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Rebels sink to a new low with season-ending loss at Hawaii


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UNLV defensive back Sidney Hodge (36) attempts to breakup a pass caught by Hawaii wide receiver Billy Ray Stutzmann (5) in the second quarter of an NCAA college football game, Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012, in Honolulu. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner)

Updated Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012 | 6:39 a.m.

UNLV Hawaii Football

UNLV defensive back Tim Hasson (43) looks on as Hawaii running back Joey Iosefa (7) breaks a tackle by UNLV defensive back Peni Vea (42) and defensive back Sidney Hodge (36) in the first quarter of an NCAA college football game Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012, in Honolulu. Iosefa scored a touchdown on the play. (AP Photo/Eugene Tanner) Launch slideshow »

This could be considered be a new low for the UNLV football team.

The Rebels were limited to 203 yards Saturday against host Hawaii in the season finale, struggling from start to finish in a 48-10 defeat to extend their road losing streak to 22 straight games and finish the season with a 2-11 record.

UNLV was the betting favorite in its final four games, but couldn’t beat the teams they were supposed to in posting a 1-3 record down the stretch. The loss to Hawaii, the last place team in the Mountain West Conference, is easily the most disappointing.

Hawaii ranked 116th out of 124 Division I teams in points scored and 121st in points allowed, but didn’t play like a team whose only previous win came against a lower-division school.

The game was essentially over by halftime with UNLV, which had just one first down and 39 yards in the first half, unable to move the ball offensively and trailing 31-0. For the game, the Rebels was just 1-of-15 on third down conversions — and that didn't come until late in the fourth quarter.

"Pretty disappointed to come over here and get drilled like that. Good job by them (Hawaii)," UNLV coach Bobby Hauck said. "They played well and obviously controlled the game. Their defensive front mauled our offensive front pretty good. We did not win on their corners, on third down especially. Conversely, we didn’t win against their wide receivers and that was the difference in the game."

UNLV scored 10 points in the final quarter against Hawaii’s reserves, getting on the board with a 43-yard field goal from Nolan Kohorst and a 5-yard touchdown pass from Nick Sherry to Taylor Spencer.

By then, it was too little, too late.

Sherry’s promising rookie campaign under center sputtered in the final weeks of the season, including Saturday when he completed just 17-of-42 passes for 166 yards and three interceptions. One of the interceptions was returned for a touchdown in the second quarter and a bulk of the yardage came in garbage time. The last was the final offensive play of the season.

While Sherry eclipsed the 2,500-yard passing mark for the season against Hawaii, his final two performances — both on the road — weren’t an indication of the potential he showed early. Two weeks ago at Colorado State, Sherry completed just 12-of-30 passes for 88 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions. He was injured at the end of the Colorado State game and missed last week’s contest with Wyoming.

UNLV was promising for parts of Hauck’s third-year at the helm of the program. They beat Air Force, should have beat instate rival UNR but squandered a second-half lead, and lost five home games by a combined 24 points — much better than the regular blowouts of the past two seasons.

But, when it is all said and done, the only stat that matters is in the win column. And, for yet another season, UNLV finished with just two wins. They are 6-32 in Hauck’s tenure.

"Any time we see progress and can’t sustain it; it’s a hard thing to swallow," Hauck said.

Several fans took to Twitter and message boards Saturday to show their displeasure with the coach and program, urging school officials to make a change. But UNLV Athletic Director Jim Livengood has often said Hauck, who is under contract through 2014 season and signed a two-year extension last year, would be given another season. Plus, it’s widely considered UNLV doesn’t have the financial resources to go another direction.

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  1. This is becoming an embarrassment (not that it already wasn't). If Hauck was just able to coach this team to wins they should get, improvement would be seen. But this guy just can't do that, as evidence by the record: this team cannot win games they should win. Now, I'm not one to call for someone's job, and I understand the financial situation in not being able to afford a better coach, but it's becoming very, very difficult to support this football team and I bleed Rebel red. Oh well, always next year. Go REBELS!

  2. try to sugar coat it all you want, the program is a disaster. its only a game and instead of wasting millions on a new stadium, throw that money where it counts, in education.

  3. Unlv hire this guy he will fix your program. He fixed sjsu if he can fix that program he can fix your's Mike MacIntyre

  4. How many new lows can there be in one season?

    I followed the game on the Internet and just cannot imagine how miserable we must have looked on TV.

    Hauck clearly needs to go. He couldn't close out against the bottom feeders.

    Only UNLV can make Hawaii look like a Bowl contender. Sad, very sad.

