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UNLV among the final two choices for Findlay Prep forward Anthony Bennett


Christopher DeVargas

Findlay Prep’s Anthony Bennett before a ceremony March 21, 2012, to honor his selection to the McDonald’s All-American team.

Findlay Prep forward Anthony Bennett has trimmed his list to two — UNLV and Oregon.

Just a few days after cutting Florida from his final four school choices, Bennett has now cut Kentucky out of the picture, according to his AAU coaches.

Bennett made an unofficial visit to UNLV last week with his mother, who was in town for Findlay's graduation. His coaches said the possibility to contribute right away was a factor in trimming his list, as both the Rebels and Ducks have more of a need at the power forward spot than do the Wildcats.

Former AAU teammate Khem Birch has reportedly been selling Bennett hard on staying in Las Vegas, and the team's scheduled preseason trip to Canada in August doesn't hurt the Rebels' chances, either. Bennett is expected to make a decision in a week or so.

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  1. wowsers....this dude will help take the Rebels back to the promised land...with Jones, Reinhardt, Marshall, Hawkins, Moser...etc...we're talking easily top 10 in the nation.

    If you didn't think UNLV was back, better get the last remaining seats on the bandwagon folks....we're back.

  2. UNLV would welcome this guy with open arms, If he decides to come to UNLV.

  3. What's taking so friggin' long??? I wish he'd make up his mind already. Either sign on or move on....keeping everyone in suspense like this is ridiculous.

  4. I think we got him. I would be shocked if he picked Oregon. I'm getting excited, but I'm not trying to get too excited at this point. If we land Bennett, we would be a preseason top 15 team.

  5. If you count transfers in a recruiting class: Birch, Bennett, Byrce Jones, Katin Reinhardt, Daquan Cook, and Demetris Morant easily make this a Top 5 Class.

  6. This is the guy we have needed all along. We have not had a power guy down on the block for a very long time. Anthony would be perfect. No more need to chuck up 30 threes a game or use that high pick and roll offense while everyone stands. I am dreaming of a high low option with Moser dumping it down to Bennett to ram it home on someones head. Come on Anthony, we got to have you!!!! Runnin Rebels!

  7. Bennett makes this a top 5 class easily and puts the Rebels in the pre season top 10. They would honestly have a good shot at being a final four team. Hope you stay at home Anthony!!

  8. My head is going to explode.. what a spring.

  9. Would love to see Bennett play for UNLV. He reminds me of Larry Johnson. Big Shoulders, Long Arms, Physical, can finish at and above the rim and can step outside.

    Rice and Co are doing a great JOB. I am really looking forward to seeing Reinhardt play in person. He looks like the real deal.

    Now, if we can get that new stadium built on campus, I think UNLV could have a decent football prgram too. Come on regents, it starts with a stadium.

  10. UNLV is the place Mr. Bennett. You will be rewarded more for your talented effort at UNLV/Mountian West than at Oregon/Pac 12. David Rice and staff will see you are well prepared for basketball after college. Fans will give you all support possible. Thats no duck.

  11. Hopefully Bennett pans out and commits to UNLV. As for the football program, no we do not need a new stadium right now. What we need is a coach that wins games. The notion that some major recruit is going to come to a 2-win program because it has a nice new on-campus stadium is about as retarded as it gets. The program needs an upgrade of talent everywhere including on the sidelines. Win some games, sell out some games, create the demand for more seats, then build the stadium. It's not like we are in the SEC or B12 competing with schools that have 100k stadiums, SBS compares just fine to the stadiums at say Fresneck and Reno, and they have no problem going to bowl games.

  12. If AB chooses UNLV we will have an amazing class but I'm sorry it will not be a top 5 class. According to ESPN, every team in the top 10 has 3 or more recruits with 4 stars or better. Landing Bennett would give us 2 players with 4 stars or better (Reinhardt with 4 and Bennett with 5). I do believe however that with the class and returning players (Birch after the Spring semester) this would be a top 10 team. Go Rebs!!!

