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Rebels run down by No. 12 Badgers in Hauck’s debut, 41-21

Wisconsin uses old-fashioned ground-and-pound attack to stave off UNLV


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV head coach Bobby Hauck talks with Athletic Director Jim Livengood following their game against Wisconsin Saturday, September 4, 2010 at Sam Boyd Stadium. Wisconsin won the game 41-21.

Wisconsin vs. UNLV

No. 12 Wisconsin defeats UNLV, 41-21, in the Rebels' season opener.

UNLV-Wisconsin Football

UNLV defensive back Alex De Giacomo walks back to the line of scrimmage as Wisconsin quarterback Scott Tolzien congratulatse wide receiver Jared Abbrederis after a Wisconsin touchdown in the second half of their season opening game Saturday, September 4, 2010 at Sam Boyd Stadium. Wisconsin won the game 41-21. Launch slideshow »
The Rebel Room

WISCONSIN POSTGAME: Some good, some bad, a lot of running

Ryan Greene, Ray Brewer and Case Keefer talk about the highs and lows from UNLV's 41-21 setback against No. 12 Wisconsin to start both the 2010 football season and the Bobby Hauck era.

Next game

  • Opponent: Utah
  • Date: Sept. 11, 1 p.m.
  • Where: Salt Lake City
  • TV/Radio: The Mtn./ESPN 1100 AM

UNLV-Wisconsin: Fan Photos

UNLV-Wisconsin: Fan Photos Launch slideshow »

Even when UNLV was within striking distance of No. 12 Wisconsin at halftime on Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium, trailing 17-14 and riding a wave of momentum, the red flags were there.

Well, it was really just one major red flag from the halftime stat sheet.

Total offensive yards: Wisconsin 279, UNLV 12.

Junior cornerback Will Chandler made two huge defensive plays to keep the Rebels neck-and-neck with the Badgers on the scoreboard for a half, but a lack of offensive flow and some holes in defending the run ultimately did UNLV in in its first game under Bobby Hauck, 41-21.

"We made a couple of plays to get ourselves back in it, but they came out and took the game in the third quarter, and we just weren't good enough to beat them," Hauck said afterward. "If you can't move the chains and you can't keep them from doing it ... Frankly, if you have 15 (offensive) plays, which I think is what our number was in the first half, you don't have rhythm on offense. So you have to get some drives, have to generate some offense, or there is no rhythm."

Wisconsin's brawn and mobility on both the offensive and defensive lines set the tone in the first half, as the Badgers moved the ball effectively on the ground when they had the ball, then collapsed the pocket around UNLV quarterback Mike Clausen at will when they didn't.

The Badgers scored the old-fashioned way on their first two drives, milking the clock with the ground attack while mounting a quick 14-0 lead in front of a crowd of 31,107 at Sam Boyd Stadium.

The Rebels needed some defense to draw first blood, though, as Chandler made his first strike by jumping an out-route by his receiver and picking off a Scott Tolzien pass, jogging it in from 19 yards out for a score.

"The defense went over it: When they think they see pressure, they seek quick outs," Chandler said with a grin. "I just jumped it when I saw it."

Following a Philip Welch field goal that gave the Badgers a 10-point lead, Chandler came up huge again.

This time, Wisconsin receiver Nick Toon fumbled near the UNLV goal line while being taken down by Deante' Purvis. Chandler played Johnny-on-the-spot, scooping it up and running 82 yards to the Wisconsin 16-yard line.

A play later, after gaining next to nothing to that point on offense, Clausen finally had some time to operate, finding Phillip Payne down the seam for a score. It pulled the Rebels within three and gave them all the confidence in the world heading into the halftime locker room.

"That was a good thing to go into the locker room with, but we hadn't put a drive together yet," Clausen said ominously. "That's what we needed to do, and we came out and didn't do that at all.

"It actually kind of backfired."

After UNLV spent the first half actually losing a net of nine yards on seven rushing attempts, two run attempts to start the second stanza resulted in a loss of two more. On third-and-12, Clausen threw a receiver screen to Michael Johnson, who in traffic fumbled the ball away. An opportunistic Aaron Henry picked it up and strided in for an easy score.

Just like that, Wisconsin was back up by 10, stole any momentum the Rebels had seized before halftime and the rest was pretty much semantics.

"Everybody was hyped (at halftime), but we knew we had to finish and that's something we didn't do," Payne said. "We came out, lost the ball and, basically, that's what turned the game around.

"It was huge, but I know that nine times out of 10, Mike's not going to fumble that ball. It's one of those things where you've got to live with it. We kept coming out flat and didn't pick it up from the mistake we made."