  5. Comment removed by moderator. ALL CAPS

  6. Thank goodness the suffering is over. Rebel fans should have been put out of their misery long ago. Hopefully no more suffering next season with the firing of this terrible coach or even better, the end of the football program. I have been a Rebel Football fan for 35 years and I am truly disgusted today.

  7. Gang: I've updated with some quotes from Hauck. Thanks to the University of Hawaii for providing to those of us not making the trip.

  8. if the university cant fire hauck just drop football that will save money .can this university keep affording to lose 3 to 4 million a year on football ? draining the athletic budget,asking coaches and staff of other sports to cut expenses ,no recriting trips ,not compete in meets like they asked the womens cross country to not compete in regionals . this team could have stayed home and got beat like this . but they went to turtle bay resort on the north shore with 80 staff and players at $300 a night for four nights ,meal money,sightseeing trips,etc,. i didnt know unlv had the money for this trip .this was like a bowl game for goodness sakes !!!!! looks like the unlv basketball team will have to sell out every game to get the athletic dept.back in the black. can you imagine if hauck had the buyout like kirk ferentz of iowa has .20 million !!!! somebody did a good sales job for hauck getting that extension from livengood . just drop football period !!! it is draining the unlv athletics and the university . fox 5 did a report on how dropping football would hurt unlv . hogwash . xavier,vcu,georgetown,and others do quite well not having football . ask others in the mwc if unlv should keep football . i bet they wouldnt be crying if they did.having a 2 win team every year doesnt help there bcs standings if that would happen . but this is the $64,000 question can football remain at unlv without hurting the finances of the other depts.on campus ,or faculty,and not keep dropping classes ? it is not like unlv has big donors knocking on the door bailing out the athletics. they dont . next years schedule looks like unlv can get maybe 3 wins . is that improvement that all the fans want ?

  9. The worst part of this loss to a completely miserable team is the lack of emotionality shown by our UNLV footballers. This has been mentioned in many of the comments that have been posted today.

    This lack of emotional buy-in by a team is worrisome. It was also very evident in the game vs. Colorado State.

    I can understand being beaten by a more talented team or a team with more game experience - this point is important in support of Bob Hauck as football coach at UNLV because of the task of re-building he has undertaken - but a football team that doesn't care is problematic.

    It seems that Coach Hauck must work to mold his team to care as much about UNLV football as all of us goofs who sit here and opine on the program...or at least in the short term, address the issue in a public forum and explain what he will do to change the culture of the Rebel football program.

    I support Bob Hauck as the football coach at UNLV. For the work he is doing dismantling the program and building it from the ground up, he needs time and our patience. But perhaps some explanation of what is being done and what progress is being made may be in order.

    We're two-and-whatever for the umpteenth time. Another long off-season is upon us. However, Mr. Livengood, a coaching change would just be another setback. If there is anything UNLV football needs it is stability and a solid foundation.

    I repeat: We're two-and-whatever for the umpteenth time. Another long off-season is upon us. Coach Hauck, figure out how to make a 48-10 loss to Hawaii unacceptable to each and every player. Either find a way to make your players care as much about your program as do those of us idiots who call ourselves UNLV football fans or find players who do.

  10. Glad Hauck has earned his $450K bonus. Somehow UNLV never has money for anything, but they do give out healthy bonuses for "performance". Exactly how do we end up paying this guy $800K this year (bonus included) and not have a similar amount of money to pay someone competent (Pat Hill, Jim Fassel, and so on).

    Luckily for Livengood and Hauck, there is absolutely no pressure or questioning from the public or media - as UNLV basketball provides the necessary distraction.


  11. Hedon58,

    These are Hauck's recruits. There are less than twenty players that are leaving.

    The most troublesome part of yesterday's loss was that Hauck has built a bigger, stronger team but HE can't translate that into anything. His game prep and management are horrendous. Nothing can change that. Maybe he'll get Madden for Christmas.

    When talk is bandied about concerning two win seasons just remember our prior coach had more his last two years and he was fired. Hauck isn't that special.

    If the players haven't bought into his vision; why should we be asked to?

  12. Glad to see that more people finally calling for Haucks head. It is about time that you people came out of the woodwork. What took you so long? This has been the same looser all season long!

