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Here’s a first this season: UNLV not ranked in either poll

Rebels’ split of Mountain West Conference road games last week lands them out of the top-25


Sam Morris / Las Vegas Sun

UNLV guard Anthony Marshall grabs teammate Bryce Dejean-Jones after the Rebels upset San Diego State 82-75 Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013 at Viejas Arena in San Diego.

For the first time this college basketball season, UNLV will take the court as a non-ranked team.

Monday, the Rebels fell into the ‘others receiving votes’ category of both major polls, dropping from their No. 23 spot last week in USA Today Coaches’ Poll after splitting a pair of road Mountain West Conference games last week.

In the Associated Press rankings, UNLV received 32 votes from the 65-member voting panel — 61 behind No. 25 Miami. The Rebels (15-4, 2-2) would be 30th in the AP rankings; No. 27 in the Coaches’ Poll.

New Mexico is the league’s lone team ranked in both polls, coming in at No. 15 in the AP standings and No. 17 in the Coaches’ Poll. San Diego State, which lost last week to UNLV and Wyoming, fell to the No. 25 in the Coaches’ Poll and out of the AP rankings. The Aztecs, after losing by seven points last Wednesday at home to UNLV, scored just nine first-half points Saturday in losing at Wyoming. Following its win at San Diego State, UNLV came up short Saturday in a 66-61 loss at Colorado State.

Wyoming (15-2, 2-1), which UNLV hosts Thursday at the Thomas & Mack Center, received votes in both polls. In the AP, it received 28 votes, while San Diego State received 26.

Duke is again the nation’s No. 1 team in both polls, receiving 35 first-place votes in the AP poll. Duke is followed by No. 2 Michigan, while Kansas and Syracuse received an identical number of votes for third place, and previous No. 1 Louisville is No. 5. Duke, with the exception of last week following a loss at NC State, has been ranked in the top spot every week.

Illinois, UCLA and Marquette each dropped from the AP rankings.

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  1. Sounds about right. Ya need to be able to play at least some semblance of a half-court game to get ranked, I would assume.

  2. Go Rebels, peak in March!

  3. It's looks like the coaches and national media are downgrading the MW conference since top teams are beating up on one another. It makes you wonder if they might be right. It seemed to be that way last year if you look at the NCAA tournament results. The Mountain West needs to schedule more games with the top eastern conferences. Beating teams in the Pac 12 doesn't show much, let alone losing to them. How can New Mexico lose to South Dakota State and still be rated 15th. SDS is getting beat in their own conference by teams like North Dakota State and South Dakota. The top teams in the MWC seem to have the talent but do not perform consistently like some of the top teams, especially on the road.

  4. Like I said in another post..they'll slip in and out of the rankings until March followed by an early exit in the tournament. New year, same ole' story.

    "Go Rebels, peak in March!"

    Just goes to show how little you know about how bad this team actually is. There is a difference between being a loyal fan and just being completely clueless. To accept their mediocrity right now because you expect a magic turnaround in 8 weeks...just screams the typical Rebel fan.

  5. UNLV was schooled at Colorado State in the the art of playing basic, fundamental, team basketball. Nineteen games into the season and UNLV is still playing selfish, undisciplined, not so smart basketball. Mr. Rice was clearly out coached again. Interesting UNLV hired two UNLV alumni to coach the men and women's basketball teams and and neither seems to know what to do. Both Mr. Rice and Kathy Olivier need to attend a Coaches 101 basketball camp. Neither of the teams are impressing the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee, I'm sure of that.

  6. Good. They don't deserve to be. They should have been out of both polls a couple of weeks ago. This is an overrated team.

  7. The trolls come out, but I guess they have a reason since we didn't win and when we do they discredit the win.

    San Diego State - Discredit the win by bringing up South Dakota State, and their terrible week.

    UNLV has lost all of their games by less than 10 points.

    Thats not Over rated.

  8. Mr. Stafford, as you noted after the SDSU win, none of the nameless trolls had anything to say then; they are merely proving today to be boring and predictable. Don't even bother with 'em.