The Rebels would make their numbers look more respectable by the end of the night, as Wisconsin's pressure didn't have as much of an effect later in the game and senior Omar Clayton replaced Clausen, leading a couple of decent drives.

UNLV deserved a bit of credit for closing the game out stronger on the defensive side of the ball than it had in lopsided defeats in recent years and showing a good amount of fight to the finish, but Hauck's team learned a tough lesson about creating a hole for itself early.

While UNLV only had 15 snaps in the first half and held the ball for 6:19, Wisconsin's time of possession was 23:41, included an efficient 138 rushing yards on 30 attempts and 13 first downs.

Against the run, for the most part, the Rebels looked improved a bit from last year, when they ranked 112th out of 120 FBS programs in that category. But it wasn't enough to minimize production by a premier rushing attack.

"At times, we played pretty well," Hauck said of his run defense. "But the consistency of it wasn't there. They're really good at what they do."

Wisconsin finished the night with 278 yards on the ground, and the effort was spearheaded by reigning Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year John Clay. The burly junior totaled 123 yards and two scores on 17 carries, and back-ups Montee Ball and James White helped take all of the pressure off of Tolzien and the passing game.

UNLV ended up running for 112 yards on 27 attempts, but much of that came late in the game with Wisconsin having the victory all but sealed.

Some promising signs that Hauck has the program headed in the right direction were there.

Aside from the run defense appearing to be a bit more fundamentally sound and organized, there were no mental lapses and mind-boggling penalties that drove fans nuts over the past few seasons.

The discipline was a nice consolation prize for those Rebel backers who came to watch, but getting it to translate into a win won't be any easier next week, as Hauck takes his team on the road for the first time.

UNLV will take on Utah, which is likely to jump into the Top 25 polls after knocking off No. 15 Pitt in Salt Lake City on Thursday night in an overtime affair, 27-24. It marked the Utes' 18th consecutive victory at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Hauck said he and his staff will review Saturday's film extensively before determining who will start the game at quarterback for the Rebels, but the run game — both executing it and stopping it — is likely to consume much of the week's focus.

"The schedule's been there; we knew how it's going to lay out a long time ago," Hauck said. "The Utah game will be a tremendous challenge. Certainly, it's a daunting task to go up there and try to get a win, but after we correct off of this tape, we have to go up there and play a good game and see if we can't steal one."

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  1. Neither my wife nor I could believe the out-of-control underage drinking that was happening in the tailgate field. Young people who were obviously not of age were either drinking beer until they threw up OR were dragging around hard liquor bottles while staggering and yelling. There was NO ONE from the school checking IDs at the entrances, so children were driving in with more and more booze. And when the game began, THEY STAYED IN THE FIELD TO GET MORE DRUNK! They weren't there for the game at all! They were there to drink their weight in booze before they turned 21, and the UNLV administration didn't do a darned thing to stop it. After the game, my wife and I came out to find a windshield broken by a bottle of Jack Daniels, and drunks tearing across the tailgate field barely avoiding other drunk kids who were trying to get to their cars to tear off too. The drinking is out of control and no one at UNLV is obviously interested in stopping it. What has to happen? Does someone have to die for the university to stop providing an unsupervised environment for this underage drinking to continue? Does someone have to get raped? Is this what the Board of Regents wants a 25 percent increase in higher education's budget for-to support unrestricted underage drinking? I even saw some girls wearing their local high school's t-shirts taking big swigs from liquor bottles-where was the unlv administration? I have a grand daughter and I would never let her anywhere near a place as dangerous as a UNLV home footbal game. Shame on President Smatresk and his useless administration for letting this unrestricted underage drinking and violence continue.

  2. I don't mean to be one to just stir up the pot, but how many of these underage drinkers ID's did you happen to see? I'll definitely give the benefit of the doubt on the local high school t-shirt display, but it is difficult for the authorities to catch everything that happens out there. I've been to my share of UNLV tailgates and there has definitely been a noticible metro presence. I am not against safety for the masses, but I am against stripping the rights from those who wish to responsibly have a good time. I guess it's the language that gets to me. The fear of a knee jerk reaction turning the UNLV tailgate into a dry event. As a UNLV alumnus, I guess I feel that the tailgate environment at the "Star Nursury Field" is one of the few traditions that we have as a university. I would hate to see it go!

  3. thats what its all about, folks. football game is just another venue to get drunk. parents are too self absorbed to get involved. maybe if they had to bail out little johnny or susie at metro, things would change. back to the game, unlv will get better as they play these upper tier teams. its gonna be a long season, dont expect overnight results.

  4. What UNLV needs is a taxpayer funded, 100,000 seat, domed stadium, located on the Strip to turn their football program around.

