Costly payday: Rebels crushed by Mountaineers, 49-10

UNLV coach Bobby Hauck further explores depth chart in lopsided defeat


AP Photo/Michael Switzer

West Virginia’s Keith Tandy tries to avoid being tackled by UNLV’s John Gianninoto, right, after an interception during an NCAA college football game in Morgantown, W.Va., Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010. At left is West Virginia’s Scooter Berry (93). West Virginia defeated UNLV 49-10.

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UNLV dropped to 1-5 on the season with a 49-10 setback at West Virginia on Saturday afternoon.

UNLV vs. West Virginia Football

West Virginia's Julian Miller tries to avoid the block by UNLV's Sidney Hodge during an  NCAA college football game Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010 in Morgantown, W.Va. Launch slideshow »

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — UNLV can still smile about the fact that it left West Virginia on Saturday evening with a $750,000 paycheck.

But the Mountaineers certainly made sure to get their money's worth, routing the Rebels from the first minute on in a 49-10 effort.

"Frankly, they made us look like a not very fast, pretty banged-up team," UNLV coach Bobby Hauck said afterward. "Which is what we are."

It took West Virginia (4-1) all of 61 seconds to take the lead. Before the game was 10 minutes old, the hosts were up 21-0.

And at that point, it became apparent that the night would simply be another learning experienced for the young Rebels (1-5), who over the course of the day managed to get younger.

Five youngsters — freshman running back Tim Cornett, sophomore fullback Beau Brence, freshman linebacker Tani Maka and freshmen receivers Aaron Reed and Kurt Davis — made their first career starts in the hostile environment. Meanwhile, several regulars hardly saw the field and redshirt freshman quarterback Caleb Herring played the entire second half.

"On Tuesday, we had 25 guys who couldn't practice with contact," Hauck added. "Honestly, we went out to warm up and there were some guys who couldn't go."

The Rebels were able to dig in their heels and find some positives out of that second half, which was largely played on the other side by the Mountaineers' second unit.

But the story of the afternoon — and an approximate measurement of how much ground the UNLV program still has to make up under Hauck — was told early.

The first strike came on a 38-yard touchdown pass from WVU sophomore quarterback Geno Smith to junior receiver Brad Starks. It came three plays into the game and was made to look pedestrian after UNLV safety Mike Clausen slipped while in coverage.

Of the five touchdowns the Mountaineers would score before halftime, four of them came from at least 28 yards out, including two lengthy runs by star senior tailback Noel Devine.

Smith would hit Starks for a third score on WVU's first possession of the second half, and the starters would take a seat from there.

Smith was 12-of-16 for 220 yards and the three TDs, while Devine racked up 92 yards on only four touches.

"They're a pretty fast team. They get the ball in space and are pretty explosive if you don't get them down very quickly," UNLV senior linebacker Calvin Randleman said. "That's what happened in the first quarter-and-a-half.

"You never realize how fast somebody is until you're running next to them."

Meanwhile, as has been the case now several times early in a loaded 2010 schedule, it will be looked at in hindsight as a learning experience for the team's youths.

Cornett ran for 56 yards on 12 carries and added 18 yards and a score off of three catches.

Herring, playing in relief in a hostile environment for the second time this season, was 8-of-14 for 101 yards, a TD and one pick.

Several Rebels who met with the media afterward all agreed that they believe the lumps the team has now taken against four powerhouse opponents in its first six games will pay off at some point this year.

A prime opportunity for that would be next weekend, when UNLV travels again to face Colorado State (1-5) before a bye week.

"We're trying to do both — we're trying to build for the future, but we're not giving up on the season," Hauck said. "We're trying to win games. Our young guys are doing a good job, and we're going to evaluate the effort level in the second half under a microscope, and the guys who played hardest and best in the second half are the guys who are going to start next week, and that's what I told the guys at halftime."

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  1. Another surprising result (NOT!), courtesy of an unqualified D1 coach.

    A 1 win season...clearly.

  2. Can't help but laugh at all the koolaiders last December that thought Hauck was going to put Rebel football on the map just because he won a couple of championships with a JV squad at Montana. This is further proof that FCS is nowhere near the same level of athleticism as FBS football. Not even close. Hell, even some lowly graduate assistant from an FBS team would have been a better coaching choice than Hauck.

