UNLV falls two spots to No. 14 in Associated Press rankings


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV guard Anthony Marshall heads off the court after the Rebels dropped their Mountain West Conference opener to San Diego State 69-67 Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012 at Viejas Arena in San Diego.

The UNLV basketball team dropped two spots Monday in the Associated Press rankings, falling to No. 14 after losing by two points Saturday at San Diego State in the Mountain West Conference opener.

In the coaches’ poll, the Rebels (16-3, 0-1 MWC) fell from No. 12 last week all the way to No. 20 — four spots behind San Diego State, which came in at No. 16. San Diego State (15-2, 1-0), which is riding an eight-game winning streak, is also No. 16 in the AP rankings.

UNLV on Wednesday will return to action with a home game at the Thomas & Mack Center against TCU (10-6, 0-1). On Saturday, the Rebels will host New Mexico (15-2, 1-0) in one of the most anticipated league home games of the season.

New Mexico didn’t crack the top 25, but its 61 votes were the 30th most in the country. New Mexico on Wednesday will get its first of two cracks this week at a ranked team when it hosts San Diego State.

Illinois, which UNLV last month beat 64-48, returned to the rankings at No. 22 by the Associated Press and No. 25 by the coaches. Undefeated Syracuse is still ranked No. 1 in both polls, while North Carolina is No. 8 in the AP. UNLV beat North Carolina 90-80 in November for its signature win of the season.

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  1. Let the freefall begin. I will go out on a limb and predict that in 30 days from now, UNLV will be unranked and we won't have to keep reading articles about where a bunch of people THINK they stand.

  2. Interesting how you lose on a last second shot on the road to a ranked team and you fall 8 spots in the coaches poll. Pure idiocy.

    Daniel, really? Time to move out of your mom's basement.

  3. Nice post Daniel, but I think the same old trolling is getting a bit stale.. Add some clever comments from time to time to mix it up.

    Ya Camron, I thought the huge drop in the coach's poll was strange as well. Fortunately national rankings are just for public interest and they won't dictate the Rebel's tournament seed.

  4. As always, Daniel, feel free to do your part to improve Las Vegas by leaving.

    Seriously? "Let the freefall begin?" UNLV has lost 3 games all season. All have been on the road. 2 have been to ranked opponents. What a joke!

    When the Rebels reel off win after win beginning Wednesday all the way through SDSU on February 11th, I'll look forward to your absence from these discussions.

  5. okay daniel, then make sure you bring your coward ass back in 30 days for your comeuppance.

  6. That ESPN ranking is slap to the face and shows that ESPN does not care about the MWC!

  7. Not for nothing, but did any of you catch Mater Dei, featuring Katin Reinhardt! DANGGGGGGGGGGGG> that kid was unstopable!!! Resbels hit gold with him. HE should start for the Rebs next season. Sure hope Rice gives himthe chance. He is a stud.

  8. Reinhardt is Jimmer fredette with passing skills, and a couple of inches........He may prove to be one of the best rebels in years. I will enjoy watching him for a few years. I hope.

  9. I was about to comment on the same thing RebelJedi. Katin was on fire, give that kid some space and he'll hit any shot lights out. I hope we have him for awhile because he's a shooter and he's someone who can create his own shots.

    Speaking of rankings my goodness ESPN really hates UNLV or something. I mean, UNC losses by 33 points to an unranked FSU team who, by the way, has not beaten anybody good and they only drop 5 spots. We lose on a last second shot to a 22 ranked SDSU team and we drop 8 spots. That does not make sense.

  10. Please, folks, don't feed the troll. Some people lead tiny little lives of anger and frustration - which have nothing to do with the rest of us. Thankfully, Las Vegas is the kind of place where we let those who chose to suffer do just that.

    Go Rebels!

  11. Hey 808;
    The USA Today Coaches' Poll is the current name for a weekly ranking of the top 25 NCAA Division I college basketball teams. The basketball rankings are compiled by the USA Today Board of Coaches which is made up of 31 head coaches at Division I institutions. All are members of the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC).