  5. This is what happens when you hire a small time coach to coach a team in the NCAA's top division. I think *everyone* is going to have to get their drink on in order to enjoy UNLV football.

    As for underage drinking - good point klub_k - how many id's did Mr. Socially Concerned guy (aka WilliamHill) see? Zero. What action did he take while this perceived underage drinking was occurring? Nothing. He waits until after the game, comes home and posts a comment about perceived underage drinking.

    If you're concerned, DO SOMETHING about it. Walk over to or call UNLV, but don't post a whiny comment on an article that had NOTHING to do about college kids drinking ETOH!

  6. I have to agree with the first guy who posted here, the drinking at the Star Field by kids is really out of control. I was there yesterday, too and I saw a lot of really young kids taking belt after belt of hard liquor and beer. If you pay attention, you can definately tell when someone is waaay too young to be drinking-especially in the numbers that were on that field yesterday. I saw one girl at one of the fraternity tables chugging a TON of beer from a giant hose while the frat idiots chanted and cheered when she puked it up afterwards. It was gross. I saw the cops busting someone for dope, but they were waay too overwhelmed by the amount of kids drinking to stop it. The guy is right, why did UNLV let this happen? When they let all these kids come in and drink, they promote illegal drinking and make the situation really bad for those people who are old enough and can handle it. I wish they would card everyone who goes into that field before they go in, that would solve the problem. UNLV keeps talking about "fan behavior" and how we should act but they allow this crap to go on on their own field. Hypocrites.

  7. A word about the coach. How do you gain the respect of your players if you scream at them, using the F-word? Didn't Hauck stop to think that the cameras were on him and that folks at home could read his lips? Hope some members of the administration were watching.

  8. My son attended UNLV for 2 years too long and now attends college far, far away from Las Vegas and that University.

    Not only is Sin City part of the devil's brigade, UNLV does not stand far behind. I, too, saw young kids drink themselves into oblivion with no one trying to stop them. But then, why should we expect any different, it is Vegas, baby, where anything goes.

    AS for the new Coach, UNLV will find out just what kind of person he is. I take that back, being UNLV, in Sin City, they probably already know and just plain don't care.

    I did get to meet some wonderful professors and students and I also saw some wonderful sights away from the City. Now that my son is far away from there, I will never, ever return for a visit.

  9. Awwwwww. How dare Bobby Hauck respond to adversity with a little bit of passion. Come on Bobby this is Southern Nevada! We don't allow something like losing to cloud our political correctness or hypocrisy. Shape up buddy and act like the door mat you have taken over. The only thing your fans can't stand more then a passionate coach demonstrating some passion to his players about the game of football... Underage drinkers! Oh and potty mouths. How dare you sir! Really, how dare you? This is Las Vegas, our hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    I wonder how many disgusting foul four letter words the ultra conservatives uttered during the game? Remember this you so called fans, You get the team you deserve and pay for. People wouldn't drink in the streets if a winning product was on the field to watch.

    Bobby the only thing you didn't do right, was cuff that kid a la Woody Hayes for calling time out. You should have all of them out there running Sunday mornings in 100 degree heat till they are puking like the supposed underage drinkers. Now nut up and get these fans and players in line with winning, we have been suffering losers for decades, its a big job and will require a lot more then 5 effing f-bombs on the sideline!

  10. FWIW:

    Ironically, the point-spread was Wisconsin -20 points -- frankly, what were the odds of the Badgers winning by exactly 20-points, "pushing", "siding" or "middling" bettors?

    BTW: How'd the books make out on this final?

    : {

  11. He has no business coaching an FBS team. All you koolaid drinkers wouldn't listen.

  12. If you don't like the "underage" drinking don't tailgate in the Star field! If you don't like what the cops are doing say something to them! Tailgating is common at all college and NFL football games, how is this just a problem at UNLV? Las Vegas was built around gambling and drinking if you can't put up with it leave.
    GooGooDolls- We have the right coach for the job. I guess you are okay with UNLV hiring another over paid coach to do the same job. Bobby is a competitor and absolutely hates to lose (look at his record). You are just another fair weather fan who thought UNLV had a shot at winning the game. I came in with the understanding that we would try to keep it close and try to learn what our strength and weaknesses are. Get a clue...
    Eljeffe- Great post!!!

  13. Let's all judge the coach after one game. Give me a break people!

  14. If you are referring to me unionstrong, I definitely got my son out of Las Vegas. Whether is at UNLV, UF, USC etc., allowing underage drinking is wrong. There is a huge problem with the mentality of those who think that drinking themselves into oblivion and reaching for a drink to celebrate whenever something goes right, or reach for a drink whenever something goes wrong, is the "cool" thing to do.

