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UNLV 2011 signee Grandy Glaze requests release, will re-open recruitment

Following coaching change at UNLV, Glaze set to explore his options again, including Oklahoma

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Grandy Glaze

While none of UNLV's current players are opting to leave the program following the hire of coach Dave Rice, the team's lone signee in the 2011 recruiting class will not be on campus this summer.

Canadian forward Grandy Glaze, who just completed his senior campaign at Notre Dame (Mass.) Prep, requested a release from his National Letter of Intent on Thursday morning, and plans to re-open his recruitment, according to AAU coach Mike George. The request will be granted by Rice.

"I think he just thought about it, regarding the coaches that recruited him originally, and he's pretty close to them and they left," George said. "The new coach hasn't had a chance to see him, so it might be better to move on, go through it all again. I think he just wants to open it up, make sure he's comfortable with the coaches in place."

George said that if UNLV still wants him, Glaze would consider the program once again, but all indications point to the 6-foot-6 power forward playing his college ball elsewhere.

As for other schools who will be after Glaze, George said it's too soon to know just who will be on that list, but, naturally, expect Oklahoma and former UNLV coach Lon Kruger to get involved.

Glaze originally committed to UNLV last March, picking the Rebels over the likes of Minnesota, West Virginia, South Florida, St. Joseph's and Xavier.

The Toronto native will likely be a hot commodity for programs with room to add very late in the recruiting game. When he first committed, Glaze was ranked as the No. 14 power forward and No. 83 overall prospect in the 2011 class by Rivals.com, but not long after that, he was dropped to No. 138 overall.

UNLV's original tie to Glaze was between former assistant coach Greg Grensing and George. Glaze took a liking to Grensing after working with him closely at a UNLV elite camp, and that now makes Oklahoma a serious player for Glaze, as Grensing has since accepted a staff position under Kruger.

Kruger left UNLV on April 1 following seven seasons at the helm to accept the same position at OU, signing a 7-year, $16 million deal. However, he inherited a roster filled with holes and in need of some immediate depth and patching.

The split between Glaze and UNLV appears to be mutual, as Rice is still working to fill the final three open spots on his staff. Those pieces are expected to begin falling into place starting early next week.

This also leaves the Rebels with two open scholarships heading into the 2011-12 season. It's likely that one of those will be filled this summer.

The top target remains USC transfer Bryce Jones, a 6-foot-5 freshman guard who is likely to make a decision between UNLV, San Diego State and Gonzaga next week following this weekend's official visit to Spokane, Wash. Two other potential transfer targets for UNLV are Utah freshman swingman J.J. O'Brien and Kansas freshman guard Royce Woolridge.

It's also a strong possibility that one scholarship will be rolled over into the 2012 recruiting class, which will be a very important one for Rice and his staff. That would give the Rebels five scholarships to grant following next season, with several targets being high-profile local players such as Bishop Gorman's Shabazz Muhammad, Rosco Allen, Ben Carter and Demetris Morant along with Findlay Prep's Anthony Bennett and Winston Shepard.

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  1. I don't understand how it could be mutual...

  2. Rice/Hutson not familiar with Glaze, Glaze not familiar with Rice/Hutson, if Glaze leaves, UNLV will be fine, and he'll have plenty of other teams knocking down the door to get him to sign. Mutual.

  3. That's too bad, hopefully we can pick up a taller garbageman in the future. Wonder if we'll have any freshman in the 2011 class this year.

  4. Not a big loss. I was not impressed with this signing by Kruger. Glaze seemed to be a desperation sign since Kruger wasn't able to land anyone else in the 2011 recruiting class besides Walker who is more like a 2013 recruit anyway. Glaze was a typical 3 star, below average Kruger recruit. I watched some video on Glaze and was not impressed. He is short, slow, and very unathletic looking. Everyone was trying to compare him to Charles Barkley which made me laugh. He is definetly no Sir Barkley. There is a reason Rivals dropped him from 83 to 138. How he was ranked as high as 83 in the first place is beyond me.