  3. Really? Did you think they'd win last night? Listening (or reading) to fare-weather fans complain is the worst part of this season. Did you think they'd beat Wisonsin, Utah, or UNR? Have some patience for crying out loud. Hauck is building a program with talent that he didn't recruit. I'm not saying that this is an easy season to swallow. I must've dropped 50 "f-bombs" while watching yesterday, but I think blaming Hauck is ridiculous. A true fan can support its team with patience and give the coach a fair chance. I think all that playing time the bench got will pay off in the future (maybe not this season, but next season).

  4. I think they should give the $750k back, as well as maybe this week's paychecks from several of the coaches. We don't deserve that money. Horrible showing, still frustrated this morning.

  5. teach, I see you are pulling the 'I am a true fan' card, and anyone that complains about the new coach is an 'unreasonable fairweather fan'. Typical.

    I also notice how you went ahead and fabricated and twisted what was being said in the previous posts - can you please point out where they said we should have won any of those games? Or do you just like to make things up to fit your position of being a 'real fan'?

    I am guessing you were part of the same crew that said the same things about anyone who complained about Sanford. Whereas it was clear to anyone with a brain and a grasp of the game of football after year 2 that Sanford was a terrible head coach. But we just needed to give him 3 more years to 'build the program'. Into a doormat.

    Tell me, if it takes patience and a few years to 'build a program', then I am guessing you feel that UNM just needs to give Locks a few more years to produce a win?

  6. Beware of Colorado State next week

    They are hungry for a win

  7. Well said JahReb.

  8. I cannot believe there are so many of you "Rebel Fans" who are blaming Hauck for any of this. Give the guy credit for what he is doing. He is working with kids who he did NOT recruit, playing a schedule he had nothing to do with, and dealing with a city that only supports it's athletic programs when they are on top.

    Get off yourselves. Hauck is a good coach, which if given time, will turn around a bad Rebel Football program. But you can expect this guy to come in, walk on water, and produce results with what he has. Nick Saban, Mack Brown, Urban Meyer or any other college coach would be suffering the same results as Hauck. I am not saying not to look for results, but be realistic in what your expectations are for THIS season.

  9. Amen, double M.

  10. Here is a prediction, Coach Hauck has this team winning 9-10 games in 2-3 years and the fans will be out in droves, all 20,000 of them.

  11. As a RebelFan and a UNLV student I could not be more dissappointed in the fan base here in Las Vegas.

    Hauck is in his first year an inherited a vicious schedule and samfords players. Not Haucks Players. He will need 2 years to get his players and systems installed. If we are in the 4th year without any improvement or a bowl game then you have the right to complain. You should all look in the mirror and blame yourselves.

    I have never been part of a more classless group of fans than I have been here in Las Vegas and UNLV. I still attend the games but I refuse to to participate in the lewd acts the Vegas Fans do and think they are benefiting the team. I honestly think that this town and school need to learn a lesson in loyalty and understanding. How is it we have a school of 29k students but yet we can't fill our own stadium. The Wisconsin game had more Wisconsin fans at it then UNLV fans. Are the Alumni here that ungrateful for their educations?

    Alot of things need to be fixed with the football program but Hauck will get it done. What won't help get it fixed is all the careless complaining and negative attitudes and atmospheres that we provide for our team.

  12. You people who are complaining should have applied for the job of Head Coach, because you seem to know everything about being one. Give the man a chance, You can't expect us to win the huge games in Hauck's first year. Especially when we play four ranked teams in of six weeks.

  13. For those of you who think he can't coach watch Sportscenter. Marc Mariani-Titans,Kroy Bierman-Falcons. Three former Griz on the Dolphins roster,two on the Falcons and one on the Vikes practice squad. This guy hates to lose give him a chance to get his own players at Vegas-he will win.

  14. Hauck is a good coach - Sanford left a tough scedule and a bare cupboard. That this is an FBS program as opposed to the FCS means that there is a bigger job to be done. Also, at Montana Hauck did not inherit a wreck like he did here. It's just gonna take a little while.

  15. It is truly sad to read the comments here about UNLV. I am not from here and did not go to UNLV. However living 1400 miles from where I went to school, I root for them anytime they take the field or court. I went to the UNLV/KSU basketball game at The Orleans last year. The UNLV fans are some of the worst I have ever seen. It makes sense how quick they turn on their Rebels.

    Facts are facts, UNLV is not a football school, it is a basketball school. Give the coach a chance to bring in some of his players. Then see what he does. I would not want to be a recruiter for UNLV trying to sell Las Vegas to a parent of a 17 year old.

    Maybe UNLV should join the FCS for their football program.

  16. It isn't Hauck's fault we don't have athletes. Everyone knows where the blame for that goes. It sucks seeing the Rebs whooped like that. True fans understand what is going on but expect improvement during the season and next year, not four years down the road. I want to see how we perform against the likes of Wyoming, Colorado State, BYU, and Air Force.