    You said it well, "Las Vegas was built around gambling and drinking" but please also add prostitution, immorality and sin. How very sad.

  15. Hauck is a very good coach. Anyone that knows anything about what he did at MONTANA and knows he was the best option UNLV had available. Frankly, I'm surprised he took the job. Give the guy a chance. His first game with UNLV was with another coaches' recruits against a top traditional powerhouse from the BIG 10. Every magazine in the country has UNLV placing second to last, if not last, in the MWC. He only lost by 20 points! I honestly thought it was going to be far worse.

    For the "fans" posting about his "f-bombs" on television . . . go to the freakin' game! Be a real fan and support your team! Don't sit on your couch and complain. I'm not a fan of the language and I think he can handle those situations better but I also understand this isn't home economics, its division I football and it isn't for the faint of heart. If the language hurts your ears that much become a BYU fan.

    As for the under aged drinking, go to any college campus and you'll see similar problems. This isn't a UNLV problem but a college game atmosphere issue. The only difference is that the MWC is one of the few that actually allow sales of beer in the stadium . . . but I do agree enforcement needs to be a higher priority not only because it is the law but because no one walks to the game, everyone has to drive to and from the stadium.

    Take it from a NEVADA fan, you have a good coach and I wish Ault would have retired so we could have him. I honestly believe that in 3-5 years he will be in the PAC 10 taking over Wash St. after he has taken UNLV to more than one bowl game. This will be the last year in a while that NEVADA takes UNLV to the shed, he'll make UNLV not only competitive but very good, mark my words.

  16. WilliamHill, of all of the social ills in America, the one you're concerned about is not high on the list. Maybe uptight adults drive kids to drink.

    One other reality check - the Wisconsin program is gigantic. 21 points was pretty good.

  17. When it's all said and done, I believe the Rebels did pretty much what they were capable of doing...

    The sport books had UNLV losing by 20 points and that's what happened...

    This team is not loaded with talent and the UNLV coaching staff is putting a new system in place.

    It's going to take some time, a lot of hard work by the coaching staff and the players, and a great deal of patience on the part of the fans...

    Opening against Wisconsin (ranked 12th) is a tall, tall order....The Badger just might win the Big 10!

    The Rebels jump from the frying pan into the fire this week with the game against Utah...

    Also, allow Bobby Hauck a little latitude with some of his side-line behavior. One thing is certain, he's getting peoples attention...

    This Rebel team may end up with only 3 or 4 wins, but be a better team that they were last year...

    Look at their schedule!

  18. Had fun at the game.

    I will give this staff a chance and not scream that 'the sky is falling' after one game vs. a ranked opponent.

    And lol at the 'socially conscious' observer (and their multiple sign ons) who are outraged enough to come post on an anonymous internet forum. Way to do your part! Hope you feel good about yourself for taking that stand. Maybe next game you should take the next step and make some citizen's arrests...

    Old, uptight, sanctimonious, hypocrite busy bodies. You think tailgating at UNLV games is bad??? All you're here to do is pile on the 'sin city' stereo type. Go ahead and send your kids to the Big Twen or $ec to tailgate if you're sooooo fearful of the EVIL UNLV tailgates.... I'm sure there won't be shenanigans or under age drinking.

  19. LOL Morningsunrise: Your condemnation of Vegas and its immoralities while you continue to live here screams of hypocrisy. Accepting all the benefits of lower taxes while righteously proclaiming your city's sinfulness is a bit like rooming with a drug dealer, condemning him for how he makes his living, but allowing him to pay your rent. Do the right thing--either move out or pay your fair share of the taxes.

  20. I can't believe what I'm reading! People complaining about alcohol and football? People complaining about swearing in football? Ridiculous complaints!

    I was tailgating in there. Maybe the underage drinking was happening, but Metro was all over the place. It wasn't that bad at all. And quit assuming they were Rebel fans and blaming the university. A lot of those drinkers were from Wisconsin.

    Hauck is a great coach. Some players need a tough guy to keep them in line. So he dropped an F-Bomb or 10. Maybe he should go yell at our basketball team, so they behave a little better. I can't believe some "fans" are giving up on our coach after his first game.

  21. Maybe UNLV should stop selling alcohol at the games. The problem would be the loss of revenue so that would probably never happen. I like to have a few beers on the weekend but i would support UNLV if they decided to not sell alcohol inside the stadium.

  22. I fully support coach Hauck's use of the "F-bombs". If the players are doing something incorrectly, they need to know about it and coach Hauck knows how to get it through their heads.