    I am still more concerned with the loss of Williams-Goss. I hope that Rice might be able to resign him in the future. He looks as if he could have a lot of potential especially with 2 years to still develop before he graduates.

  5. mj, i completely agree with you about Glaze. During the year I was looking for any kind of article in his hometown newspaper about how he was playing this year. I couldn't find anything.

    The one thing I don't like about Goss is he isn't quick enough to play point guard. All the games I watched him in he really couldn't penetrate. The reason Findlay lost that game in the tournament was because Kabongo played about 10 minutes while Goss got the majority of time at the point.

  6. +2

  7. I predict Glaze will regret this move....i think he was overvalued orior....Agreed he looked, small for position,a nd no HOPS.......He may find he has trouble now getting to a large school. Kansas,UNC, Duke will NOT be calling.

  8. Why would we want this guy? Kruger recruited him, he's mediocore at best. He's barely 3 stars and falling on rivals. I think it's best to cut most ties with Kruger recruits. Bring in 5 of the local kids and it could be the Fab 5 all over, but goochie row style! Kruger had no shot at these guys. I was a Reggie supporter, I think I was dead wrong. I'm already liking Rice, let these guys go.

  9. It's like you make that comment just to bag on the kid. Not anywhere in the article did it say he was getting looks from the like of Kansas, North Carolina or Duke.

  10. i dont know why people are saying this is not a big loss, he is the type of player everyone wants on their team. he has a non stop motor and does all the little things that get over looked. i was looking forward to seeing him play here.

  11. Glaze may turn out to be a fine player but I was also not impressed with his athleticism or skill set from video. Would love to see Rice recruit better athletes. Outside of Marshall we have very little athleticism. This has to be improved to play run and gun like we enjoy. Good luck to Grandy. Probably end up with the Sooners.

  12. You call that BAGGIN on the kid....what are you ,like 12yrs old? Do you read anything Written on here or just looking to argue...its called a COMMENT....my comment....thats what this is.. a comment board........If he leaves UNLV, I simply stated he may end up regretting it....In other words where else is he going to go that is better????? My point is that he may have been overvalued....Im suggesting the kid should probably stay. When I viewed videos of him months ago I was kind of dissapointed.........and apparently im not the only one as his RATINGS for recruitment have dropped........Ill trust Rice to eval that. But thanks for noticing...idiot.

  13. I hope, at the very least, this breaks people off of the notion that Lon Kruger is a great guy and not a mercenary looking for a bigger paycheck, bigger things and taking kids he recruited to UNLV with him to OU.

    I didn't like him editorializing on anything Rebel when he left. All the power in the world to Kruger for getting what's his, and I do wish him the best in his new job, but all the 'we love and we miss Lon and he loves us' is best put to rest.

    Time to move on from loving Lon to hoping the Rebels regularly meet Lon in the NCAAs so we can take advantage of the first round bye (unless Kevin somehow gets another year of eligibility).

  14. Losing a player like Glaze is a definite hit to the program on a recruiting front. Rice and Co. are running out top athletes, or any athletes in general to try and recruit. We are not UK and need to pick up players to keep the rotation going each year for balance. Another one bites the dust.

  15. Manny Arop just transfered from Gonzaga. He would be a good addition.

  16. The irony of you calling me a twelve year old and an idiot is not lost on me. If you're suggesting the kid should stay, you should probably say that, however, that would be a contradiction to what you did post. I've read your posts and think little of your opinion.

  17. We need the depth in our big men to play 2 at a time and run. I'm not sure Grandy would be a good fit for the style Rice is bringing back. I wish him the best in the future but am not saddened by his departure. We now have 2 spots available and a tall lanky jc player would be nice. Id also like others opinions on Wally Judge, he was finally given his release from Kansas State.