  13. Heretic has some good points,GoBruins has nothing of importance to say as usual. Enjoy listening to Mike Pritchart on radio,too bad he has to endure covering this team-seems to be more knowledgeable than coaching staff put together. These are Hauk's recruits and he did bring in better talent than Sanford. But it is hard to believe,whether you liked Sanford's offensive system or not-they were better coached during games than Hauck's team. Wonder if this team,even with all its returning players will even win 5 games next season,which is where Sanford was in season 4. Only thing we have to look forward to is if new stadium will be built(that is not to say Silverbowl is excuse for lousy program)but new stadium would definatley help for next head football coach to recruit,got to hope economy here will get better for benefit of all aspects of UNLV,not just atheletics.

  14. UNLV needs to fire Bobby Hauck. It's a no brainer. There's nothing about a 6-32 record that justifies a contract extension; and if the powers-that-be at UNLV don't see this, they are not fit to lead.

  15. @Diplomat, your right lets keep Hauck around, that is working wonders for the program.

  16. The sports books are laughing all the way to the bank.

  17. Dear Mr Livengood,
    Please release Bobby Hauk. I'm an alum season ticket holder in both fb and bk, raf member and donated to the Mendenhall tile program. Mr Hauck has not put a competitive product out on the field for 3 years to warrant further employment. I hate to see a man lose his job on a knee jerk reaction but there is a large enough sample size to see we need to go in another direction.
    If we are ever to make the progress we want, action is required immediately.

  18. good comment bob. i dont think the sportsbooks would mind getting rid of unlv football .they are geating beat to death by this team . a lot of people like me have made money by betting unlv under 3 wins for the lasst 3 years . they took a beating on the hawaii game last night

  19. Another Dreadful Year and Coach get's a 400 k bonus Hauck and Livengood were bad hires Dave Rice a Great hire

  20. KEEP THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM!! don't drop the program!!!!!! That's a BAD IDEA!!!...GET RID OF HAUCK & THE COMPLETE COACHING STAFF...YOU GET AN INSPIRED MATURE MAN INSTEAD OF THESE IMATURE MEN (HAUCK & PHENOCIE) and this group could win 5-7 games....and grow from there......Also I wish Mr Livengood would watch practices & interactions with players-- just micro manage a bit & see where problem is.....you've must watch them...YOu can't let these coaches go unchecked....Compare their behaviors with other schools...I bet you'd see where problems are. Then maybe invest in some quality coaches.The Auburn coach & Cal coach are available.

  21. This is where to voice your complaint, I have. This is just plain bad football with no hope for the fans and alums. I've never seen it worse.
    To [email protected]

  22. Unfortunately, there's no money to hire a decent coach. UNLV is still paying for Robinson and Sanford's buyouts. Were stuck with incompetency till 2014.

  23. Emailing Livengood is not the answer...he needs to be fired for hiring Hauck, then EXTENDING him! So we need to complain to the person above Livengood for making that huge mistake....Livengood needs to go.

  24. I think the most frustrating thing about all of this is that UL-Monroe which was terrible the last few years but is now challenging the bottom SEC teams, beating #8 (at the time) Arkansas and only losing to Auburn by 3, is currently being coached by none other than Todd Berry, UNLVs previous OC under Sanford. Todd Berry since then has been the head coach at ULM as long as Hauck has been at UNLV. At this point I feel like Livengood is just throwing darts at a board.

  25. Is John Mackovic available?

  26. Interesting to watch the progress of San Jose St. They were about to shut down that Football program 2 yrs ago. A great team can happen here too. Maybe Bobby Hauck is on the right track.Mike MacIntyre of SJose built his team with JUCO players but now need depth.Bobby has young players & with this experience hopefully they can learn and grow.As long as QB sherry & others not destroyed in process, and if line can stay healthy wins can happen. UNLV was a good team at start of season. Boise brought lots of injuries & injuries plagued rest of season. Maybe Hauck & UNLV can rise next year & following years perhaps. Maybe bad to change with these young players. Got to recall we did loose Boyko & other key linemen....

  27. The real losers are the people who follow UNLV football.

  28. I klove the comment Hauck is recruiting better players. With the exception of running back I can't find one defensive player better than Beau Bell, Jason Beauchamp, etc. Sanford had better receivers, lineman, QB's, DB's Linebackers, and DE. Really want to know who these better recruits are?

    Sanfords ineptness is the same as Haucks. Blame the players for everything, poor game, planning, repeated offense calls over and over indicating no real adjustments to whomever they are playing, and horrible clock management. Hauck made $850K this year as pointed out. The school with no money has a higher athletic budget than half the schools in the conference yet leads the conference in losses and excuses. Livengood has never made a good football coach hire as all his hires at AZ failed.

  29. If this doesn't result in a change, I will be fully convinced that UNLV doesn't care about the football program. At a time when the university is making a pitch for an on-campus stadium, all this does is create apathy.