  23. Oh stop it right now, blaming the coach?! Coach move was smart, but does anyone remember that we still have a group of LOSERS on our team?! Deffense and offense! Garbage Clayton, Payne, Clausen, Trotter, MICHAEL JOHNSON (WORST PLAYER ON THE TEAM)...TERRIBLE O-Line, atrocious rushing defense. You can get rid of a coach, but you can't EXPECT ANYTHING until the athletes we have leave too! DUH! You think changing the coach will change all the players?! **** no! We still have the same, high school, underachieving talent on our squad which we're begging to leave. Same issues as last year. You can always get rid of a coach, but you must get rid of the players to revamp and redefine the entire squad if you want to see positive results. Anyone can tell you that!

  24. And for the whites who complain about the cursing, get a life. This isn't CHRISTIANITY. You won't be burned and sinned for saying f bombs, do you think he's going to eloquently say to all his players, "Well guys, I don't think we're doing the right thing right now so lets go out and do a bit better this 2nd half. Everything will be ok." THIS ISN'T POP WARNER!!! If I was the coach, you bet your butt I'd be going out their howling and saying words that are NOT EVEN in the dictionary!! Sends the strong, disgruntled msg much faster than saying calmly at your daughters soccer match, "oh come on jake! You can do it!" Get a life and go to church instead of a football game, or, go live in a remote town where everyone smiles fakishly and greets you where ever you go. This is america, let alone vegas, man up or shut up. Watch the game on t.v if you're going to complain about something so preposterous....tskkk.

  25. Morningsunrise is a prime example of a being living in summerlin where everyone is so SERENE and NICE to each other. You probably have a daughter or son who plays soccer and you and the parents for an anti-cursing alliance. LMFAO! You think the alcohol was bad? The football game? The cursing? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Never go to a real FUTBOL match overseas because you would probably faint at how the soccer hooligans act in Croatia and Turkey. God, are people that oblivious to the world we live in? If you want to stand beside a bowl of milfs, rooting on your sons football team, move to North Carolina, West V or any ACC infested state because you won't be getting any respect with that garbage coming out of your mouth here.

  26. So morningsunrise, next time junior has to make a big-boy decision will you just "get him out" of there?

    Quit stunting his growth by not allowing him to make up his own friggen mind.

  27. Its disgusting how some of you are supporting kids getting drunk at the star field. My boyfriend and I were there yesterday and saw for ourselves how bad it was. We saw young kids, no not "supposedly" young kids but REAL KIDS pounding both beer and hard stuff until they puked. Metro was there and I pointed it out to them, but they told me that since the UNLV administration let anyone bring as much alcohol in as they wanted, nothing could be done without causing a riot. Yes, underage drinking happens, but how often is it supported by the university? UNLV provides the land for kids to drink on, no supervision (that I saw anyway) to check ids before kids entered the field, and then they leave the whole mess for the public to deal with. Coming in, we saw an accident with three cars that metro later told me was due to the drinking at the game. Great job, UNLV. Its sick how you allow kids to drink themselves silly and then crash into each other. You should all be ashamed!

  28. Kathytyres: If you pointed out to Metro officers the underage drinkers, it's their fault for not checking ID's. They are there on overtime being paid by the administration to control underage drinking. You should have gotten their names because I'm sure the UNLV adm. would love to find out which Metro officers are being paid overtime and deciding to not take an interest in their jobs. Your probably lucky they didn't draw their weapons and fire upon you for bugging them at the tailgate.

    As for the head coach dropping f-bombs.....people it's football. There's cussing and contact in the game. The last coach didn't swear and the team always folded by the 4th quarter. He's simply keeping the aggression going so no one quits...and they didn't. If the f-word gets us to the next competitive level well then.....f--- it!

  29. I'll make my position on all the concern over underage drinking short. Was there underage drinking these? Of course. Is it UNLV's responsibility? Yes and No; but I bet they are more than covered by the fact that Metro was very present in the area. The fact that Metro was alerted to underage drinking and chose to do nothing is a Metro issue, not a UNLV issue. As was pointed out, the drinking is a college issue, not a Vegas or UNLV issue. Someone got kidnapped in Utah once, does that make Utah a cest pool of immorality? No.
    As for the game, I'm not sure what people were expecting out of UNLV. I was expecting to see about what happened. We had an undersized defense going up against one of the biggest and best offensive lines in the country. Every single one of those guys on Wisconsin's O-Line will be drafted to play in the NFL. That's a fact and the discrepency in that one area was enough to know Wisc. was going to physically dominate us. What did we see though? We saw a defense that took advantage of Wisc. mistakes and tightened up a few times inside the 10 yardline to hold the Badgers to field goals. We saw an offense that looked a bit out of sorts, but thats to be expected with a new coach and a new system. What we didn't see was the UNLV players quitting in the second half and we didn't see the usual bonehead penalties that plagued the team last year.
    We all knew this year would be rough just because of the schedule and here we are, yet some of these "fans" are already condmening Coach Hauck? He cursed at his players and lost by 20 to the number 12 team in the country! The sky is falling! Give me a break. I was actually encouraged by what I saw and am looking forward to the next couple of years.