  18. patticus, ripping Goss for Findlay's loss to Dwyer is completely wrong. You do know the reason Kabongo only played limited minutes, right? 1) He was hurt and 2) He landed in D.C. about 4 hours before the game after playing in the McDonald's game the night before. Goss played well in his place, too. Not sure where you're coming from with that one.

  19. I'm not sure how Goss was being blamed for the loss to Dwyer either. If anything, Nick Johnson trying to do too much and turning the ball over a bunch is what ultimately cost the team. I watched that whole game and NWG looked like one of the more consistent and composed players on the Findlay team in that game. Plus, the one stud kid for Dwyer was insane that game.

    The important thing to remember with Goss is that he just finished his Sophomore year! 2 more years of great coaching and elite competition... he's only going to get better and I really hope he ends up committing to UNLV again.

    I think Glaze would have been a great fit for Rice's Rebels. He plays hard, plays aggressive and has a non-stop motor. Is he a bit undersized? Sure... but every team needs someone to do the ditry work. I'm disappointed that he decommitted. I don't think it is a HUGE hit, but I was looking forward to seeing him play for us.

  20. It's funny how on here not too long ago, everyone was saying how good a recruit Grandy Glaze was, now everyone is acting like he's nothing. Hilarious. Welcome to the world of Dave Rice. I said it once and I'll say it again, this was the wrong hire. Michael Peck was the man for this job point blank. UNLV hired Rice with the sole purpose that he was going to bring Muhammad and friends from Gorman because his brother is the coach. They obviously won't come out and say it but it's clear that this hire was thought to be a package deal. Hire Rice and get Gorman's top players was the idea. I'll be laughing when Muhammad says bye bye Vegas, and UNLV and Rice is standing around wondering what happened.

  21. I think it's hilarious that people are bashing Kruger's recruiting now that he's gone.....when he was here, everyone was a Homer and nobody could criticize him without getting smashed. Our program is in trouble....Rice was not a good choice. We should have went after a bigger name coach.

  22. I would beg to differ. It was well known that Kruger's recruiting was not his strong point, and he has been criticized for that everywhere he has gone. I think that the talent level has been steadily improving over his tenure, but we had one 5 star recruit in Wink Adams, 1 5 five star bust in Hamga, then some 4 star, and mostly 3 star guys. Granted, I don't put too much into recruiting sites, but there was something to be desired.
    Throwing Rice under the bus already is pretty asinine. A, the school could not afford a big name coach, B HE HASN'T COACHED A GAME YET, even filled out his staff.
    Glaze would have added to the depth of the big men, and could have developed into a pretty good player, but probably would not have been an immediate impact type player. He could be a Chuck Hayes type.

  23. "Stars" mean little. You can't judge a player specifically on a star rating.

  24. PS..as for him being undersized, he looked like he was maybe 6'2.....and this guy is goig to reboudn and BANG??? All i saw on highlights against Hoghschool competition is a bunch of layups.....One barely over the rim slam. Rebel4lifes post was dead on.

  25. Reality, why are you so defensive? I agree with Jerry. Your comment was very misleading. I don't believe Glaze is hoping for the likes of Kansas, Duke or UNC to recruit him. Glaze was very comfortable with Lon Kruger and just didn't get the vibe from Rice at this time. He isn't dead yet. The kid just wants to play basketball. If Rice feels he will fit well in this program he will contact Glaze and I am sure he will listen. Whether the kid is "overvalued" or not, the fact that he would help this team with depth is what is a loss. As stated, these stars mean nothing.

    As for the people still taking parting shots at Kruger, enough already. Whether you liked him or not the fact is he helped bring this school back up and back into the top 25. While he didn't have all 5 star recruits, he had recruits that were competitive and took this team to places it hadn't been in a while. And simply put, if a company offered to double your salary and presented you with a challenge that you loved, you would go. Plain and simple. This is Dave Rice's team now.

