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Bishop Gorman star Rosco Allen commits to Stanford

6-foot-9 forward chooses Cardinal over UNLV, Oregon and North Carolina


Justin M. Bowen

Rosco Allen of Bishop Gorman lays it in deck against Sierra Vista during the Sunset Regional boys basketball championship at Desert Oasis High School in Las Vegas Friday, February 18, 2011. Bishop Gorman advances with an 84-66 win.

Mark Rosco Allen down as the first member of a loaded senior class at Bishop Gorman who will take his hardwood talents outside of the city limits next season.

The 6-foot-9 small forward gave a verbal commitment on Monday morning to Stanford — the school that had recruited him longer and harder than anyone outside of UNLV.

In the end, Allen chose Stanford over UNLV, Oregon and North Carolina. He was set to take an official visit to UNC this past weekend, but that was canceled after the Tar Heels received a commitment late in the week from Brice Johnson, who took the Tar Heels' last available scholarship.

The commitment from Allen, who Rivals.com ranks as the No. 73 overall prospect in the 2012 class, is huge for Stanford. It strengthens a class for the Cardinals that already includes Houston shooting guard Christian Sanders and California power forward Grant Verhoeven. Aside from the obvious academic edge Stanford has over Allen's other finalists, he'll join a young team and have a chance to play big minutes right from the start.

As for UNLV, Dave Rice and his staff still have two scholarships left to fill. The two other top uncommitted seniors at Gorman are both still in play.

One is Shabazz Muhammad — the 2012 class's top overall prospect — who is likely to wait until the spring signing period to make a decision. The other is 6-foot-8 power forward Ben Carter, who will soon decide between UNLV, Oregon and Utah.

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  1. Excellent choice. I know a lot of people were hoping he'd stay in town but can't fault the kid for grabbing a free education at Stanford over UNLV. Congrats to him

  2. Good luck to you Roscoe... Hard to turn down the Standford education. PS UNLV is really good at accepting Pac-12 transfers if you miss Vegas.

  3. let's be real. hard to turn down guaranteed minutes. education is just a plus

  4. Chill. He's a kid.

  5. Good luck at Stanford. As others have stated, hard to turn down Stanford, and playing time from the start. He'll flourish with Stanford, but would have been nice to have him along.

  6. @mj20 For not caring that much if he stayed you sure left the longest comment and seemed to be following him the last couple of years. More to life then just basketball. Going to receive one of the best educations you can get.... Hard to turn that down. Best of luck to you rosco

  7. Yeah mj20. Dropping in the ranking is all the more reason to choose Stanford over anybody. He's not going pro so might as well get a quality education and network with companies that can give him a good job out of college. That ain't happening at UNLV.

  8. byron hit it on the nail. Can't fault the kid for making the best choice for his future. He still gets to have fun and play basketball. I'll take a degree from Stanford over UNLV anyday. I'm happy for him great to see local kids doing well.

  9. as a UNLV grad with a job I think the closing to the comment directly above is pure bs.

  10. make that both comments directly above

  11. Jerry you really think a degree, in any major, from UNLV holds more weight than a degree from Stanford? Seriously? I'm not saying UNLV doesn't have bright students that would excel equally at Ivy league schools or other universities but lets be real here. UNLV has some great staff and deserving students but by no means is the quality of education anywhere near that of Stanford or many other schools. I know alums from both universities who both agree.

  12. I have a grad degree from UNLV myself and a job, but was mainly referring to networking with the big-name tech companies actively recruiting at Stanford. Nobody was knocking on my door trying to give me a job out of college. Now unemployment is sky-high here and it just isn't that easy.

  13. Tough to go against Stanford. Arizona signed the top center in the class today which means that they have no scholarships to give so Shabazz Muhammad wont be going there.

  14. Correction to my post above, Arizona got a commit today, and not a signed LOI.

  15. Here's the deal don't diss unlv's degrees because some degrees they offer are nationally ranked. Other degrees are not far off and some are just bad. So really it depends on what your goals are. If Rosco's goals are a better fit at Stanford then he made the right choice. If it's playing time (immediate) then he made a great call. But if he wants to go or is hoping to go to the NBA then it's a horrible choice. When you chose to play a college sport then that's really your actual degree. Most schools won't even let you take a hard degree and hold a sport scholarship. Unlv as a basketball degree is far superior degree than Stanford basketball. Check the history and stats on that. Our coaching staff had TWO lottery picks last year.

  16. I'm pretty certain Roscoe made his choice based on the assumption he will be entering a career outside of playing basketball, therefore I think he made the right choice for his future. If he were trying to go to the NBA then, yes, UNLV would have been better choice.

    Personally I wish Allen, Carter and Shabazz would have stayed at UNLV would have been awesome to have hometown kids playing in their hometown that'd be three top 150 recruits and would keep the rebs on the up and up which most of of would love to see. I'm still hoping Carter stays. Morant i'm surprised will be academically able to enter a 4 year university but hopefully he stays eligible

  17. Ryan:

    Do you have a status/update on Matt Willms?