  30. Funr, I don't think you read my post carefully; metro said they couldn't do anything because it would have caused a RIOT. They said that if the lawbreaking by that many people were to be stopped, the administration of UNLV should have done it by checking ids BEFORE these kids were let in with their alcohol. And MikeLange? It is UNLV,s responsibility. Its UNLV's field, UNLV's event, and UNLV's responsibility. They set the rules. If they choose to let in tens of thousands of people and not check ids, then there is nothing metro can do about it-its UNLV that is paying the bill, like funr said.

  31. Really Kathy? That's your story? You and your boyfriend are going to be willing to stick to it and point out the culprits throughout an internal investigation by LVMPD, UNLVPD, and the UNLV administration?

    Or maybe you didn't really verify the age of the drinkers you saw. Maybe you thought about saying something or mumbled under your breath as you passed a couple of the Metro Officers you saw there. Maybe the conversation you had was the righteous indignation kind you had with your boyfriend that so many people have when they witness a crime and then move along and mind their own business.

    It's ok, it happens often, but usually the people who do what you did have the good sense to shut their pie-hole, they don't get on a web page and spew hypocritical, libelous vitriol at the "authorities". Usually, and as the story in the bible goes, the crowd disperses without a single rock being hurled at the less then savory criminals. Maybe next time you and the boyfriend can nut up and start the rock pile while you're there. Now that would be admirable.

    On a side note I really like Bobby Hauck's passion. Lets give him 24 months to turn this around before we hand the rocks out and let Kathy, her boyfriend, and all the other self righteous do gooders, make rock piles everywhere they see injustices occurring. I hope they mic the guy on the sidelines and play it every weekend so we can find out what real winners sound like. Political Correctness has gotten us a bunch of thin skinned pantywaist fans whose little feelers get hurt by naughty language and mean faced coaches with angry eyes.

  32. Oh SNAP I just saw your last post Kathy....Now Im really gonna call BS on you and your story. I was at the 38k+ attended UNR game a couple of years ago and on that same Star Nursery Field Police officers on Horseback came riding through the MIDDLE of the area we were tailgating. They weren't to concerned about hurting anyone's feelings or causing a riot when they snatched the beer bongs from the kids partying next to us. In fact they acted like police officers moving in force and told the crowd to disperse which it did in a timely and orderly way. Your events sound unrealistic and unimaginable. However I will stand corrected upon your opening a complaint that is thoroughly investigated and corroborated by I'm sure hours and hours of video footage that must exist.

  33. El, I only hope there is an internal investigation by metro and unlv like you suggest. I would support that. It might just stop all the kids drinking, getting sick, and then trying to drive home. And if what you wrote later is true, and this problem has been happening for years, then its worse than I thought. I hope something is done to stop it. In any case, its back to work for me. If anyone would like to come down and support the MDA telethon, we would love to see you at the South Point!

  34. I don't understand why UNLV fans and Vegas/Southern Nevada residents seem to have so much self loathing. UNLV is a new university and it takes time and strong alumni base to make your program a top twenty contender. I am Ohio State and UMASS graduate so I know what it is like to be an alum of a winning program and one that doesn't have such a winning record. Althugh UMASS can't compete against Big Ten school ordinarily, you don't hear about fans talking trash about their team as UNLV and Vegas people do. UMASS has been a college a lot longer than UNLV. I think if fans and alum get more realistic about the program, we all can enjoy the games as they should be. It will take years for UNLV alums grow in numbers and prominance so that they can provide support for UNLV like the major programs across the country. I have only lived in Nevada for 4 years but I think it is sad how we seem to take no pride in where we live and constantly our community and local institutions. I don't think it is constructive to always find faults in our community. We many things about Southern Nevada that can be assets. Lots of sun for one, which can make Nevada a leader in renewable energy source. No hurricanes and constant floods to ravage homes. The occasional flash floods don't count as real flood in my mind. I think that is more caused by poor civil engineer planning. Try living in the midwest or the south for awhile and talk to me about a bad weather caused by floods and storms. How about the great winters we have, no snow and salt to eat at our roads. The midwest must spend millions of dollars constantly updating and repairing bridges and roads that we don't have to worry about in our sunny community. We have lots of advantages that people in the midwest can only dream about. People just need to move to Detroit and Cleveland for awhile to realize how lucky we are.