  17. Jah Reb - You commented that "it was clear after year 2 that Sanford was a terrible head coach." So I will take that to mean that regardless of the results of the first year, Sanford still should have gotten the benefit of the doubt while he had time to build HIS program, right? Obviously it didn't work out, but he still got a couple of years. So why now is it acceptable to make judgments on Hauck when he is only a mere 6 games into his coaching tenure? Let's not even mention the fact that 4 of those games were against ranked opponents.
    You may be sick of hearing "give him a few years," but it is the reality of coaching. The standard procedure followed pretty much by every college football program is to give a coach 3 years to turn the team around. I'm not happy with the fact that we are 1-5, but I can't say I expected anything different given the fact we have a new coach and the difficulty of the schedule.
    Everyone condemning Bobby Hauck to failure already has a right to their opinion, but I fear you'll all end up constantly disappointed if you jump ship this fast.

  18. alot of guys get on my nerves...how many times do i have to tell you..THIS WILL BE A STRUGGLING YEAR..new offense..new defense..new coordinaters..WRONG personal..new head coach..and a VERY difficult schedule...i do see us getting 3-4 wins this year(san diego st.wyoming..colo st.) but what can you expect..you can tell hauck is playing for NEXT YEAR anyways..so relax..stop being hypocrites and enjoy the LAS VEGAS LOCOMOTIVES....there winning..there good...and DEFENDING UFL CHAMPIONS....or unlv hoops

  19. alot of you guys get on my nerves...how many times do i have to tell you..THIS WILL BE A STRUGGLING YEAR..new offense..new defense..new coordinaters..WRONG personal..new head coach..and a VERY difficult schedule...i do see us getting 3-4 wins this year(san diego st.wyoming..colo st.) but what can you expect..you can tell hauck is playing for NEXT YEAR anyways..so relax..stop being hypocrites and enjoy the LAS VEGAS LOCOMOTIVES....there winning..there good...and DEFENDING UFL CHAMPIONS....or unlv hoops


    What part of this don't you get? You offend most of the business owners that could be using your outlet for advertising. Why? People like me that employ many people and offer real value to society know how destructive socialism is. We are not going to support you if you are espousing highly counter-productive theories for who knows why. What part of this don't you get? I would never advertise with you.

    You cannot survive on google ads alone, in case this never occurred to you. Stop ruining your relationship with business people. When Harry's deceptive ads dry up, then what? More layoffs. Seriously, wake up.

  21. I laugh at the first couple posts! These guys have no clue in what it takes to build a football program, i guess they thought if we hired a new coaching staff that it would equal wins (laughing). To say that the Montana staff was coaching a JV squad is completely ignorant, the players that they have in the NFL speaks for itself. Please get a grip on reality and stop posting comments about a topic that you clearly know zero about.

  22. Interesting Stat from CBSSPORTS. UNLV has faced one of the most difficult schedules in all of college football so far as four of its six opponents are members of this week's AP poll (#11 Utah, #18 Wisconsin, #19 Nevada, Reno and #25 West Virginia) ... In fact, the five teams that have defeated UNLV currently boast a stunning combined record of 23-4.

    That should say enough LOL. No UNLV shouldn't go back to FCS. We can't anyway in order to be in the Mountain West requires us to be a FBS football team. We just need time I have complete faith in Huack. I also have gained some faith in UNLV fans after some of the last posts. GO REBS.

  23. As others have said and as I myself have said repeatedly, the first season under a new head coach is rarely successful. New offensive and defensive systems, often a lack of talent, etc. are all factors that point to a struggle.

    It's augmented here by the sheer brutality of UNLV's schedule as rebelmadness09 points out. Is it frustrating? Hell yes. But it generally takes about 3-4 years before you can get a real measure of how well a coach does.

    So I'm going to be patient for now, difficult though it admittedly is.

    By the way, I still want the names back on the jerseys. It makes easier for fans and others to identify players quickly and allows for a greater sense of ownership and pride by players in the jersey and the team in my opinion.

  24. Enough with the excuse about recruits Hauck did not recruit. That doesnt even matter. Take what you have...train and coach them up. So if the Rebels were winning with these recruits, would you then say that Hauck shouldnt take credit because he didnt recruit these kids? This a ridiculous point and shouldnt even be mentioned.

  25. Why do I always see people wanting names on the back of jerseys? I prefer them to stay off the jerseys. No point in adding the names.