  9. How in gods name is UNLV going to go 12-4 in co Terence with road losses at Boise, Wyo and Air Force looming? You fans need to start being more realistic UNLV is also more than capable of dropping a game or two at home also. I say 10-6, 9-7 is more realistic. Finishing 22-9 sounds just about right.

  10. You have lollygagging Bennett, ball hogging and turnover machine jones, can't live up to expectations Reinhardt, miserable Lopez, the bench of despair in Goodman, Thomas and Cook......this team just SUCKS! They don't have a shot at winning ONE tourney game. I seriously hope they make the NIT because they have a chance of making the semis.

  11. hoosierboy-
    What did you think of those Badgers the other night at Indiana?

  12. I do detect some sarcasm, but if you must know I thought Wisconsin played a great game. Wisconsin is a tough, smart, disciplined, and well coached basketball team. More than I can say for UNLV. I have a great admiration for Big 10 basketball. My Hoosiers looked flat and didn't deserve to win. I don't make excuses for why my Hoosiers lose a game. If you don't come out and play smart, hustling basketball you don't deserve to win. UNLV is no where close to matching the level of Big 10 basketball, ya know.... There are so many tough Big 10 teams, love that conference. Sas y Mas

  13. Comment removed by moderator. Profanity.

  14. wow, that qualifies as profanity? guess it's mr. rogers' neighborhood around here. you're doing the lord's work, oh brave moderator, keeping the virgin eyes of the commentariat chaste.

  15. LOL, adrock, unfortunately I live in Vegas due to a well-paying job. But this does pass the time, and it always provides a good laugh. Thank you so much for sharing your comments, and you truly are a loyal rebel fan "Go Rebels" LOL. Oh my such foul language. Peace be with you, everyone could use prayer. May God be your guiding light.

  16. Uhhhh hello , the rebels were over ranked to begin with. So much talent and no direction or coaching to lead them into the team that they could become. I love UNLV basketball and it hurts to see the athletic director hire someone with limited credentails over another candidate that could have put this team in the top 10 by now. Dave Rice might be a nice guy and all but he's no head coach , never will be. UNLV will finish fourth , maybe third in conference play and thats a shame because they could be #1.

  17. I didn't ask anything about UNLV basketball but interesting that you continually find ways to bring it into the conversation. If you don't like UNLV then why do you spend so much time commenting on UNLV articles? Are there not enough Indiana articles for you to spend your time commenting on?
    Funny that you'll jump on Rice. Do you know Crean's combined win/loss record at Indiana his first 2 years?
    Try 16-46!!! That's 16 wins in 62 games! WOW! that is getting out coached A LOT! Even his 3rd year...12-20. Last year was his first tournament appearance at Indiana. Yes they did make it to the sweet sixteen and had a good run. But they finished 5th in the Big 10 and 27-9, UNLV was 26-9 in Rice's first year.
    My point is that it takes time. It took Mighty Indiana and Tom Crean 4 years to get into the tournament.
    I totally agree that UNLV was outplayed against a tough CSU team on the road but please have a little perspective.

  18. @blueandgold - A lot of the posters on here are ignorant and expect the Rebels to win every conference game just because they have more talent. The Rebels play a lot of freshmen and sophomores, and they think that our 4 and 5 star recruits should dominate guys who are in their fourth season of college basketball. It doesn't work that way. St. John's had a top 3 recruiting class last year, and they didn't make the NCAA Tournament. And, by the way, Kentucky will struggle to make the NCAA Tournament despite having the #1 recruiting class in America. They will probably struggle again next year as well.

  19. @ blueandgold, blah, blah, blah, once again excuses, excuses for a poorly coached team with a lot of talent. Thank you for sharing your data. I didn't know that lol. Oh my, my my, I'm stunned at the information you provided. Good Night, Sweet Rice Dreams to you.

  20. Thanks for showing your maturity HoosierBoy.

  21. Comment removed by moderator. Inappropriate

  22. @HoosierBoy Do you think John Calapari is also a bad coach?

  23. They need to get used to not being ranked. Too many superstars and no coach spoils the team.

  24. wow, moderator, how courageous of you. even minor criticism results in removal.

    to one and all, the great and mighty mod is above reproach and shall be treated as such.....or he'll kick your comments to the delete bin.