    The negative tail gating comments was especially funny for me. Being a former Ohio State undergraduate, I can confirm that what goes on UNLV is certainly very tame and lame compated to Big Ten tail gates. I remember as an 18 year freshmen at Ohio State, walking across a parking lot full of flattened aluminum beer cans and people just having a great time. Yes some people never made it to the game. Doesn't make them bad people, just having fun. I will never forget the great times at Ohio State drinking before the game and cheering on the Buckeyes. Go UNLV because I live here now, go Buckeyes, and go UMASS minutemen.

  35. I was there at the UNLV/Wisconsin game. Yes, there was LOTS of drinking and tailgating in the parking lot, but it was NOT out of control! Very tame. Mostly people just sitting around by there cars and trucks drinking and talking.

    I think UNLV did a good job against #12 Badgers! Good defense, very few penalties, and they put some points on the board. Yes, they lost, but what did you expect?! It was their first game of the season with a new coach and new plays! AND they were playing one of the best teams in the nation!!

    Great game Coach Hauck! I'll be at every game this season!!

  36. Underage drinking at a college football game? Never heard that before! Get tanked before you go in because the price of a beer on the inside is astronomical. Welcome, come join the party with some beer pong and keg stands.

    Mean to tell me you didn't drink at a tailgate when you were in college.

    I don't give 2 Cleveland steamers about the drinking before, during, or after the game, and furthermore I really don't think it's the administration's fault when metro is patrolling through the tailgate the whole game.

    Football people, that's what this article is about.

  37. All of you prudists out there complaining of the drinking at the tailgates - get real!! They are college kids, they drink. I graduated from a Big 10 school, and guess what? We drank like crazy too! My father graduated from an Ivy league school, guess what? They drank like crazy too! It's a fact of life. Hey William Hill? When did you start drinking? My guess is you had your first drink by 15, so get off your high horse you old fartt!! These poor kids NEED to be drunk to watch the poor quality of football that UNLV produces, believe me.

  38. One other thing, at most campuses, the freaking stadium is ON CAMPUS, and 95% of the students walk to the game. Getting drunk is not an issue. Of course, at UNLV, the stadium is in the middle of the desert about 12 miles from campus, so everyone is forced to drive. THAT is an issue. Of course, what do you expect from a glamorized COMMUTER SCHOOL.

  39. Morningsunrise,

    I'm so glad to hear you moved your precious boy out of "Sin City." Now, if you would kindly remove yourself and your misguided, holier than thou attitude, you'd be doing the rest of us a favor.

    Stick your hypocritical ethics where the "sun" doesn't shine.

  40. We're talking about Football right? FOOTBALL

    I just wanted our team to show up. They did. The opponents were bigger, stronger, and faster than us and we were scrappy enough to give them a couple on the chin. What I can say about Coach Hauck is this, those kids believe in him. I could care less about the F bombs. He's going to make this team better. We have a very tough schedule this year. Don't expect a lot of wins, just hope for a lot of fight.

    if you don't like drinking at games go watch BYU play and shut up already.

  41. Jerry, they still drink at BYU games.

    I have held season tickets tickets since 1984. I am not giving up on Coach Hauck, but I not going to go easy on him either. The single biggest problem in UNLV history with Coaches is that fans give them a pass and starting saying garbage like "golly gee, they were a #12 team, awe shucks, at least it's a moral victory."

    That makes me want to puke. Start expecting more and more will be delivered. Keep making excuses and pretty soon you'll be more creative in how you use them.

    As for drinking at the game; boo hoo. I hear there was a chess match at the library you could attend.

    As for Coach Hauck swearing; Sometimes the only word that works is a swear word. F...... A!

  42. GO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEBELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. More F bombs the better, this is football dam it!

  44. Get this right....I NO LONGER LIVE IN VEGAS. Both my son and I are out of there, for good. AS for me letting my son make his own decisions, I have no problem with that because I have raised him to now right from wrong and to never, ever, let others put pressure on him, peers or not.

    UNLV does not care about its students, period, so why should they care about someone else child. Why should they care if these children drink themselves into oblivion. UNLV has the power to stop it, but they won't because they would be loosing money from selling alcohol to adults and to minors. METRO police cannot do anything about it. It is UNLV field.

    Accidents do happen under the influence of alcohol. Kids driving under the influence have killed other before, worst yet, they have killed themselves.

  45. "the devil's brigade"


    Are you the mom from the movie Carrie?

    You sound like it.

    So you hate Vegas. You and you're emotionally scarred son barely escaped with your lives from 'sin city' and you will never return. But yet you're reading the sports section of a Vegas paper and commenting on UNLV Football???

    Doesn't add up. Like I said, you're just a Vegas hater with multiple sign ons here to spread around your bitterness.

