

    But let me put this straight: I was only talking about some sexual experiences I made decades ago. That girl had never been a real gf, but she also deserved some respect and was no bitc_ .

    I have been being a happily married man today for many years, but only wanted to explain somethings sometimes being forgotten:

    a) A man should never hurt a girl/woman, because it can never be the same due to different levels of physical strength, even if the woman kicked his ass before. A man can only laugh about that.

    b) Always show some R_E_S_P_E_C_T, and be a gentleman, if you are together with a girl/woman.

    c) Most important: let girls/women rule, be clever and never create a drama/hurting/crime scene from a discussion. In opposite it would be great to work on her mood to better up, if you really disappointed her.

    Most people here are afraid to talk about their sexual experiences/feelings, except for you, Det, but when they are in a dark room with somebody, they let it all come out, not even knowing who they themselves are, not being conscious about their feelings, not able to communicate clearly without drama. That's a great problem imho often resulting in the described dilemma.

    Great movie, check it out:


  45. asleepatdawheel-

    there are 4 kinds of bonds:
    1) Personal Recognizance- No money needed, its on your honor.
    2) Cash Bond- Full Bail amount must be paid in full before you get out
    3) Ten Percent Bond- (Most Common) only 10% of the Bail amount has to be paid
    4) Surety Bond- A promise by a bondsman that defendant will appear in court. Must show judge financial records showing ability to pay full bail amount if defendant does not appear.

    Im not proud, but I have personal experience with this system. You might want to check your sources though. And there are always court fees they tack onto everything, not just a bond.

  46. @azsk8fan:
    Hey azsk8fan, I am absolutely with you, just what I was trying to explain. Thanks.

    Great movie, check it out:

  47. Ryan, does this count for the 10 minutes with Tre'Von Willis for the week ?

  48. What a FOOL, i really hope its not true, but what a f-ing fool!