    Home losses in both of the last two seasons to FCS teams. Handing New Mexico their only victory of the season last year. Blowing a three-touchdown lead with a chance for their first victory against Nevada in eight seasons. Getting pounded in Hawaii by 38 points by a team who had won one game the entire season (against Lamar). At what point will UNLV realize that Hauck isn't the answer?

  30. I've been defending Hauck for 2 years now, saying we need to give him time and then make a decision based on what we see at the end of year 3. Well it's the end of year 3, and while I believe the team has improved, it's still nowhere near where it was when even Sanford the Horrible was the head coach (fired after back to back 5-7 seasons).

    Do I think all the blame should be based on Hauck? No, probably not. Some has to go to the other coaches he hired, some has to go to the AD for hiring someone inexperienced in building a program from the ground up, and some has to go to the short sighted athletic boosters that don't realize how much more important football is then basketball from a financial position.

    Hauck should definitely get a majority of the blame though, and I think UNLV really owes the fans an honest explanation as to why they aren't looking for a new coach. If it's money issues, then they need to come out and say it. If they honestly think Hauck is the right man for the job, then I think Livengood should bet his job on it.

    This town loves football, and a quality football program could bring more excitement then even basketball. It's a shame we don't have enough people to step up and offer the long term support necessary to really turn things around. I'll be back with season tickets next year.. again..

  31. In hindsight to Mike Sanford 5-7 not so bad.
    1. He played tougher competition BYU, Utah, TCU
    2. Who knew how great Colin Kapernick was going to turn out as we were giving him grief losing to Reno Colin ends up a 1st round draft pick and dismantles the Chicago Bears on monday night and follows that up by besting Drew Brees in the big easy.

    Just can't have a special teams coach leading the way. When you lose 80% percent of your games anyone judging would come to the conclusion you are not the right man for the job if he is kept it's strictly a budget issue and I would hope Livengood addresses those that support the program.

  32. UNLV: The Rebels closed out yet another dismal season on Saturday in almost the only way they know how these days, with a lopsided 48-10 loss at Hawaii. Losers of three straight and eight of the last nine, the Rebels finished with a record of only 2-11 and was 2-6 in conference. Nick Sherry was back under center for the program as he hit on a mere 17-of-43 passes for 166 yards and a score, but was sacked three times and had three passes intercepted, one of which was returned 38 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter as the Warriors proceeded to move out to a 41-0 lead and cruise to the win. This is the third season in a row that UNLV, a team that ranks 108th in the country in run defense with 207.1 ypg allowed, has finished with a total of only two wins.

  33. The problem with even the notion of dropping football is the ability to stay in the Mountain West Conference. The MWC requires member schools to have football at their schools. So what you say? Let's go to another conference! Basketball is back and in a big way. Runnin Rebels are ranked and believe it or not the MWC is one of the best basketball conferences in the country. Last year the MWC had half of it's conference in the NCAA tournament. There were three member schools that were at one point ranked in the Top 25. If you think the university will drop basketball so they can go play in a nothing conference like SDSU will next year or Gonzaga than you are as insane as the people who hired Hauck.

    Mid major schools (schools without football) have to fight to get the best players and their placement in the tournament is always mid to bottom. UNLV has no intention of harming their basketball program. The school is finally back on the map.

    Hauck's ultimate failings are easy to point out. As a former player at Penn State the coach doesn't play the games, but he is responsible for preparing the team. After the New Mexico game you saw a team that was unmotivated, had penalty problems, turned the ball over consistently, and couldn't shut down a single pass route. That all comes back to lack of preparation and coaching. Getting whitewashed by Hawaii and Colorado State by halftime should have been enough to light a fire under someone, but if you watched those games the 2nd half might have been even less inspired than the 1st. A coach who can't get his team up to beat the teams they should isn't worth the money they pay him and certainly wasn't worth an extension.

  34. 1944 Canucks good points...I just really wonder if these coaches really know football. I think Hauck never played the game. I also don't think they know how to deal with young men.What's sad is UNLV looked good & hopeful & then injuries. then just a rapid decline. I had so much hope after AirForce & seeing 1st half of Reno game...But then just fizzled...I wonder if that strength coach is any good.Maybe they were in poor physical shape..What do these guys do in off season??? Sad cuz I see talent there....certainly better than Col St--Wym-& Hawaii....such bad decline at end...

  35. To: Bobby Hauck from Dandy Don Meredith,
    "Turn out the lights, the party's over"!