    And to the dude that said Michael Peck should have been the head coach of a division I college just because he led a prep school to championships is nuts. I like Michael and think he is a great guy but he is not DI material just yet. Michael was able to get cream of the crop high school kids because it is a prep school where students are "sponsored". While he did an excellent job for those players, that is nowhere near DI levels. I wouldn't mind seeing him put his time in as an assistant for a while but head coach, come on now!

    And finally, the shots at Goss were so far off base in the Dwyer game. That makes me laugh.

  26. Ryan, all i'm saying is if Kabongo was 100% and played his normal minutes Findlay would have won the game. With Kabongo ability to penetrate, he gets open shots for all his teammates which is something Goss can't do. It is my opinion Goss won't be a great point guard at the college level. He might be a good 2 guard though, I don't know.

  27. Here is what the ESPN profile of Goss is:
    Williams-Goss isn't blessed with great speed and quickness. Quicker guards can get into him and cause him to be very turnover prone. He changes speeds pretty well, but he lacks that highly coveted 2nd gear. His jump shot is just fair at this stage and he lacks lift on his shot."

    ESPN has good things to say about the kid, but I agree this kid isn't quick enough to be a great point guard. Just my opinion.

  28. Looks like UNLV's program is heading toward par with the rest of life in Nevada.

  29. Not saying that Glaze thinks Kansas is calling.....I simply said they wont be......In other words IF not here, then where else??? I dont doubt he liked Kruger....I get that....But unless hes going to Oklahoma then where will he go???? Im suggesting that he might find a drop off and end up at a smaller school.....( not saying that is necessarily bad either).....I do agree with Rebel4life, that he likely wouldnt have fit very well with Rices plans to run.....Just seemd smallish, and not to fast.......And again, if Im rice my only goal is to get some of MY OWN people in here...he may alradyhave plans......If you do what youve always done youll get what you alwasy got...or so i heard......I look forward to seeing Rice implement his mark and style on the game........

  30. Hey Vegasguy80? That's great UNLV made the top 25. How many times did we end the season in the top 25? I believe the correct number is 1. 7 years and 0 MWC championships. Oklahoma really overpaid, and Kruger is laughing all the way to the bank.

  31. More kids getting smart and avoiding this pathetic program out here. Hats off to him for becoming educated.

    Face it people, this place sucks, so does UNLV. Find a new hobby, maybe try watching professional sports.

  32. I love how a couple of recruits decommit after there is a coaching change and a bunch of attribute that to Dave Rice or UNLV being pathetic.

    THIS IS NORMAL!!! When a coach leaves a school, more often than not, the recruits decommit. I'll repeat... players commit to coaches moreso than they commit to schools. Nigel Williams-Goss had a good relationship with Kruger and no relationship with Dave Rice. NWG is not from Las Vegas, so he doesn't have the emotional tie a local kid might have to UNLV. Grandy Glaze even said when he commited to UNLV that he was committing because of the relationship he developed with the coaching staff during off-season camps. It makes sense that once the staff left UNLV, Grandy would want to look elsewhere. For all we know, he has never spoken to Dave Rice prior to asking for his release.

    We get it. Some of you don't care about UNLV or College athletics in general. That's fine... go read a different story and post there. Some of you wanted Reggie Theus. That's fine. These recruits most likely decommit if he is the new coach too, but if you want to use these completely normal events to attack the hiring of Dave Rice, that's fine too. One of you even thought Michael Peck should have been hired. That's fine too... odd... but fine.

    The point is that you all need to let Dave Rice do things like fill out his staff, recruit some of his own players and maybe even coach a few games before you decide that the sky is falling.

    And Patticus: I do agree that at the moment, NWG probably projects as more of a 2 guard, but he's got two years to get better.

  33. And VegasVegas... just by going through some of your past posts, here is what I know about you:

    You hate UNLV
    You hate Gorman
    You hate The Goodmans
    You hate Las Vegas
    You hate the media in Las Vegas
    You hate the people who live here.

    Here's a thought: LEAVE! I'm sure they can use your vastly self-inflated opinion of yourself elsewhere.