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November 22, 2017

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Don’t be held hostage by GOP

I would like to express my unease with Rep. Joe Heck supporting a bill that holds hostage our ability to pay our bills with a lame attempt to defund a health care bill that, by all actual information and data, seems to be working.

In states that have embraced the health care law and exchanges, premiums are going down — California and New York, for example. All of the bluster about how bad the bill will be is unsubstantiated. The facts are that more Americans are covered, costs are not expected to rise unless states opt out, and insurance companies can’t drop you for getting sick or deny you coverage. Those are all good things!

Meanwhile, payments on Build America Bonds and other “tax credit” bonds have been reduced, which very much feels like we aren’t fulfilling our obligations because the same bond holders who hold our typical debt may own these other debts, and they are not made whole on the commitment made by our government. Pension funds notice the reduction in payments due to sequestration.

The looming uncertainty around the debt ceiling is terrible for our economy, our reputation and all Americans. It is time Heck led with his head instead of his party affiliation. The Republican Party is on a collision course with reality and it is taking (supposed) moderates like Heck with it.

Jump ship, Rep. Heck! Take a stand.

The House cannot lead Washington, the nation or Nevada by just annoying everyone into submission. Countless votes on bills that aren’t going anywhere and co-mingling topics like health care and the debt ceiling work to cheapen any stance politicians such as Heck may have and simply grate on the nerves of hard-working Americans. Get something done besides continuous annoyance! Please!

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