    All you tailgaters watch out for the crazy zealots!

  46. True Fan, the reason I still bother to read the sports section is because I got to know two of the players quite well and believe it or not, these are God fearing, lovely young persons.

    My son is not "emotionally scarred" as you put it, as a matter of fact, he approached me first about wanting to leave Vegas and go to a better school.

    We did not escaped, we just felt that disliking Vegas like we do would eventually take a toll on our lives. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I am not a multiple sign on, just me. As for my total dislike of Vegas, that is just my opinion as I am intelligent enough to realize that there are thousands of others who love it. Hey, where else can a young person or any person go and be able to commit any unmoral acts and get away with it. By the way True Fan, do you have any children?

  47. wah wah wah wah wah.

  48. Oh man. I feel sorry for that kid.

  49. "Kids driving under the influence have killed other before, worst yet, they have killed themselves."

    Really. It's worst (sic) to kill themselves than to kill others when driving drunk.

  50. Morningside- You dislike Vegas. We disike you. Go away.

  51. How in the world did a sports blog turn into a forum for afraid to do something about a problem moralists? If you see a problem have someone, anyone, in authority(like Metro) address it. Don't hide your head and move on and, please, please don't use a sports blog to express your self righteous indignation!
    By the way, good effort Rebs. Look forward to the coming games.

  52. morningsunrise - EVERY city in the world has sin... It's just that Las Vegas embraces it. Yeah, I would love if we did away with the "Sin City" slogan, but we can't. Anyways, I love Las Vegas for the beautiful city that it is.

    As for drinking... If you wanna see drinking go to Wisconsin. I'm from there, and we are a state built on alcohol. Milwaukee is the 2nd hardest drinking city in the US. Heck, many major beer companies come from there, UW-Madison is a HUGE party school, and Milwaukee Brewer parking lots are pretty much bars.

  53. Thank you for sharing your story, morningsunrise. I agree that if more of the people writing here knew some of the children that were drinking themselves silly saturday afternoon and night in the star field they might have a different opinion. You can't get away from the fact that the star field is UNLV's property, so they are ultimately responsible. I want to be able to go to a home football game where that kind of illegal behavior is discouraged-not looked at with a wink as girls who can't even stand anymore are dragged around for whatever sick purpose others have in mind. That is what's happening out there that some of you just don't seem to care about. Its wrong, against the law, kids suffer, and if the university were serious they would be out there checking ids and turning back kids who try to drive in with alcohol or hard liquor and aren't old enought to drink.

  54. The article did not reference tailgating; not only is the righteous hand-wringing tiresome, it is out of place here. Also, as several other posters have noted here, the tailgating here is mild compared to other schools.
    What the article did reference was the game itself. I was pleased by the lack of ridiculous penalties - well-coached teams don't shoot themselves in the foot over and over the way UNLV has in recent years. I think the Rebels are on their way to being respectable.

  55. It wasn't mild from what I saw out there. Teenagers were falling all over each other drunk. Then they got in their cars and God knows what happened on the roads. There has to be a better way that would stop that kind of mess. No way I would let my kid anywhere near that tailgate area.

  56. ladies; take the drinking problem elsewhere as this is a SPORTS post.

  57. As for the drinking- get a grip- it happens at EVERY college.
    Regarding the game- UNLV could have lost by 50. But I saw a much more disciplined team under Hauck than Sanford. Give this guy 3 years to get his own guys in there. This year, with the schedule, will be ugly- really ugly- maybe 2-3 wins at best.
    As for the swearing- you've got to be kidding me.

  58. OMG there was underage drinking at a tailgate? That is outrageous! I can guarantee you, at schools like Texas or LSU is 100 times worse! Get over it!!! As for the football team, i'm not completely disappointed with our performance, at least we didn't get shut out 72-0 like some schools in our conference.hahaha.

  59. All you people complaining about the drinking on the Star field..DON"T GO THERE AGAIN! it happens everywhere not just UNLV. GOD forbid if Las Vegans have a little fun before watching their team get pummled. If there was no tailgating the stadium would have had 15k fans instead of 30k so shut it! If you want a wholesome crowd travel up to Provo and you will fit right in!

  60. Can I say, I like beer? Is that ok?

  61. The issue is not beer, but underage drinking that is open, obvious, and supported by the UNLV administration. This is illegal and is supported by our tax dollars provided to UNLV by the legislature. THAT does not happen everywhere, as lv702 writes. It happens at only one place, the Star field, and it happens at every home football game. So since the UNLV administration knows where and when it happens, and they are responsible for what happens on that field since they control it during that time, why do they continue to support these crimes and enourage them by not cracking down on them?