  18. I am dragging this argument out. I am a unlv grad in hotel and I Know our top competition is Cornell. But Stanford is just Stanford. Thete is no comparison. Honestly, where would you send your kid? I wish him the best, hopefully UNLV will get to play him.

  19. Great move by Allen. As a UNLV alumnus, I'm glad he chose Stanford. It's the best thing for his career both on and off the court. I would trade my UNLV degree in a heartbeat for a Stanford degree.

  20. Stanford sends people to the NBA. From my records, Stanford has had more draft picks and more lottery picks than UNLV in the last 5 drafts. Also, if number of draft picks is all the matters, we don't have a chance with Shabazz Muhammad. He has offers from Kansas and Duke -- programs that each send more kids to the NBA than UNLV and Stanford combined. I think we need to give this kid a break. This kid gets a great education and a chance to play in the Pac-12. If he does well, history shows that he certainly has a chance of being drafted out of Stanford.

  21. You have no logic. I didn't say Stanford never sends kids to the NBA but they can't hold a stick at Unlv. If I recall there was two NBA/Unlv alumns in the NBA championship series this year. No other school had two. I will admit that Shabazz has better NBA schools on his plate but we are not talking about Shabazz and exactly how many picks have Kentucky and duke produced cause I'm sure Unlv throughout history holds there own there too (just a guess). Also if your comparing to recent years with Stanford, I never saw a fredette or lenards come from them recently. Don't compair to Lon Kruger. He's in a different state.

  22. I feel bad for you Roscoe. You will miss out on playing in march madness now. We will be there every year. And you would have had a chance to get the best coaching available for you to have a chance to go to the NBA. You don't think Coach Stacey would be there teaching you. I am sure he knows what it takes. And so does Coach Rice.

    You think Stanford would be excited. Not one thing mentioned about you committing to them. You will miss out on all the Rebel love. The rebirth of the Running Rebels is going to be something you will wished you would have been part of.
    Good luck. Always like to see our local kids do well though.

  23. Ouch. This Rebel fan was hoping to see him in a different shade of Scarlet. Oh well hard to compete with Stanford, good luck Rosco. At least he's not going to Cal-Berkeley, or, worse, Duke. Don't take this personal son, but I hope we get a shot at you during your playing career at Staaaahhnferd.

  24. I knew he wasn't coming to UNLV. I am hoping UNLV can land Muhammad and Carter. If you add them to Reinhardt, Jones, Mosher and Smith next year, look out for the Rebels!

  25. Allen's decision is not a knock at Rebel basketball, our basketball fans, or our city. I'm sure it has everything to do with what our university has to offer besides basketball. Of course we can't compete with Stanford, especially during this economy. But I hope UNLV's academic reputation can begin to heal itself sometime soon.

  26. I know both Allen and Carter are talented players and good kids but can somebody tell me how they differ on the court?

  27. I've only seen them play a couple times and they are similar in size, but Allen is a better shooter and all around more skilled, plays like a guard but with a taller forward body.

  28. I'll take this slow:

    "I didn't say Stanford never sends kids to the NBA but they can't hold a stick at Unlv"

    Read my comment again. I proved Stanford does "hold a stick at UNLV" by showing that Stanford had more NBA draft picks than UNLV in relevant history.

    Look at these two links: http://statsheet.com/mcb/teams/unlv/nba_... and http://statsheet.com/mcb/teams/stanford/...

    Stanford has had 8 times as many players drafted in the last DECADE than UNLV. Whether UNLV sent a lot of people to the NBA 20 years ago is hardly relevant to a kid deciding where to play in 2012. When I look at historic stats on NCAA tournament appearances and number of NBA prospects, Stanford and UNLV are pretty close.

    "If I recall there was two NBA/Unlv alumns in the NBA championship series this year. No other school had two."

    Wrong. University of Arizona had two. University of Florida had three.

    "Also if your comparing to recent years with Stanford, I never saw a fredette or lenards come from them recently"

    (1) FYI: "your" is not the same as "you're." Work on it.

    (2) They didn't come from UNLV either.

    "exactly how many picks have Kentucky and duke produced cause I'm sure Unlv throughout history holds there own there too (just a guess)"

    (1) FYI: "there" is not the same as "their." Work on it.

    (2) Duke and Kentucky have had about twice as many draft picks as UNLV since 1957. See http://statsheet.com/mcb/teams/kentucky/... and http://statsheet.com/mcb/teams/duke/nba_...

    "Don't compair to Lon Kruger. He's in a different state."

    This is probably your dumbest argument. What you're essentially saying is, "UNLV hasn't produced many pro prospects or Sweet 16 trips recently, but remember in the early 90s? A prospect deciding whether to play for UNLV in 2012 should consider how many players went to the NBA from UNLV in the 90s!" Who should we compare to? Tarkanian -- the coach we forced out 20 years ago? Dave Rose at BYU? I hope Rice does a good job, but there's no reason to expect anything better than what Kruger brought to town.

    I pull for the Rebels. The point of my post above is that there's no reason to dog this kid because he decided to go to a good school that offers solid basketball opportunities.

  29. Thank you Liljoe31