  13. Good for the young man to weigh his options carefully.

    I believe he wisely sees playing with Birch as a great opportunity to build an on court relationship with a guy he'll be playing internationally with for a long time to come. Canada has a nice core of young talent, and should emerge among the elite in the next few years with Birch and Bennett the core of those teams.

    With the Olympics and World Championships, excellence on the international stage is enormous for building a global brand. A lot of money to be made in the global market. It's nice to see a kid like him have that kind of long-term perspective.

    I'd love to see him suit up for Rebels, even if for only one year. He'll be in the lottery next year.

  14. Really glad to see UNLV still in the hunt for Bennett, I hope he stays, it would help the program immensely. Oregon is a nice campus, don't get me wrong, but UNLV has the better upside and potential that the ducks right now. Wanna win? Come to UNLV.

  15. It's time to install the Canadian flag.

  16. Big John:

    If you count the transfers it is a top 5 class- if Bennett comes. Birch was a 5 star recruit- and you add Bryce Jones on top of that.

  17. aj, transfers are not taken in account for recruiting class rankings. Don't get me wrong, I love what the coaching staff is putting together and I believe it will pay dividends in the future. Just don't get your hopes up that the class will be officially ranked in the top 10.

  18. I understand- you are correct in that manner. But from a non-official point of view- their transfers put them over the top.
    By the way- was Morant rated as a 4 star or 3 star player?

  19. Bennett I hopes picks The Rebels

  20. Morant and Cook are both rated 2 stars by ESPN.

  21. Star system's a combination of raw talent and a player development a lot 4 and 5 star flops every year...believe in the coach and the system.
    I see we're becoming more relevant and if a new TV deal gets done and we get more national exposure we can get hot real quick.
    Go Rebs!

  22. Birch & Bennett are friends. Maybe Dominic Artis & Ben Carter are better friends with Bennett? I hope not.

  23. Morant a 2 star? I couldn't find that, but Rivals has him in the top 150 and a 3 star.

  24. "stars" mean little. There are tons of great players out there that have had great careers with 2-3 (or zero) stars.

    Here are some examples of some notable recent 3 stars:
    Festus Ezili
    Luke Harangody
    Trevor Mbakwe
    Draymond Green
    Nasir Robinson
    Kris Joseph
    Khris Middleton
    Kim English
    Marcus Denmon
    Aaron Craft
    Erving Walker
    Jordan Taylor
    Seth Curry

    While I'm at it, here are some recent and future UNLV players "stars:"
    Mashour (3)
    Hawkins (3)
    Hamga (5) *noted for absurdity of stars
    Wallace (2)
    Shaw (3)
    Darger (3)
    Terry (0)
    Anthony (0) *Noted because hard work and development pays off
    Bellfield (3)
    Massamba (3)
    Santee (3)
    Cook (3)
    Morant (3)
    Reinhardt (4)
    Wood (4)
    Smith (3)
    Marshall (4)
    Willis (3)
    Jones (4)
    Moser (4)
    Stanback (4)
    Lopez (3)
    Thomas (3)
    Jasper (4)

    Sorry if I missed anyone, but I'd say UNLV got pretty stacked with some talent wouldn't you?

  25. Almost forgot Birch (5).

  26. I'm not a fan of the star rating system at all as it doesn't take into consideration many attributes that will decide a players contributions. I'm mearly stating what players have been rated. Here is a link to ESPN's page for Morant.

  27. Hard to understate the implications of landing Bennett. Not even the legendary Tark was able to land two Mcdonald All-Americans in one class.
    @Sofaking, you missed Wink Adams, who I believe was a 5 also. Hamga was a 5 star on Rivals, and a 3 star on ESPN (which is usually more reliable, definitely in that case)

    I'm bouncing off the walls right now, i feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I could say more but i don't want to jinx anything