    It's not ESPN that is against UNLV, it is other coaches. Just a FYI.

  12. As well people do not get your panties in a ruffle I am not hating on UNLV. (Yet I am confused how they did not drop more in the other poll. A loss by 2 points or 20 points is still a loss.)

  13. I can tell you this...Coach K and Calipari were there watching the gaem with Reinhardt and they were drooling! Longggg time rebel fan, and I cant wait for him to suit up.......Killer instinct, size, and these skills.....HE reminds me of Austin Rivers, who is a freshman at Duke....very similar games....For the love of god he needs to start at Point Guard immediately! Someone mentioned Reggie smith getting the start....please noooooooooo. 7th man...maybe. Rebels will be even better next year.

  14. @ GoBruins
    Yes... a loss is a loss, but not all losses are equal. For example, UNC got destroyed on the road by Florida State, who STILL did not even receive one vote in the coaches poll. We lost a road game on a last second shot to a ranked opponent in the conference opener. Both go down as a loss, but which looks worse?

    I've always believed more in the AP poll more so than the coaches poll for the simple fact that the voting members of the media probably watch a lot more basketball games on a daily or weekly basis than coaches do. Coaches are running their programs, coaching in games, traveling to recruit or spending a lot of time watching their conference opponents to prepare game plans. Media members are watching a variety of basketball games in order to talk or write about basketball.

    Using the logic of the coaches poll, we should be ranked ahead of UNC. We have the same amount of losses as them and beat them head-to-head.

  15. The Running Rebels should have never been without a game for nine days, I contribute this to the lose over SDSU.

  16. Well in the eyes of the coaches Mike, your UNLV loss looks worse. The 2 polls mean nothing till March I understand this. Yet you have to understand the UNC like it or not (I am a believer that the should not be in the top 10 for they are horrible this year) was a top 3 ranked program going into the loss at FS. For that a loss for them would only drop then down a few spots. Where as UNLV is outside that top 10 window. So any fault is a huge drop for ANY of those teams.

  17. jesus, bruins.....you REALLY think that "a loss is a loss", now matter the opponent, ranking, margin of defeat, location, etc.? stick to red-rocketing boeheim. it's what you're good at.

  18. Yes I do think that, as does the coach's. You can tell that by how UNLV fell after there loss. So what you are saying is that UNLV should not have fallen for that loss that they took on Saturday? What can I say for right now there the #1 team in the land! When they do loose they will drop, that is how the game works. (FYI you can catch that game on ESPN Saturday.) That loss by the way is on the coach for letting UNLV have a nice long break in between games.

  19. wow.....you know, some people might say that repeated unintentional errors in spelling, word form and punctuation are indicative of an overall lack of focus and that the arguments of such a person could therefore be invalidated out-of-hand, but eye shore wood knot.

  20. Wow... That's what you come back with? Sorry grammar police.

  21. well, seeing as how conventional arguments don't seem to have much of an effect on you (that fact that not all losses are equal, i.e. a hard-fought 2 pt loss to a ranked foe on their home court is not the same as a 30 pt blowout loss to an unranked opponent), and how you didn't really address counterpoints made against you in your last post (teams that lose will drop. yeah, thanks for the earth-shattering insight; nobody disputes THAT, it's the extent of the drop) but rather argued against strawmen......yeah, that's my comeback. might as well have some fun if the debate will have only one qualified participant.

  22. After watching the replay of the final seconds against SDSU I have to wonder why, why, why did Brice Massamba not jump to try and block the shot or even alter the final shot by Franklin. His unsportsmanlike behavior cost the rebels early in the game, then missing one of two fouls shots in the closing seconds, then just standing there with his hands up in the air as if that was going to stop Franklins shot. Jump Massamba Jump... why oh why do they keep playing him

  23. I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

    Where's all the big talk now, girls?